24 July 2019

Interaction- Jasmeet Singh, Head CC & Corporate Relations, JCB India

JCB believes in keeping the customer at the centre of every product


JCB offers a varied range of construction and infrastructure equipment in different capacities and applications. JCB will present an exciting line up of machines at this year’s BC India. JASMEET SINGH, HEAD - CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS & CORPORATE RELATIONS, JCB INDIA LTD, in an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, speaks on maintaining stronghold in the market, impact of IoT, launching of breakthrough technologies at Bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018 and a lot more.



Briefly tell us about your product offerings and the key features/USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining your stronghold in the market?

Every product introduced by JCB is a result of customer feedback and market analysis. JCB believes in keeping the customer at the centre of every product. Therefore our offerings, be it our range of world leading products or after-market support, are focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. We continually innovate to ensure our customers receive the best-in-class equipment. The latest from JCB is the innovative and intelligent range of machines that exhibit the blend of technology and digital innovation to meet the demand for world class machines to build India’s Next Gen Infrastructure.

We provide the latest solutions based on the evolving customer trends through customer centric apps and by integrating ‘Internet of Things’ through our advanced Telematics Technology, Livelink. The JCB Livelink technology has been a game changer in the Indian Construction Equipment industry. Introduced in 2015, Livelink enables effective fleet management – it helps our customers remotely monitor and manage their machines. Users, Dealers and JCB get SMS alerts on their phones regarding the Service, Operations and Security of their machine. The data stored over a period of time gives vital information to the customer in terms of number of hours the machine has been operational, service intervals, fuel levels, malfunctions if any, etc. This technology aims to deliver constructive, real-time information to increase productivity and efficiency.

To monitor these machines in real time, we have set up a world class command centre at our Delhi-NCR facility. Our dealerships have also set up similar Livelink command centres to ensure that real time support is provided to the customers as they can now plan for service schedules and also engage with users and customers in preventive maintenance. Moreover, with the advent of digital technologies, users can now monitor their entire fleet in real time and all critical machine information is available on their smart devices through digital applications such as the JCB Livelink app, JCB Smart Serve App and Smart Machine Diagnostics app.

On the product front, we have introduced a wide range of smart and intelligent machines with digital innovations to meet the demand for Next Gen machines. For instance, the iconic JCB Backhoe Loader now comes with 30 new innovative features, including 15 industry firsts, and five World’s first including an AMT which is an Automated Manual Transmission called Easy Shift. The machine also comes with as an SOS switch, Economy and Power Mode, Guide me home, and Smart App machine Diagnostics. The JCB 116 Soil Compactor has become the first Compactor in the industry to have IntelliCompaction integrated with Livelink. The IntelliCompaction ensures uniform compaction by optimising the overall compaction process. Similarly, the Loader Productivity Management System (LPMS) in the JCB455ZX Wheeled Loader helps in real time monitoring of individual weight of loaded bucket, Total Accumulated Weight, Tare weight, and Number of loaded buckets

Offering best-in class productivity, fuel efficiency and operator comfort has been a significant focus area for JCB since beginning and the entire product range is known to offer the best in every aspect. For instance, the ecoXcellence range of Backhoe Loaders is 10% more fuel efficient in duty cycle alongwith providing an additional savings of 5% in yearly maintenance cost. It also offers higher uptime due to Quick identification of the problem with Smart App Machine Diagnostics. With the help of a blue tooth dongle which is paired with a mobile device, the service engineer can now zero-in on the machine fault. This greatly improves the equipment up-time as lesser time is spent on locating a fault.

Our range of Excavators offer the best-in-class productivity - the JCB220LC Xtra (the 22T Excavator) is 8% more fuel efficient and comes with gross power of 170 hp. With 8 Power Modes and Smart Controls - this machine is 7% more productive in H+ mode. The JCB 305LC (The 30T Excavator) comes with JCB Diesel Max engine and delivers 221HP for excellent productivity. 222kN of bucket breakout force makes it easy to remove aggregates, thus improving the productivity. Higher productivity of the equipment contributes significantly to the owners return on investment.

To further strengthened its JCB introduced an all new 38T Tracked Excavator with two variants – the JCB 380LC Xtra and the JCB 380LC Quarry Master (QM). This is JCB India’s largest Made in India Excavator. The JCB380LCQM offers 16% Higher Lifting Capacity owing to a combination of high hydraulic power and high operating weight and provides 6% more output while handling blocks. The JCB Dieselmax engine return a 3% high fuel efficiency and generates high torque at low speed to suit the job needs. The JCB 380LC Xtra comes with a powerful engine and its hydraulic performance gives the power to do more than expected. The wide range of heavy duty buckets can be used as per different applications and strata to maximise output which is available from 1.4 to 2.3 cu.m. Power boost feature increases hydraulic system pressure to provide higher digging force and lifting capacity when needed.

JCB offers fuel efficient Gensets, ranging from 63kVA to 100kVA. Our world class range of Generators is known for offering the best in class technology and productivity with special focus on features that help in reducing the carbon footprint. Another parameter to improve productivity of equipment is the focus on the Operator Environment. Over the years, JCB has made significant investment is designing machines which offer the best-in-class operator environment. For example, the 455ZX Wheeled Loaders comes with Air Conditioning as standard. Additionally, the large cabin interior offers excellent entrance. The stylish, modern central dash display combines analogue dials and a color LCD screen that displays the health status of the machine, service requirements and operating information. A comfortable operator will be able to use the machine better and safer.

All these products are further backed by class leading technology, unmatched after sales support and many have been exported to over 95 countries around the globe.



In the recent years, IoT has had a vast impact on the manufacturing sector? How do you look at the impact of IoT for the construction equipment sector?

Digital technologies such as ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Big Data’ have ushered in a new era of innovation in the Indian business landscape and today, they touch our lives in more ways that we can imagine. From booking a cab to booking hotels to ordering food is now possible with just few clicks on our smart devices.

The Indian Construction Equipment industry is also fully embracing this convergence of digital and traditional technologies with JCB India, a leading manufacturer of Earthmoving and Construction Equipment pioneering the way. JCB India’s commitment towards this digital innovation is demonstrated through advanced telematics technology, Livelink. Through this state-of-the-art technology, JCB has radically changed and improved the customer experience with its machines. Livelink also provides an opportunity to customers to maximise their returns on investment through better management of their assets.

The Geo fencing and Time fencing features also give out SMS alerts whenever the machine moves out of the designated, pre-determined geographical areas or works outside the pre designated time limits. The machine through the hardware and the mobile network will give out an alert when operated beyond the designated timings or the geo fenced areas. These features are particularly useful where machines are prone to theft and misuse. There are various instances where JCB machines which were stolen have also been recovered as they appeared on the monitoring system the moment they were switched on.

Moreover, with the advent of digital technologies, users can now control their entire fleet in real time and all the critical machine information is available on their smart devices in the form of digital applications such as JCB Livelink app, JCB Smart Serve App and Smart Machine Diagnostics app. However, to make compaction more efficient, JCB India has come up with a new concept known as IntelliCompaction in JCB116, another Industry first from JCB India. It provides Relative Compaction value which helps in achieving consistent and uniform compaction throughout the patch. The digital display shows High/ low frequency and amplitude values for compaction control. This versatile system is suitable for both Asphalt and Soil Surface.

With this, we are moving towards a more scientific way of working, away from human judgment. We have also introduced a compaction monitoring system, which monitors all the compaction parameters of a machine and ensures consistent uniform compaction with a precise measuring system. It also takes weather conditions into account. All these details are transferred to the contractor or owner on his smart phone through the compaction monitoring system and the gathered data is then be integrated with our telematics system, JCB Livelink.

Similarly JCB has also introduced Loader Productivity Management System in JCB 455ZX Wheeled Loader which is an industry first feature from JCB India. Loader Productivity Management System is “Full-Dynamic” weighing on board system which eliminates the restriction of machine movement during weighing or setting of any parameters of machine. It removes the manual operation to achieve the functionality. It helps precise payload measurement – prevents costly material spillage due to overload, which thereby eliminates trips to weigh, saves fuel and time of operation.



To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost.

Today, customers are looking at products which offer value for money and all the advanced features. They are looking at an ROI over an extended period. Product Reliability and Support are significant factors in the purchase decision. They look for options that offer an excellent operating experience through ergonomically placed controls. They need equipment that performs reliably and increases their profitability at the same time. Noting this trend in the industry, JCB has introduced a wide range of products which are a blend of technology and digital innovation to meet the demand for world class machines to build India’s Next Gen Infrastructure.

In the Excavator Segment, JCB introduced an all new 38T Tracked Excavator with two variants – the JCB 380LC Xtra and the JCB 380LC Quarry Master (QM). This is JCB India’s largest Made in India Excavator. With a heavy duty undercarriage signalling durability and resilience, the JCB380LC Xtra’s is a user-friendly and intuitive machine that offers three lifting modes and four digging modes.

Similarly, the JCB380LC Quarry Master has been specially designed for marble and granite quarry applications. It optimises fuel consumption and increases productivity. Robust structures and well-engineered components make this excavator the perfect partner for more power and a stellar performance. Its high strength, heavy-duty bucket handles marble and granite slabs effortlessly. Massive resilient boom and arm reinforcements add the strength needed for round-the-clock performance.



Detail us on the new innovative products or new breakthrough technologies you are launching at Bauma CONEXPO INDIA 2018?

Bauma CONEXPO is a noteworthy exhibition which takes place once in every two years in India. JCB showcased and introduced a wide range of larger excavators among other products during the last edition of BCIndia in December 2016. This year too, JCB has planned an exciting line up of machines which will exhibit our commitment to innovation and technology. The exhibition has garnered a lot of interest from the industry as we see many leading players showcasing their latest range during the four day event. JCB utilises such platforms to connect with customers and showcase the entire range of class leading products and services. Moreover, it gives an opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the Indian market and plays an instrumental role in bringing the entire industry together.



Give us an understanding of your company’s performance this year and your outlook going forward?

2018 has been a positive year so far – in the first half of this year, the industry has grown significantly over 40 percent and we feel this momentum will continue as the development of infrastructure is an ongoing process and the progress of the nation is dependent on this.

The Government has continued to make infrastructure creation a pillar for sustained growth through significant budget allocations, which have thus created growth opportunities for Construction Equipment. Roads and Highways continue with their momentum and are still the primary growth driver. Irrigation has also moved ahead significantly with some large scale irrigation projects being undertaken by states such Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Sectors such as Railways, Urban Rejuvenation, Housing have shown potential, but still needs to pick up to ensure sustained growth in the industry.



Briefly give us an understanding about your manufacturing units in India. Do you practice Lean Manufacturing.

JCB came to India in 1979 and set up its first manufacturing facility in Ballabgarh near Delhi -NCR. Over the years, JCB has made significant investments in India and has remained committed to the India Growth Story. Today, we have five state-of-the-art facilities in Delhi-NCR, Pune and Jaipur. We also have the largest Design Centre outside of the UK in India at Pune.

The Ballabgarh factory near New Delhi, which is the Headquarters for JCB India, is also the world’s largest factory for Backhoe Loaders with the manufacturing capacity of 100 machines per day. Apart from Backhoe Loaders, facility also manufactures Telehandlers, Diesel Generators and Diesel Engines.

The company expanded its operations in 2006 and 2007 by setting up two factories at Pune for its Heavyline business. These factories manufacture Tracked Excavators, Wheeled Loaders, Compaction equipment and Fabrications for the Group. With over 400 engineers, Pune also has JCB’s largest Design Center outside of the United Kingdom. A further investment in India was made at Jaipur in 2014 with the inauguration of an eco-friendly, green manufacturing facility. This facility today manufactures Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, Backhoe Loader and Fabrications.

Automotive Footprint, Lean Manufacturing and Robotics are the drivers for manufacturing excellence at all JCB world class units. All JCB factories are designed and built around the Group’s Global Manufacturing Philosophy. Moreover, JCB uses new technologies and innovation to limit its impact on the environment. With factories conceptualised and built on eco-friendly platforms, it is committed to contributing responsibly to the environment.

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