21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Industry- Focus- Piling & Foundation Equipment

Interaction - Rakesh Raina, Country Manager, Casagrande India Piling & Geotechnical Eqpt

We expect a sustainable growth of 10-12 per cent


Casagrande is a world-class manufacturer of wide range of foundation equipment. It designs and produces large diameter piling rigs, equipment for diaphragm walls, small diameter drilling rigs, machines for tunnels, geothermal drill rigs, grouting plants and hydraulic crawler cranes.In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, RAKESH RAINA, COUNTRY MANAGER, CASAGRANDE INDIA PILING & GEOTECHNICAL EQUIPMENTS speaks about the company’s product portfolio, focus on R&D, and details on some of the major products and his outlook on the industry from a company perspective.




Tell us about your piling &foundation equipment product portfolio, in terms of types, capacities, and applications.


CasagrandeS.p.A is a reputed manufacturer of wide range of civil foundation equipment including Piling, Dwall construction grabs and Crawler Drills for Micro drilling, Anchors, soil nailing and ground improvement. Casagrande has more than 25000 installations worldwide working at various prestigious projects site having varied soil strata. We are having more than 300 nos of equipments in India and all major Indian foundation contractors are proud owners of our products .We have piling machines ranging from 12.5 tons to 40.0 ton torque and Dwall grabs ranging from 400mm to 1500mm panel size and panel depth upto 80.0mtrs . The range of crawler drills varies from 8.0T to 34.0T Weight class.




What differentiates your products vis-à-vis competitors?


Our XP series machines are based on advance hydraulic technology which has Smart PowerManagement and PLC controlled Fully load sensing hydraulic circuit with Touch screen display system inside control cabin giving instantaneous data related to various drilling functions including Torque values, Rotary RPM , Hyd Pump pressures, depth readings, verticality control, oil temp etc etc. Our display also has fault diagnostic system giving error code for immediate intervention. All our machines can be used for various foundation applications like Dwall, CFA, Soil stabilization, stone column, foundation crane etc with the help of a suitable conversion kit to optimize the machine utilization and reduce the capital investment .This conversion can be accomplished in a day at job site with some basic workshop facility.




What is your company’s focus on R&D and technological innovations and aftermarket services offered by your company.


Our factory is in Italy with large R&D set up. Based on advances being made in hydraulics and electronics , our machine technology and specs are upgraded from time to time to maximize Productivity, Performance and Reliability and better life cycle cost .We offer one stop solution by offering machines as per customers’ requirements and also our suggestions related to excavation methodology based on soil strata and the right tools to be used for better life cycle cost. We have recently introduced Non vibratory Stone Column technology equipment for Ground improvement and also deeper depth hydraulic Dwall grabs in our product range.Casagrande India is a 100% owned subsidiary of Casagrande Italy with factory trained technicians and operators and ware house for parts at Delhi and Chennai. Our service teams are currently operating from Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai and we shall in near future expand our service operations to other locations as well.




Major demands made by end-users of your equipment. Is there a shift from initial cost price to TCO in Buyer Decisions?


Our main customers are major civil and foundation contractors and they surely look upto life cycle cost aspects and multifunctional use of the machines apart from long terms service support. However there is a customer segment which is mostly driven by initial cost and prefers to source such equipments which can not be compared with our advance technology and product life cycle cost. We are however sure that in the years to come, with more sustained efforts from quality suppliers like us, this segment will slowly change their buying criteria.




Tell us about some major projects where your products have been used.


Our Piling and Dwall Machines are working on major Metro Rail projects like Delhi ,Lucknow, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai , Kolkata , Nagpur etc and also on prestigious Zauri Bridge project at Goa and Ganga river bridge projects in west Bengal . Our Hydraulic Dwall grab has worked on Kolkatta Metro project and accomplished deepest Dwall construction upto a depth of 52.0mtrs with 1500mm size panels in India . Our Dwall grabs have been extensively used in the state of Gujrat for construction of 2-3 level basements for residential and commercial properties and this is a big success story in past 2 years for its economic cost of excavation. Casagrande has also successfully introduced its patented non vibratory stone column construction technology on a prestigious Rail freight corridor project for ground improvement near Mumbai.




Your market outlook for foundation equipment in India. Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products?


There is a big thrust by the government in infrastructure development projects and our range of civil foundation equipments is catering to Metro Rail , Ports, Roads And other Industrial projects. Various Metro rail, Elevated Road projects, ports, airport projects are under bidding stage or have been cleared for implementation and as such we expect a sustainable growth of 10-12 per cent on year on year for civil foundation equipments for next 5- 7 years’ time.




What potential do you see in the rental segment?


This segment is growing in India too; However this segment in particular with regards to Civil foundation equipments is still being dominated by small owner driven companies who are still on learning curve. India has a huge potential and more organized and professional rental playersneed to come in picture with fleet of field proven latest technology equipment’s andsolutions . India market is expected to mature in this growing segment in coming years.




What type of government policy would foster growth of India’s piling &foundation equipment market?


The project consultants and apex nodal agencies involved in managing these infrastructure projects need to keep in view the construction methodologies adopted in advances countries and lay emphasis on method specification with guidelines in selection of appropriate capacity equipment’s to accomplish such prestigious projects without having to compromise on quality of the construction and to avoid cost and time over run. The inter-governmental coordination group needs to speed up the land accusation ,forest and environmental clearances and utility removal/shifting at projects sites to minimize the time over run and idling of such heavy equipment’s .




Outlook on your industry and from a company perspective


Casagrande management is bullish about Indian infrastructure development program in major sectors like Metro Rail, Ports, Airports, and Roads and expects a sustainable demand generation of wide range of foundation equipments during next 5-7 years’ time.



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