17 October 2019

Table of Contents for Industry- Focus- Piling & Foundation Equipment

Industry Focus- Piling & Foundation Equipment

Laying strong foundation


With the Indian infrastructure sector reaching new heights with each passing day, there has been a momentous growth in the demand for foundation equipment. A huge chunk of the demand comes from infra space including transport infrastructure – especially urban transport, power, mining, and water sector. The growing projects will surely open more doors for the foundation market in India reports ROHAN AMBIKE.


One area of construction equipment, which rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as earth moving or concrete equipment is piling or foundation or ground engineering equipment. A niche segment, the market for piling equipment has been growing at a steady pace in recent times, thanks to the impetus provided to various core infrastructure projects, apart from the healthy growth rate of the realty sector in the country. Increased awareness levels along with the tighter working schedules have meant that contractors are no longer averse to using sophisticated piling equipment.


The construction activities that have been at the peak since that last year has lead to the rising demand for foundation equipment of various types.In July 2016, India launched several projects, which include the development of 24 smart cities, 23 industrial hubs, two ports, and a 1,500 Km, six-lane express highway. Such initiatives of governments will boost the construction projects across the globe resulting in growth of pile foundation work, which in turn is likely to fuel the demand for piling machines.


Global construction industry is registering a steady growth due to high rate of urbanization and increasing demand for roads, rails, buildings and associated infrastructure as result of growth in population. In addition, governments of various countries across the globe are focusing on development of transportation infrastructure. For instance, in 2015, the U.S. Congress passed a bill for spending of US$ 305 bn to improve quality of highway network and transit systems. The U.S. government spends around 2.2% share of GDP on developing infrastructure. In 2015, the Chinese government is also spending heavily on infrastructure, and has announced projects worth US$ 1.1 Trillion to revive the economic growth and GDP of the country.


Fast Facts
  • According to a forecast by ‘The Global Tunneling and Drilling Equipment Market - Key Trends and Opportunities, the market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and geography.
  • The increasing use of screw tools for undergoing boring is expected to be a favorable factor for growth.
  • A trillion dollar budget to modernize India’s infrastructure is generating plenty of demand for piling & foundation equipment in India. An increasing use of systems to investigate the capacity and integrity of installed piles is now accompanied by a better understanding of risks that are associated with construction under various ground conditions, and by a desire to improve specifications and site controls.



Piling machines, according to the definition are equipment that are used to drive piles into the soil so as to provide support to the buildings and the infrastructure. These machines can be applied in various infrastructure projects related to rail infrastructure, highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. Also India’s new stress on advanced technologies for the production of energy from non-conventional sources such as hydel, wind, and solar energy, is further likely to boost demand for foundation equipment. Another major driver for foundation equipment is the National Water Mission to ensure integrated water resource management helping to conserve water, minimize wastage and ensure more equitable distribution both across and within states.


The Mission will take into account the provisions of the National Water Policy. All water initiatives within this policy framework will drive substantial demand for water well rigs and other drilling equipment. The market for water well rigs in India really opened up in the 1990s, but rapid urbanization across India brought with it water scarcity, driving demand for water well rigs. This segment has been growing at a steady pace of late but is expected to generate substantial demand in the long run.


A trillion dollar budget to modernize India’s infrastructure is generating plenty of demand for piling & foundation equipment in India. Add to this opening up of the mining sector by the recent mining ordinance, and you have substantial demand for foundation equipment. A majority of this demand will be generated by the transport (roads/rail/metro/sea/air), infra segments like power and mining, urban infra and real estate. In the global market, demand will majorly come from India and China, who are expected to propel the foundation equipment market in the APAC region. In terms of value, the global piling machine market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 6.2 per cent in value terms by 2024. 



Piling Practices in India


In India, the most common methods of piling are Bored cast-in-situ, Driven cast-in-situ, and Driven pre-cast. Use of Steel and Pre-stressed concrete piles is also finding increasing use in India on major infra projects.


Bored Cast-in-Situ Piles address need for high capacity large diameter and deep bored cast-in-situ piles. Increase in their geometric attributes has raised the benchmark of concerns related to quality and progress. Choice of boring techniques and tools has become decisive to achieve optimum progress


Driven Pre-cast Piles offer a better quality since reinforcement cage fabrication and concrete casting are done in a controlled environment of the yard and are open to inspection. Typical lateral cross sectional dimension varies from 350 to 500mm, giving a safe capacity in the range of 1000 to 1250 kN.


Marine Piling is used to support marine structures like jetties, wharves, dolphins, near- and off-shore structures. Essentially they are considered as slender piles subjected to very high lateral loads arising from waves, currents, wind, water pressures, and other operational forces during mooring, berthing etc. These are therefore heavily reinforced and are of higher diameters than land piles. Special design considerations include durability aspects since they are exposed to severe aggressive conditions. Marine piles are still based on IS: 2911 or BS 8004 which are primarily meant for land based piles. This fact necessitates need for special codes for marine pile design.


Cast-in-situ Pile Foundations are concrete pile. These form of piles are developed with the help of holes being dug in the ground to the required depth and then filling the hole with concrete. Reinforcements are also used in the concrete as per the requirements. These piles are of small diameter compared to drilled piers. Additionally, these piles are straight bored piles or with one or more bulbs at intervals are casted. The piles with one or more bulbs are called as under-reamed piles.





Demand Dynamics


The demand for the foundation equipment is varied across a spectrum of products. With the growing infrastructure projects, especially of the types of real estate projects, power plants, SEZs, road construction, water sector and irrigation. Also, India’s long coastal belt with its difficult soil mechanics will generate huge demand for medium range piling rigs for depths of up to 30 meters and pile diameters between 500 to 800 mm, applications. Additionally, experts have pointed out that there is a growing demand in the 20T torque category.


In recent years there has been a qualitative improvement in executing foundation projects in India in terms of quality, performance and speed of their construction. Modern piles carry greater capacity vis-à-vis their size; projects are constructed speedily thanks to high capacity hydraulic rigs with depth capability even greater than 60m. Impact hammers and Vibro-hammers has resulted in precast and driven cast-in-situ piling operations being carried out in denser strata. With advancement in use of new foundation techniques comes special consideration and attention to deploying the relevant type of equipment.


Newer piles like segmented pre-stressed concrete spun piles are being explored and the Indian piling industry are fully geared up to meet the future piling challenges. But most importantly, progress is made through use of new computational tools, towards better understanding of behavior of piles under complicated field conditions. An increasing use of systems to investigate the capacity and integrity of installed piles is now accompanied by a better understanding of risks that are associated with construction under various ground conditions, and by a desire to improve specifications and site controls.


A press release by UN back in July 2014 claimed that almost 54% of the global population lived in urban areas. This figure is expected to rise and reach around 66% by 2050. The paced up urbanisation of the major economies, specifically the BRIC countries is expected to drive demand for infrastructure. Moreover, increasing population and government interests in smart city infrastructures is expected to inadvertently fuel growth of the market. For instance, according to the white paper report by Technology that was sponsored by the United Parcel Services and Consumer Technology Association, the smart city initiatives rose to over 235 in 2016, an estimated surge of over 38% in comparison to 2013 in the U.S. Proliferation of such infrastructural activities are expected to create a conducive environment for growth of the pilling machine market.


Rising population in urban areas has led to increasing demand for high-rise construction of residential and office buildings. Also, demand for high-rise building is increasing due to limited availability of land for construction. Moreover, governments are also increasing investments for setting up new infrastructure in new cities, to cater to increasing demand from the rising population. These factors are expected to aid in growth of the market.




Market Report


According to a forecast by ‘The Global Tunneling and Drilling Equipment Market - Key Trends and Opportunities, the market is segmented on the basis of type, application, and geography. Based on type, the market is segmented into medium-sized, large-sized, heavy-sized, and other. On the basis of application, the market is segmented into mining and construction. Geographically, it has been analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. The report stated- "A rapid increase in technology is the primary driver of the market. As technology has developed, it has enabled tunneling and drilling at the most critical areas too. Also, the monitors and sensors make way for the smooth functioning of the tunneling and drilling process, thus increasing the demand for it. Advancements in the tunneling process and the latest trend of dismantling tunnels are expected to create future opportunities. However, the tunneling and rock drilling equipment need timely maintenance, which could be a restraint for the market."


Another report by Grand View Research ‘Piling Machine Market Analysis, By Product,’ found that Asia Pacific dominated the global market contributing to 41.1 per cent of revenues generated in 2015. Construction sector growth in China, Thailand, Singapore, and India in light of increasing government spending along with favorable policies towards infrastructure development will open new avenues for growth over the upcoming years.


The impact driven method was valued at $1.31 billion in 2015 and is projected to witness growth as a result of its low-cost and efficient pile installations at sites with firm soil. Impact-driven is done with the help of a hydraulic system, compressor, diesel or manual impact hammer machine. Rising usage in full displacement piling and construction of foundations of tall buildings will promote industry expansion. Increasing construction of high-rise buildings is expected to augment market growth over the forecast period. Growing popularity of new methods such as reverse circulation drilling and rotary boring is foreseen to be a major hindrance for the industry.


The increasing use of screw tools for undergoing boring is expected to be a favorable factor for growth. Continuous flight auger (CFA) piling will show fastest growth over the forecast period at a CAGR of 6.5 per cent in light of providing fewer vibrations. Impact hammers market was valued at $1.3 billion in 2015 and were the second largest segment. Lower cost as compared to other products along with their ease of incorporation in foundation industry is expected to propel its demand over the forecast period. Vibratory drivers is a prominent segment, projected to witness a decrease in its share by 2024 on account of stringent regulations aimed at restricting the application scope of construction equipment causing high noises.


Among regions globally, Asia Pacific is forecast to be fastest growing market for piling machines, projected to touch $829.7 mln by end 2024. North America is projected at a CAGR of 4.9 per cent at $328.7 mln by end 2024. European piling segment is projected at a CAGR of 5.5 per cent touching $274.1 mln by end 2024.




Major players in India include



Casagrande (India) Piling & Geotechnical Equipment Pvt. Ltd


CasagrandeS.p.A., is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of foundation equipment such as large diameter piling rigs, equipment for diaphragm walls, CFA, stone column construction, DTH, small diameter drilling rigs, hydraulic crawler cranes, machines for tunnels, geothermal drill rigs and grouting plants. The company, with its proven XP Series, provides equipment of high performance, advanced technology and operation competitiveness.


Casagrande XP Series equipment gives tangible benefits to the customer, since it is the result of many years of experience and expertise, complemented by cutting-edge technology, improved performance, efficiency, flexibility and strong attention to safety, reliability and enhanced productivity. XP Series give extra performance for all foundation works. All Casagrande machines are equipped with digital display system inside cabin and controlled through PLC which minimizes human intervention and results in better uptime and greater reliability of the machine.




Mait India


Mait India is a leading supplier of foundation drilling rigs, drilling tools, accessories and other construction equipment. MAIT INDIA is dedicated to providing with the right drilling machinery, technical solutions and support. MAIT has more than 60 years of experience in the drilling industry and uses only the best suppliers and the highest quality or parts. Most drilling rig models have been designed for multipurpose use and can be equipped with special kits for different foundation and geotechnical construction methods including, drilled shafts, caissons, continuous flight auger, diaphragm walls, down the hole hammer, pile driving, limited access, and stone columns.                   





GetechEquipments established in the year 2005 under the brand name “GETECH” to manufacture Hand Pumps mainly targeting African Continent. Gradually GETECH expanded its Products and Services with Technological Brilliance, Premium Quality, Reliability and Cost Effective Equipments for Water Well, Core Drilling, Mining, Piling Rigs and all related tools and accessories.Today GETECH has become one stop solution for Mining, Drilling, Construction Contractors, Farming& Agricultural Sector.




PRD Rigs India


PRD RIGS Founded in 1972 is a leading manufacturer of drilling and Exploration Rigs. PRD expanded their export division, Paranthaman Exporters and have exported over 350 rigs to various countries worldwide. The company has been awarded with Regional Export Awards , from the Government of INDIA, for outstanding export performance consecutively from the year 2005 to 2014. The company has established its Sales & Service in Kenya, South Africa & Ghana as a result of the increasing demand for its rigs in the African continent.


The company has begun to diversify its efforts by developing and manufacturing a wide range of drilling machinery for the mineral exploration and geotechnical markets. Applications - Water Well drilling rig, Pilling rig, Geotechnical rig, Blast Hole Rig, Core Drilling Rig, Reverse Circulation rig and other Customized rigs.






BAUER Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. was established as a branch in as early as 1994. The company is a 100% subsidiary of BAUER Maschinen GmbH, which itself is one of the three main business verticals of BAUER Group - other two being Bauer Construction & Bauer Resources.  BAUER Maschinen is the leading construction & machinery manufacturing concern based in Schrobenhausen, Germany. They produce specialist foundation equipment with unmatched quality, such as rotary drilling rigs, trench cutters, drilling accessories, foundation cranes, deep vibrators, diesel powered and hydraulic hammers, desanders and deep drilling rigs.


BAUER Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. has increased its presence across the country through highly skilled technical Sales team positioned in Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai, which provides right solutions to the customer as per their requirements. Local team is fully supported & reinforced by Sales personnel from Germany to train & keep customers abreast with latest technological advancements.


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