27 February 2020

Product Space- New Launches

Dig more profit!


Caterpillar launches its next Generation 20-Ton Excavator portfolio with improved productivity, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.


The Cat® 320D3 Excavator balances productivity, efficiency and reliability to deliver you a reliable, highly efficient, low-cost-per-hour excavator for your work. The new 320D3 fits road contractor’s and construction customers’ demand for low owning and operating costs. The 320D3 consumes 15% less fuel than its predecessor 320D2 and shows 5% lower maintenance cost with much lower owning and operating costs.


 Cat® 320D3 Excavator


Use Less Fuel


The excavator uses up to 15 percent less fuel than the 320D2 in similar applications. Reduce fuel consumption further by 15 percent in Economy mode with no loss in lifting or digging forces.


Boom and stick regeneration circuits reduce fuel consumption by up to two percent while improving cycle times.


Use automatic engine speed control (AEC) during no-load or lightload conditions to automatically reduce engine speed to minimize fuel consumption.


Standard one-touch low idle saves fuel by instantly reducing engine speed to 1,100 rpm at the push of a button. Return the engine speed to the throttle position by hitting the button again or simply moving the joysticks.




High Performance


Balance power and efficiency using the open-center, negative flow control hydraulic system. Hydraulic cross-sensing makes full engine power always available from hydraulic pumps regardless of which function is used.


Expect reliable performance from the double-filtered low-pressure fuel system and antirust fuel tank that protects the engine from lower quality fuel.


Dig and lift from a stable platform created by the standard 3.7 ton (8,160 lb) counterweight and seven-roller undercarriage.




Reliability You Expect from a Cat Machine


A two-stage filtering system with integrated water separator protects the engine from particles larger than five microns when fuel quality is less than ideal.


We designed the stick and boom structures using high-tensile steel fabricated into a large box section using internal baffles to absorb torsional stress. The X-shaped, box-section carbody provides excellent resistance to torsional bending, dissipating stress throughout the base of the machine.


Traverse the job site on the Grease Lubricated Track (GLT) undercarriage. Undercarriage rollers are re buildable and sealed to prevent dirt and debris causing internal wear. Grease lubricated links minimize internal bushing wear, reducing noise and increasing life up to 25 percent.


Robust bottom guards protect machine components that might be damaged while swinging. A thicker bottom guard plate is used under the pump compartment to protect the suction hose.


Safety fuses protect critical electrical components. Thick braiding protects the colored, numbered electrical wires. Non-abrasive connectors keep wiring harnesses in place to prevent failure.




Work in Comfort


The spacious cab provides excellent visibility from the operator’s seat to keep you aware of your surroundings – without bending or straining to see.


Critical machine information is always visible in the new high resolution 178 mm (7 in) monitor. Intuitive menus mean more time working and less time looking for information.


Work a full day with less fatigue using the ergonomically-designed pilot-operated joysticks matched to operator’s wrist and arm position. Joystick consoles can be adjusted, further improving operator comfort and productivity.


Automatic climate control helps maintain consistent cab temperature. Five outlets ensure proper air circulation to keep you comfortable regardless of outside temperatures.


Keep your phone or other personal electronics charged using the two standard 12V auxiliary power ports delivering up to 10 A of power.


Seat adjusts to accommodate a variety of operator size and weight. Wide adjustable armrests and retractable seatbelt are also included.



Designed-In Safety


The standard hydraulic lockout lever prevents operators from leaving the cab without fi rst isolating all hydraulic functions. When necessary, you can activate the ground level shut-off switch to stop the fuel to the engine and shut down the machine.



Easy to Maintain


Lower your maintenance costs by up to five percent with 20 percent less refi ll oil volume than the 320D2, an extended first engine oil change interval (500 hours), and maintenance free batteries.


Easily maintain your machine. Most service locations are easily accessible at ground level to allow service and maintenance to get completed quickly and efficiently. A service door on the right side of the upper structure allows ground-level access to the hydraulic pumps, hydraulic filters, and fuel filters.