24 July 2019

Interaction- Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, Case India

We are anticipating a good sale for the construction equipment range

CASE India, which has maintained the leadership position in the Road Construction Equipment (Vibratory Compactor and Motor Graders) segment, which form the lifeline of any road construction activity is gearing up for busy times ahead. In an exlcusive conversation with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, AJAY ANEJA, BRAND LEADER, CASE CONSTRUCTION speaks about the company's manufacturing units in India, role of Industry 4.0, IoT and a lot more.



Briefly give us an understanding about your manufacturing units in India.Do you practice Lean Manufacturing

CASE India operates a manufacturing plant in Pithampur. In May’2017 WCM Audit awarded CASE’s Pithampur plant the prestigious BRONZE Level Certification and we are continuously thriving to convert it in into SILVER. The plant is equipped with advanced “World Class Manufacturing” processes that are implemented in CNH Industrial’s manufacturing plants across the world and is certified for ISO 9001:2000 quality and ISO 14000 environmental standards.

The sprawling factory complex, which produces CASE vibratory compactors and backhoe loaders for the Indian as well as markets abroad, is spread over 40 acres and occupies over 28,000 sq. m of covered area. CASE India do practice lean manufacturing to minimize the waste generated and proceed the processes in an ecofriendly manner.



Experts have called Industry 4.0 the next Industrial Revolution. How will Industry 4.0 bring in a revolution for the construction equipment manufacturing sector?

Industry 4.0 is a current trend in the manufacturing industry as it brings automation, emerging technologies such as IoT and digitization together which creates a smart factory. Construction sector still relies heavily on manual labor, mechanical technology and established operating and business models. As a result, productivity is a little less and is achieved from hit and trial method. Industry 4.0 will not only revolutionize the practice of designing in the industry but also change how we see it now. IoT as a technology, automatically monitors development cycle, facilitates production flow in a manufacturing plant and manage warehouse machines.

With the help of IoT, Industries can monitor their supply chain by getting meaningful estimates of the available resources. This whole revolution all together will help the industry technicians take an important, informed decision about their businesses.



In the recent years, IoT has had a vast impact on the manufacturing sector? How do you look at the impact of IoT for the construction equipment sector? Cutting edge Smart Technology featured in your machines. Such as; engine control, SCADA, PLC, Telematics, IoT, etc. Also Safety and Operator Comfort features in your machines.

IoT is the next big frontier in the manufacturing sector and construction industry. It helps facilitate multiple applications at a time.There has always been an issue with the productivity ratio in the construction industry. We believe IoT and other new technologies will help solve the current issues being faced. Few early-stage examples in which these technologies can act as a boon for the construction industry are:

Repair and maintenance: This is something that has a prominent effect on the industry. If a machine is repaired when the wear starts, it might cost less and hence save the time and money. IoT allow companies to tackle this problem head on. In relation to equipment monitoring and repair, sensors can enable machinery to detect and communicate maintenance requirements, send automated alerts for preventive maintenance, compile usage, maintain data and increase efficiency by remotely monitoring fuel consumption. These solutions can further help to understand signals and patterns to deploy real-time solutions, cut costs, prioritize preventative maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime.

Cutting edge technology

To make the products technologically efficient and stand out in the market, the company has introduced Eagle Eye Telematics System, a real time vehicle tracking and communication based on GPS technology which can help keep a track of your machine for example if the fuel box is going down or the machine is working far away from its prescribed geographic area, it automatically sends a message regarding the same to the concerned person.

Operator comfort features

CASE Dozers and Motor Graders are equipped with closed HVAC cabin with ROPS to provide excellent operator comfort and safety. The operator can customise all the working parameters of the machine to achieve excellent controllability and faster cycle times. For enhanced operator comfort, the 770EX OL has a redesigned, spacious cab with operator friendly features su         ch as a large buddy seat, storage compartments, mobile charger, document holder, bottle holder, radio, etc. Large glazed windows provide outstanding all-round visibility, improve air ventilation to the operator and make it easy to listen to any early warning indication coming from any part of the machine. SR130 skid steer loader has wide door, lower threshold providing easy access to the cab. It has up to 25% more internal width providing greatly improved operator comfort.



The rising fuel prices have been a matter of concern for all. Tell us about the steps taken by your company to provide fuel efficient equipment.

Despite of rising oil prices this year the infrastructure and construction industry has seen a tremendous growth. CASE India endeavours to build environment-friendly CE equipment, simultaneously working on newer technologieswhich consume less fuel, give higher productivity and profitability.

Understanding the need of the hour i.e., saving fuel cost. CASE India has come up with a versatile equipment range. CASE India’s equipment’s are powered by FPT Industrial engine which has introduced new features that raises the bar of performance and deliver market leading fuel economy and power. To increase the machine’s durability, CASE India focuses on the use of quality engines along with regular maintenance across their equipment which helps deliver excellent fuel efficiency.



Emerging trends in the equipment finance and rentals. To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost.

Increase in the allotment of infrastructure projects has led the construction equipment market to grow at a rapid pace. The recent ongoing trends in rental/finance are emerging technologies. To eliminate the hassle of purchasing, repair and maintenance costs, consumers have now switched to renting /financing the equipment.

To support the consumers, a lot of private players have come up with their rental and distribution business.

One needs a lot of capital in order to purchase heavy duty equipment; rental/finance business is easy on pocket. This is the main reason why most contractors/consumers are attracted towards this facility. It is best for short term projects or one-off jobs’, renting a piece of CE isalways a smaller expense and thus, it has much less impact on the bottom line.



Detail us on the new innovative products or new breakthrough technologies you are launching at bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018? As a company what are your specific plans for bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018 – have you devised any new marketing strategy to push your products?

The most awaited and sought-after event of the CE industry in the country is scheduled for next month and CASE India is delighted to be a part of it. There will be committee meetings, award functions, conferences and presentations for increasing networking opportunities. We, at CASE India, look forward to showcasing our new products to a wide audience and understand the pulse of the consumers. The gathered insight will further help us in developing our future products.



Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

This year we saw a significant growth in numbers and are positive in terms of increase in volume for the next fiscal. In the recent past, Infrastructure and construction industry has witnessed a strong growth because of numerous projects being undertaken. Considering the set of factors prevailing in the country, CASE India anticipates good sale of construction equipment range.

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