18 November 2019

Interaction- Tiru Kulkarni, President-Geosynthetics, Garware Technical Fibres Ltd

Garware as a brand is synonymous with innovation and quality


Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. (Formerly Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd.), is known for providing world class innovative solutions in high performance aquaculture cage nets, fishing nets, sports nets, safety nets, agricultural nets, coated fabrics, polymer ropes and geosynthetics. In an exclusive interaction, with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, TIRU KULKARNI, PRESIDENT – GEOSYNTHETICS, GARWARE TECHNICAL FIBRES LTD, shares about the company’s products and services, the status of geosynthetics in India, the demand drives for products and the path ahead.




What is the present growth trend witnessed in the Geosynthetics sector? Give us an assessment on the demand-supply gap in the sector in India?


The geo-synthetics sector as a whole has been growing around 15% - 20% YOY in the past few years. The demand supply gap is varied for different products, for example: for the most widely used products like gabions & geo-grids , the demand - supply gap is in the range of 20% - 30%. This is being bridged through expansion in capacities by the existing players. 



Tell us about your geosynthetics product portfolio, in terms of types and applications.


Garware has a varied portfolio straddling the diverse applications of the geosynthetics industry. Some of our products are high strength woven geotextiles which are mainly used in road applications; high strength boulder nettings and gabions which are applied in slope protection; rolled erosion controlled mats for surface erosion protection, geo-textile containers and polymer gabions,  that are applied in coastal protection works. All these products are manufactured in our Pune and Wai units, and comply with certifications like ISO9001, NTPEP, etc.




What are the advantages of using geosynthetics in the construction sector?


The key advantages of using geo-synthetics in the construction sector are enhancing the speed of construction while being economical. Besides, geosynthetic products have a lower carbon footprint as compared to traditional materials like concrete. 



What differentiates your products vis-à-vis competitors? In what way will your client benefit.


Garware offers end to end turnkey solutions to the industry which ensures completion of projects in a time bound manner. Garware as a brand is synonymous with innovation and quality. Our technical team comprise of application experts who have a deep understanding of the client’s needs and requirements and there by provide customized solutions accordingly. Therefore, Clients who look for value, and not just a lower price, trust Garware solutions to deliver.




Reasons for low penetration of geosynthetics in the Indian market. What are you doing to disseminate awareness about them in the construction sector?


It is well known that India has a huge latent potential for geo-synthetics, owing to its varied geography as well as the Government’s emphasis on infrastructure development in the coming years. The main reason for low penetration of geo-synthetics in the Indian market is the lack of awareness as well as lack of a sweeping mandate from the Government to the various departments to use these products. However, discussions are ongoing with various Government Ministries to remedy this situation and we are hopeful that the scenario will change soon. Garware is actively participating in several industry forums as well as conferences which provide a good platform for spreading awareness.




Tell us about some major projects where your products have been used.


The major projects where our products have been used are Coastal Protection in Pentha & Odisha; hazardous landfill projects for metal industry like Hindustan Zinc and Sterlite; Gypsum Pond projects for Paradeep Phosphates Limited & IFFCO; Erosion control on national highways, Hubli – manesar stretch and other highway projects in Maharashtra & Gujarat, Rock-fall protection solutions for Railway & NHAI and many more.




What is your cost/quality equation in a price sensitive market like India?


Our cost and quality equation hinges on an in-depth understanding of the application; a robust design and execution of the solution. We believe that offering the right and effective solution aid in unlocking value for the customer.




Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products?


The sectors of Landfill, Rock fall protection and Costal Erosion Control as well as Surface Erosion Control are the major demand drivers for our products. We have recently started exporting these products, and this sector is poised to be a demand driver in the coming years.




What type of government policy would foster growth of India’s geosynthetics market?


Mandating or at least encouraging geosynthetic products will go a long way in nurturing growth.  This has happened to a certain extent in sectors like retained earth walls, where the geosynthetic usage is high. However, other sectors have still to catch up.




Your outlook on the geo synthetics industry and from your company perspective


I have no doubt that the geosynthetic industry, which started out as a sunrise sector in the 1990s, will continue to grow. The “explosive growth” phase has not happened yet and this should happen when geosynthetics gets accepted and used widely across the industry sectors. Hopefully, we shall see this growth phase sooner rather than later.



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