20 August 2019

Table of Contents for bauma Conexpo India - Post Event Report

Interaction-Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader And Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, Case India

We have always endeavored to innovate and upgrade our machines from time to time




CASE India has a full line of powerful and robust equipment for road construction and general construction. CASE India has been a leader in the compactor's segment which forms the lifeline of any road construction activity.

Ajay Aneja – Brand Leader, CASE India (AA) and SHALABH CHATURVEDI, HEAD of MARKETING, CASE INDIA (sc), talks exclusively to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about the products launched at bauma, impact of fuel pricing, performance of the company in 2018 and the outlook for 2019.




Tell us about the products that are launched at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018?


AA : We have a lot of products on display at this edition of bauma. There are three new products that we have launched here and there are four new features or technology launches that we have carried out. The new products that we have launched are the large soil compactor - CASE 1110 EX. It is specially designed with operator comfort in mind. With its closed HVAC cabin and a more powerful engine, the compactor is highly suitable for heavier application usage. It is a product that will cater to activities as diverse as urban construction, road building, infrastructure, and mining. This soil compactor comes with a new-generation FPT Industrial S8000 engine that delivers upto 110 HP at 2300 rpm and torque of 430 Nm at 1400 rpm. More than 2 million S8000 engines across the world are testament to the reliability of this proven power. The soil compactor also features a turbocharged after cooled engine with an internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation system for ensuring best-in-class fuel economy.




Moving a step ahead of the curve, the machine has been launched with a ROPS/FOPS HVAC cabin, which keeps operator comfort and safety in mind. Additionally, the optimised HVAC Cabin gives an excellent front and rear drum/nozzle visibility, making the drive and compaction process easier and safer.




The second product that we have launched is the 752EX Vibratory Compactor. We had carried out a preview of this product last year at EXCON2017. That was a concept design on which we have worked over the year and started selling it in the third quarter of this year. This is a compactor that comes with a FPT engine. It has the similar applied force as the outgoing model. However this has a lot of new features. The tanks are FRP rather than a steel tank. This means that there is no rust coming from the tank into water and the nozzle which will block it. The operator gets a full visibility of all the nozzles from the front and the rear drum from the station. The seating arrangements are comfortable than they were before.




The steering is also tiltable for better control over machine. We have also worked on the weight distribution which is done in a way 50- 50 per cent, giving it a less waviness on the road.




Thirdly we have launched is the 851 EX center pivot which we call –  851 EX THE King. Like anyother loader backhoe, this one has a center pivot that means even if the ground is not flat the machine  still stays stable. Resulting in much higher stability and flexibility efficient for rural and hilly areas.




Detail us about the features launched at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018?


SC : We have an accumulator with bigger tiers and blade on a grader. It is like a shock absorber and whenever it experiences shocks, it will not get transmitted on the structure and the operator. It is similar to the surge pipe at homes.


On the dozers, we have introduced a CELT(CASE Extended life track) life track which gives twice the life as any other track chain in the India market. It has double bushing and a much stronger chain system. The third feature is the hydraulic improvement across our backhoe loaders. The speed has improved significantly.


We have launched an advanced version of EAGLE EYE TELEMATICS developed in association with BOSCH. With an aim to offer a better operational efficiency and security to the customer. This version will provide Live tracking for the operating machine and will assist in Geofencing, by setting a predefined area on a map beyond which the machine will not work. This will help in alerting the user to any kind of theft or unauthorised usage of the machine along with device tempering alerts.

This advanced solution comes with pre-emptive critical machine parameter alerts such as indication of engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, transmission oil temperature, hydraulic filter status and battery status. It will also help in keeping track of service history and sending service reminder alerts along with information on the nearest service centre location.BOSCH, a leading global engineering and electronics company, has helped in the development of the advanced version of Eagle Eye Telematics. The new solution will be accessible to both iOS and Android users.




How was 2018 as a year in terms of performance for your company with issues like fuel pricing being prominent in the year?


AA : We observed a growth of over 30 per cent as an average across all products and segments. Though we grew more in some and lesser in some products. However the fuel prices had a damping effect on the cost of the raw materials. This got passed on to the customers as the price increased also impacted the marginality.


Overall the mega trends of demand were very strong and resulted in the growth of the industry. We have grown in sync with the industry. We also have maintained good market share in some products and improved in some segments.




2019 is an election year. How do you look at the elections impacting the market and the sales of your products ?


SC : If we go by the recent trends, the first quarter of the calendar year of 2019 should be decent, however the later months can be a bit challenging given that the results of the elections will impact the market. If the existing government retains power thepositive momentum will continue. Quarter three and four can be challenging as there are chances of new government taking hold.


Though there will be enough work for all the players in the market with the current and the new projects that are being awarded before we go into the election mode.




What will be CASE be looking at for 2019?


AA :  Some of the products that are displayed here will be formally launched as the year progresses. There is lot of demand for the new models in the next  year. We will roll out these products in the first few months of 2019. The next big thing will take place only at EXCON. Except for the up gradation of the existing products we are not having any other plans to bring up a new product.

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