20 August 2019

Table of Contents for bauma Conexpo India - Post Event Report

Interaction- Wilfried Theissen, MD, Putzmeister India

Our state of the art technology improves productivity, safety and preventive maintenance




World leader and global supplier of concrete machines, Putzmeister has its operations in all major countries of the world. As a pioneer of research and development in concrete pumping technology, the company offers the latest and the most comprehensive range of concreting solutions. In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, WILFRIED THEISSEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, PUTZMEISTER INDIA, speaks about the participation at buama, marketing strategy in a price-sensitive market, role of IoT and the future outlook.





Detail us on the new innovative products or new breakthrough technologies your company launched at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018? Detail us on the Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your products


Putzmeister announced 3 product launches at the show. The new MT – 0.5 with a capacity of 30 m3/hr comes equipped with a robust twin-shaft mixer and an efficient inclined belt conveyor which is used to weight as well as transfer aggregates. With the addition of this variant, Putzmeister offers the widest range of mixing options to customers. We also introduced two new plastering machines - theMP 20 EV and the SP 11 TMR. The compact and powerful MP 20 EV has been designed to handle all types of power outlets i.e. single phase and three phase power. This makes it suitable to a wider range of plastering applications. The SP 11 TMR, equipped with an extremely powerful 4-cylyinder engine, is suitable for a very wide range of conventional plastering and special applications.




Customers were given a preview to Putzmeister Machine Cockpit - advanced fleet management technology to its range of stationary concrete pumps and truck-mounted boom pumps. Once introduced customers can get real time information on the status of pumps at the jobsite, critical status alerts, remote diagnosis capability to identify faults and implement appropriate measures, key figures for delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption, alerts when machines are on the move and reminders for maintenance.




Did bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018 meet your expectations in terms of business prospects generated or orders booked and visitor footfall?


While the show was well organised and we had a good ratio of business to visitor, the overall footfall did not meet our expectations. We talked to a number of other OEMs who felt equally let down. We invest a lot of time, effort and resources into such events and therefore we are disappointed.




Your suggestions to the organizers for the next edition of bauma CONEXPO INDIA.


bauma CONEXPO INDIA needs to find out why the footfall in Delhi was disappointing for the second exhibition in a row.  If the organisers want to continue attracting the same level of investments from exhibitors, they will have to reconsider the location of the show.




What is your company’s focus on R & D and technological innovations and aftermarket services offered by your company?


Each year the PUTZMEISTER group invests more than 5 per cent of it’s TO into R&D to ensure that we offer now and in the future the right products, equipment and services to our customer. State of the art R&D facilities in Aichtal, Germany and GOA India use advanced testing techniques and equipment to develop new designs for function, durability, usability and service. For example every new truck mounted concrete pump Putzmeister introduces into the market, has been thoroughly tested simulating 15 years of operation. This type of live cycle testing is standard for the entire product range.




We offer state of the art technology on all our equipment to help the customer improve productivity, safety, fleet management and preventive maintenance. All our Batching Plants for instance offer fully computerized software to help operators and owners monitor operations and enjoy hassle-free maintenance. We anticipate customer requirements and constantly work towards developing solutions best suited for individual markets.




Is there a shift from initial cost price to TCO in Buyer Decisions?


Buyer decisions have indeed changed substantially over the last 5 to 7 years. Customers have gradually moved from buying an equipment as cheap as possible to finish the project, to buying a product which is not only the best to finish the job in the most cost effective and timely way but which also has the highest after sales value and service and application support excellence during the project phase. Over the last 5-7 years Putzmeister has been growing much faster than the market. While India continues to be a price sensitive market, our growth and success indicate an increasing demand for value.




What is your marketing strategy in a price-sensitive market?


At Putzmeister offering value to our customers is of utmost importance. When customers invest in a Putzmeister solution, they not only get the most suitable equipment for their business but also the best service and application support. Our products are designed to ensure low maintenance and therefore minimal downtime. We back this up with a higher ratio of service engineers and technicians per customer to ensure high machine efficiency and improve our customer’s profitability.




Tell us about the indigenization efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements?


All Putzmeister products combine the best of German technology to the needs of our local customers. That said our Batching Plants are a perfect example of ‘Make in India, Sell Globally’. We manufacture BPs here in India and offer them not only to our customers in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives, but also to customers in the Middle East, Africa, and SE Asia.




Briefly give us an understanding about your manufacturing units in India. Do you practice Lean Manufacturing


PM does indeed, since many years, use lean manufacturing methods to produce our range of concrete equipment in our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Goa. We ship equipment not just to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives, but also to SE Asia, Middle East, Africa and Americas.




In the recent years, IoT has had a vast impact on the manufacturing sector? How do you look at the impact of IoT for the construction equipment sector?



The most immediate impact will be our ability to offer customers more intelligent fleet management. Intelligent equipment will be able to relay real time data from the field, give timely warnings before a break down occurs and help diagnose a problem before a service engineer even reaches the site. Not only that, data analysis will help inform how to manage the next job site better. This will positively improve productivity and profitability for our customers. Putzmeister will be introducing advanced fleet management capabilities to its Batching plants and Truck Mixers as well as stationary pumps and truck mounted concrete pumps during this year.




In which sectors do you expect demand for your products in the coming years?


Infrastructure development and affordable housing will we believe continue to fuel demand for our products in the coming years.




Future outlook on the industry and from your company perspective


While the upcoming general election is on everyone’s mind, we believe that regardless of the outcome India will continue to focus on improving and developing its infrastructure and focus on offering more affordable housing options. We are very optimistic about 2019 and will continue to develop solutions most suited to the needs of our customers, and offer them our worldwide expertise gathered over the last 60 years to enable them to focus on their core business, improve their profitability and choose us as their preferred partner.

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