20 August 2019

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Interaction-Gurman Reen, Sales & Mktg. Global Co

Caterpillar believes in ‘Let’s do the work’




Caterpillar has a long legacy in India dating back to the 1930’s. Today, the company hasmanufacturing facilities situated at Thiruvallur and Hosur in Tamil Nadu; Aurangabad in Maharashtra and Noida in Uttar Pradesh, 2 R&D centers, 1 logistics and parts center, various divisional offices situated at Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi and continues to invest and cater to Indian customers. GURMAN REEN, DIRECTOR, SALES AND MARKETING, GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION & INFRASTRUCTURE DIVISION, CATERPILLAR INDIA in an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, speaks about the products displayed at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018, the USP of the product and the company’s future perspectives.




Briefly tell us about the products displayed at bauma CONEXPO 2018


Bauma is a new show in comparison with EXCON. However, it is a good thing to have two shows, with one show each year. We are excited to be a part of this year’s Bauma ConExpo and have displayed the entire portfolio of our construction product range. We have displayed two new models- Cat®323D3 and Cat 320D3 excavators which we recently launched in September 2018. These are designed in India, localised in India and are exclusively for the Indian market.




We have got a tremendous response for this product and with this we are continuing the story as a focus model for the market.



We have also displayed our small excavator 13 tonne machine- 313D2L which we are expanding now, as thenext biggest market is the small excavators. We have also displayed motor graders where we are the market leaders and 950 GC - 5 tonne medium wheel loader havingmassive use in quarry and crusher segment. All our construction machines coupled with the building construction products such as the backhoe loader and otherspresent a huge opportunity in the Indian market.The biggest emphasis is on road construction since the infrastructure development trajectory taken by the government presents an immense opportunity.




What are the USP of the products that differentiate from the competitors?


There are a lot of competitors and also some of the new players in the industry. We invest hugely in R&Dof our products.We know our customers and what best will work for them according to their requirements. We have understood that there are two types of customers- one who works in the toughest of the environments and requires machines that have the maximum productivity, lowest down time and maximum reliability. To cater to these customers, we have our Cat 323D3. On the other hand, we also have customers who work on a lesser time frame and atdifferent job sites. Such customers look out for the lowest owning and operating cost and operating the machine with reliability. It is for this kind of customer that we have designed the Cat 320D3 excavators.




We will be taking these to the customers and it is they, who ultimately decide what equipment to go for. We are confident that our story will match with the customer’s requirement and will help reap benefits.




How was 2018 as a year for Caterpillar?


The year 2018 has been good for us. The construction equipment market has grown by 30-40 per cent over last year due to the segments such as excavators and motor graders. We can say that we have grown at or above the market range, hence have performed well throughout the year.




Fuel prices are always fluctuating, which is a concern for the end user. What is your take on that?


This is what we take into consideration when we say that we make a customer centric product. This also ties in with our new products launched. Cat320D3 and Cat 323D3 excavators will have 15 percent lower fuel consumption and 5 percent lower maintenance costs, giving a much sought for delight to our esteemed customers.




With technologies in equipment being the newest trends, how do you combine it in your products?


I have been working in areas and markets where products and equipment have been sold along with the technology. We can equip all our products with the technology. However, all this requires a bit of ground work- from making the customer realise the value for money that he will be paying, the workers will have to be trained to maintain, run and use the machines to get the optimum results. These machines will have high tech sensors and other technologies. We have the entire technology portfolio available with us and we selectively pitch it to the customers who are ready to work with that.Our dealers are also well equipped with the technology for after-market sales.




As a responsible OEM are you looking at training the operators?


Yes.We do have operator training sessions for our customers. During the delivery of each machine, a certified dealer- instructor physically goes and trains the operator at the site. This is a part of our delivery check list. Our dealers have facilities for training the customers and empower them to work on the machines. This also aligns withour CSR activity. Caterpillar always strive to make our customers emerge victorious by providing consistent, unique, tailored solutions in terms of safety, efficiency, operability and comfort.




How has bauma CONEXPO 2018 been for you?


The first day of the show, like any show was a bit dull but the second day of the show had picked up the pace. We had business lead meetings with a lot of customers. We need such kind of shows and hope to make the most out of this one.




Tell us about your views on how 2019 will turn out as a year?


This year we want to grow faster than the industry. The year might be a bit flat one as this is an election year in India. The market has been at high ends for a while now and this trend will remain the same, even if huge growths might not take place.




Our future will be bright and continue to bring new products in the construction space and are upbeat about the growth in India.

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