20 February 2019

Table of Contents for Industry Focus- Cement & Cement Equipment

Interaction- PL Muthusekkar, MD, Nord Drivesystems

We continuously improve our products as per market demand


NORD Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd. (NDPL) is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Getriebebau Nord (GBN). Since the establishment of its facility in India, Nord India has a production capacity of more than 30,000 units per year and includes mechanical, electrical and electronic products in drive-systems. NORD as a brand is very well known for manufacturing drive-systems of the highest quality standards and is a preferred brand for many of the world’s famous manufacturing Cos. P L MUTHUSEKKAR, MD, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS PVT LTD speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about the trends in the cement market, the company’s products and the future outlook of the company.



What is the present growth trend witnessed in the cement market? Give us an assessment on the demand-supply scenario in the cement sector in India?


Presently growth is witnessed after a long lull period, cement consumption is going up and capacity utilization is reaching the peak being the second largest market expected to grow at 10 per cent and add 50 to 60 million tones capacity over next 3 years.





Give us a brief background of your company, products offered in the cement equipment segment and also share with us few details about your manufacturing units?


Cement based materials are essential for sustainable building. However, cement manufacture is a sophisticated process whose individual stages require a great deal of energy. This makes energy costs one of the largest cost factors for the industry. Because of this, cement production requires drive units which can stand up to harsh conditions and are also especially energy-efficient. For more than 52 years, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been at home in almost every branch of industry where conveying solutions are used. Our drive components and systems are essential wherever things need to be moved, because all movement needs drive - as efficiently and safely as possible. Because of this, we provide an entire spectrum of mechanical, electrical and electronic drive technology from a single source - from energy-efficient motors and low-loss gear units to centralized and decentralized control technology and focus on total cost of ownership (TCO).




Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.


Our products are robust with UNICASE design which is suitable any extreme & harsh environment. With highest manufacturing standards we can assure better system efficiency by virtue of design we avoid oil leakage and high load bearing capacity.




What is your company’s focus on R & D and technological innovations and aftermarket services offered by your company?


We continuously are improving on our products as per market & customer demands. Our new decentralized drives & NORDAC Link FDS products are one of them. We also support our customers & users with a wide service network including service partners & our extra miles service van. The demand supply situation is highly skewed with the latter being significantly higher & infra is the main drivers.




Best selling products developed by your R&D.


In general all our products are sold well in market with focus on decentralized drives which has the USP of compactness & highly energy efficient motor, gearbox, VFD all in one.




Tell us of the new products you intend to introduce


Our new Industrial gear boxes (IGUs) up to torque of 292000 nm large size gear boxes in unicase design trouble free & fit & forget type.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


Provide reliable solutions to our customers giving low cost of ownership & overall efficiency improvement and value for money, reliability factor play over the price.




Future outlook on the industry and from your company’s perspective.


It will continue to grow in future at-least next 3-4 years. Industry is moving towards automation in most of the applications and various segments & sectors are on positive trend.

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