03 June 2020

Table of Contents for Event Focus- IMME 2018

Spotlight- Balkrishna Industries

Bringing multitude of innovations to the market


Recently Escorts introduced the Automated Concept Tractor. This is the company's first driverless tractor, exclusively fitted with BKT branded radial AGRIMAX tires.


scorts – a renowned brand for its tractor ranges Farmtrac and Powertrac – has co-operated with real giants in the field of technology such as Microsoft, Reliance Jio, Trimble, Samvardhana Motherson Group, WABCO, BOSCH and AVL. BKT has also committed to innovation ever since. Actual evidence provides BKT’s radial tire range AGRIMAX fitted on these advanced tractors. Agricultural machinery par excellence, the tractors show no fatigue and are irreplaceable partners on the job for all farmers worldwide.


AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is a unique product combining multiple features in one: it reduces soil compaction, is perfect for both field-and-road usage, and it does not require any changes of inflation pressure while transferring from the fields to the road and vice versa.Other members of the range are AGRIMAX FORCE and AGRIMAX SIRIO: the first is a specific tire for high-powered tractors suitable for use both in the fields and on the road, whereas the second is a high-speed tire designed for high-performance tractors


Balkrishna Industries (BKT) is the market leader given the augmenting sales and volume growth in the mining tyres segment. The segment shows robust growth potential given the company’s new product launches and network expansions through tie-ups with mining service providers.


The Board of Directors of the company firmed a capital expenditure (capex plan) of up to $100 million for setting up a greenfield tire plant in USA through a wholly owned subsidiary to be set up. The entire capex will be completed within a period of 30 months and is in addition to the current capex underway for the Carbon Black Plant. The Board of Directors have therefore approved setting up of a greenfield project with a capacity of 20,000 MT p.a. through a wholly owned subsidiary to be set up. The capital outlay will be up to $100 million. With regard to Waluj, a greenfield project will be setup on a freehold land of 22 acres owned by the company which is within the 5-km radius of the current location. The capex for setting up the new state-of-the-art facilities will be approximately `500 crore including a co-generation plant and in-house warehousing facilities for raw materials and finished goods.


The new facilities will bring operational efficiencies compared to the existing plant leading to a recurring saving in operation. The existing plant will continue to operate till the new plant becomes operational. There would be no change in the capacity.



Moving on to Bhuj, the Board of Directors have approved a capex of up to `500 crore towards setting up a new line of 5,000 MT p.a. considering the overall demand in the higher diameter segment, for layers of All Steel Radial OTR Tires and additional mixing line in Bhuj. The entire capex of `1,700 crore would be funded via a mix of debt and internal accruals.


Going ahead, the company plans to unveil a multitude of innovations in the International Mining & Machinery Exhibition (IMME) 2018 to be held in Kolkata from October 31 to November. The event will witness the presence of the latest mining fraternity and will showcase the latest range of mining machinery, equipment, advanced technology solutions, services and supplies from India and from abroad.


“IMME is the largest mining machinery and technology expo in Asia where all mining fraternity will be present. The event which would bring our OEMs under one umbrella, would also witness the unveiling of our latest technology innovation,” Rajiv A. Poddar, Joint Managing Director, Balkrishna Industries Ltd said.


Visit BKT at stall number D09 at IMME

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