22 August 2019

Table of Contents for bauma Conexpo India - Post Event Report

Interaction-Anand Sundaresan, VC & MD, Schwing Stetter & V G Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter Sales

We have solutions that answer clients specific requirement




Schwing Stetter has ramped up its product lines across verticals and has become the smartest batching plant maker globally. With a constant customer centric approach, the company has carved out a niche place from the competition. In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, ANAND SUNDARESAN, VC & MD, SCHWING STETTER INDIA (AS) and V.G.SAKTHIKUMAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SCHWING STETTER SALES AND SERVICES PVT LTD, CHAIRMAN OF MECHANISATION COMMITTEE, BAI (VGS) shared about the company’s new product launches at bauma, product up gradation and a lot more.




Details us about the products that have been displayed and launched at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018?


VGS: Schwing Stetter India unveiled the following 12 new products at the fifth bauma CONEXPO India.


1.   Schwing Stationary Concrete Pump SP 1420 D RMC.

2.   Stetter Concrete Batching Plant M3 – Compartment Batcher.

3.   Stetter Super Seven Concrete Transit Mixer with Schwing Smartrack.

4.   Stetter Self Loading Mixer SLM 2200 NSV.

5.   Stetter Self Loading Mixer SLM 4000 NSV.

6.   Stetter Concrete Batching Plant M25 Z

7.   XCMG Wheel loader LW180K ARAI

8.   XCMG Wheel loader LW300FV ARAI.

9.   XCMG Wheel loader ZL 50GV ARAI.

10. XCMG Horizontal directional drilling machine HDD XZ120 E.

11. XCMG All Terrain crane XCA220.

12.  XCMG Cold Milling Machine XM1003K.




bauma CONEXPO India has provided an excellent opportunity in the past to showcase our cutting-edge products to our existing and new customers. This year is no different as it has proved to be an ideal platform to showcase Schwing Stetter’s latest product offerings and interact with potential customers and industry experts. At Schwing Stetter, we have always laid emphasis on indigenizing products and introducing newer product range, keeping in mind customer requirements and environment sustainability. These machines will be primarily operated in key infrastructure and transportation projects effectively contributing to the growth of the construction equipment sector.




We had displayed our non concreting products and the concreting ones. We are very happy with the outcomes and the customer reviews for these products. There are also peripheral equipment for display. We had displayed our self loading mixers along with these products.




Details us about the products that have been displayed and launched at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018?


VGS: This time we had the biggest stall than our participations in the earlier years at the expo. We had brought in a lot of equipments- heavy equipments and cranes, drilling machines from the XCMG basket and also our own equipments like the 3 cu.m mobile batching plant which is one of the unique batching plant.




AS: When we launched the Super Six series in September in Pune, it was a fuel saving truck mixer and was very successful. Realising the advantage of that and working on a few modifications, we have launched the Super Seven series at bauma. Our customers have also appreciated it as it is more fuel efficient and is the best available product in the market. We have an agreement with Mahindra Powerol for not offering this machine to our competitors. It is jointly developed by us and hence we need to have that sort of exclusivity for certain period of time.




Having launched 12 machines, how do you think that they will be able to compete with your competitors?


VGS: Any customer, while looking for a product wants to have one with fuel efficiency, higher productivity and a faster set up time. Also when one wants to shift, the customer wants a lower logistic cost all things are considered in getting this. We are someone who do not have a distributor- dealership network and we directly interact with the customers. We are more likely to know what they really want. This is our advantage. We have solutions that answer their specific requirement.




I want to give just two examples – we talked about this 3 cubic meters plant which is mobile. It was just impossible to imagine a few years back that it was possible to install a 120 cubic meters batching plant without foundation. The foundation cost on the machine is around Rs 25 lakhs. We are saving this amount by not making use of the foundation for the plant. Our competition need series of trailers while we can do it in a single one.




AS: Our machines can be placed on the ground without any foundation. So normally it is laid flat burying under the ground, next time you shift and then you get nothing out of it. So that we are saving straight away by not having this foundation requirement for that particular plant. So it goes to the next location in one trailer. Let us say that from this location, it has to go to Kerala you’ll spend around approximately for 1 trailer 1.5 to 2 lakhs and for 10 trailers you will spend 20 lakhs .




Our machine is giving the same performance output will need 2 trailers. Life of an equipment in the 10  years you shift  4 or 5 times in 25 lakhs so that’s 1cr so that’s almost 70 per cent of the equipment cost. Whereas for the stationery plant one requires at least 6 trailers and 1 or 2 trucks depending upon the accessories so that is also reduced.




Apart from the products displayed, we have upgraded them and used IoT solutions for all our pumps, truck mixer, batching plant. The control system has been prepared by us.

We have our own software engineers, we have our own control systems made by ourselves. So it is possible to integrate the features required as per the clients requirement. That will get online live information what’s happening in the plant how much production has been done.




What prompted you to upgrade the Super Six?

VGS: The ministry of road transport and the Government Of India came out with a circular that 15 per cent more load was allowed on the truck with a tolerance of 5 per cent more. Thus the load becomes 30 tonne which earlier was an advantage for the super six becomes a disadvantage. This is why we went for the upgradation. The market is also moving. We see our own percentage of share between 6 to 7 per cent.




How was the company’s performance in 2018?

AS: Our traditional concrete equipment has performed well and the new products have also helped add to our inorganic growth. If you compare our figures of 2016, we will be twice of that by the end of this financial year.




What are your views on 2019 as it is an election year?

VGS: I do not think that 2019 is a problem year. However, there will be a hiccup because of certain bureaucratic issues. Problems of land acquisition and other basic project works might rise. 




With more technology being brought in, how do you look at the changing roles of operators?

AS: We have a continuous upgradation for the operators and other regular classes, both in house and on site are conducted from time to time to train the workers in real time. Our own engineers are trained on a continuous basis.

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