05 June 2020

Interaction- Jasmeet Singh, Head CC & Corporate Relations, JCB India

This is an exciting phase for the Construction Equipment industry


JCB India Ltd, India’s leading manufacturer of Earthmoving and Construction Equipment has introduced a wide range of smart machines with digital innovations to meet the demand for world class machines. JCB offers a varied range of construction and infrastructure equipment in different capacities and applications.  JASMEET SINGH, HEAD - CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS & CORPORATE RELATIONS, JCB INDIA LTD, in an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, shares about the opportunities under Bharatmala, the strategy in the price sensitive market and the role of aftermarket services.




There are massive projects undertaken under the Bharatmala programme by the government since the last few years. How do you look at the opportunities with the Bharatmala programme?


The Government has made infrastructure creation a pillar for sustained growth in the last few years. Significant budget allocations in consecutive National Budgets, announcement of large scale infra projects such as Sagarmala and Bharatmala etc. have created significant growth opportunities for the Earthmoving and Construction Equipment sector. The Roads and Highways sector, including rural and urban roads has been driving consistent demand for the Construction Equipment sector along with several projects in Irrigation and Water Conservation.


Construction of highways under Government’s Bharatmala programme will certainly boost the demand for Construction Equipment, across categories. JCB India today manufactures over 50 different products in Eight Categories, and most of these machines used in building roads. To leverage the growing opportunities in the Roads and Highways sector, JCB introduced a world class range of Made-in-India Road Construction Solutions in early 2017. These include Soil and Tandem Compactors, Excavators, Wheeled Loaders.We have recently introduced our Compactors with the Compaction Monitoring System which gives real time information on the productivity, number of passes and the compaction of the road being built. This information is available to our customers through our advanced Telematics technology called Livelink.


Large Scale projects require machines with higher capacity and JCB introduced Excavators and Wheeled Loaders in the higher range for greater output. Our Excavator range starts from the 3T Mini Excavator to goes upto the larger 38T Excavator. In the Wheeled Loader Category our largest machine, a 5.5T Payload machine, the JCB 455ZX gives unmatched productivity for faster completion of work. JCB Backhoe Loaders, owing to their versatility also continue to remain the preferred choice for all infrastructure project sites.


JCB today offers the full range of infrastructure equipment and solutions for road building. Product support is a critical aspect in the Industry and our Premier Line Product Support gives a variety of bespoke support packages for customers.





With infrastructure development in full swing, detail us on the new products launched or being launched in the near future.


With large scale infrastructure projects such as Sagarmala, Bharatmala and Jal Marg Vikas in the pipeline, we are expecting an exciting phase for Indian Construction Equipment industry however, these projects not only demand the best quality output, but also create a need for specialised, intelligent and innovative construction equipment.


Noting this emerging trend in the industry, JCB has introduced a wide range of smart machines with digital innovations to meet the demand for creating state-of-the-art infrastructure. In December 2017, JCB India exhibited its range of intelligent and innovative machines with many ‘industry first’ features at Excon 2017, the biggest exhibition in South Asia for the Construction Equipment industry.


For instance, the iconic JCB Backhoe Loader comes with 30 new innovative features, including 15 industry firsts, and five World’s first including an AMT which is an Automated Manual Transmission called Easy Shift. The machine also comes with as an SOS switch, Economy and Power Mode, Guide me home, and Smart App machine Diagnostics. JCB has further strengthened its position in the Excavator segment by introducing an all new 38T Tracked Excavator with two variants – the JCB 380LC Xtra and the JCB 380LC Quarry Master (QM). This is JCB India’s largest Made in India Excavator.


Additionally, the JCB 116 Soil Compactor is a first in the industry to have Compaction Monitoring System (CMS) integrated with Livelink. The CMS ensures uniform compaction by optimising the overall compaction process. Similarly, the Loader Productivity Management System (LPMS) in the JCB455ZX helps in real time monitoring of individual weight of loaded bucket, Total Accumulated Weight, Tare weight, and Number of loaded buckets.


All these world class products are backed by class leading technology and after sales support. In 2015, JCB India pioneered an Advanced Telematics Technology called JCB Livelink in its range of products, thus taking the ownership experience to a new level. JCB Livelink enables Users, Dealers and JCB have complete control on their machines from any part of the world. It provides real time updates on Service, Operations and Security of their machine and gives vital information to the customer in terms of number of hours the machine has been operational, service intervals, fuel levels, malfunctions if any in real time etc.





Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


After Sales Support is one of the key deciding factors in the overall buying cycle of a product. Since these machines work in far flung areas of the country, it is imperative that a well-connected product support is offered to customers to minimise the downtime and maximise productivity. JCB India has ensured to provide an unmatched distribution network to its customers through 650 outlets and over 60 dealers.


Our dealers have made significant investments in setting up their product support network with over 6,000 trained professionals who are periodically trained on the operation and maintenance of the product. We have also strategically set up five warehouses at Pune, Chennai, Faridabad, Guwahati, and Kolkata to support these outlets with parts supplies.


Another noteworthy addition in JCB’s product support is the introduction of JCB Livelink, an Advanced Telematics Technology. The JCB Livelink technology has been a game changer in the Earthmoving and Construction Equipment industry. Introduced in 2015, Livelink allows effective fleet management – it helps our customers remotely monitor and manage their machines. Users, Dealers and JCB get SMS alerts on their phones regarding the Service, Operations and Security of their machine. Till date, over 85,000 Livelink enabled machines are working across the country. This data is stored over a period of time and gives vital information to the customer in terms of number of hours the machine has been operational, service intervals, fuel levels, malfunctions if any, etc. This technology aims to deliver constructive, real-time information to increase productivity and efficiency.


The Geo fencing and Time fencing feature gives out SMS alerts whenever the machine moves out of the designated, pre-determined geographical areas or works outside the pre designated time limits. The machine through the hardware and the mobile network will give out an alert when operated beyond the designated timings or the geo fenced areas. These features are particularly useful where machines are prone to theft and misuse. There are various instances where JCB machines which were stolen have also been recovered as they appeared on the monitoring system the moment they were switched on.


To monitor these machines in real time, we have set up a world class command centre at our Ballabgarh facility. Our dealerships have also set up similar Livelink command centres to ensure that real time support is provided to the customers as they can now plan for service schedules and also engage with users and customers in preventive maintenance.


Moreover, with the advent of digital technologies, users can now control their entire fleet in real time and all the critical machine information is available on their smart devices in the form of digital applications such as JCB Livelink app, JCB Smart Serve App and Smart Machine Diagnostics app. All these innovations are aimed at giving our customers a world class ownership experience with our machines and as we go ahead, we will continue to utilise these smart and revolutionary technologies to offer unmatched benefits to customers and end users.


Additionally, we have initiated various customer connect programmes and service campaigns wherein our trained service engineers visit the customer site across India and offer Service and Parts support. We have also introduced the Premier Line product support programme which gives the options of bespoke support packages for customers.





Do you offer equipment finance or do you have tie-ups with finance companies for the same.


JCB has tied up with leading NBFC’s and Banks for financing of its products that provide attractive schemes and offers. Banks and NBFC’s are an integral part of the growth of our industry and many of them have been with JCB for many years and we look forward to their continued support. Through our financing partners, we offer various regional and national schemes for our products from time to time for customers wanting to purchase a JCB product.



Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


India presents significant opportunities in creation of infrastructure, both in rural and urban areas. Government’s thrust on building world class infrastructure in the country has spurred demand for our machines in both these segments. Today, customers are looking at products which offer value for money along with all the advanced features. They are looking at a higher Return on Investment over an extended period of time. Product reliability, productivity and product support are key factors in the purchase decision.JCB has come up with class leading product solutions that offer the best in each parameter.


A significant focus at JCB is to improve the operating cost of the equipment, for instance, the ecoXcellence range of Backhoe Loadersis 10 per cent more fuel efficient in duty cycle alongwith providing an additional savings of 5 per cent in yearly maintenance cost. It also offers higher uptime due to Quick identification of the problem with Smart App Machine Diagnostics. With the help of a blue tooth dongle which is paired with a mobile device, the service engineer can now zero-in on the machine fault. This greatly improves the equipment up-time as lesser time is spent on locating a fault.


Our range of Excavators offer the best-in-class productivity - the JCB220LC Xtra (the 22T Excavator) is 8 per cent more fuel efficient and comes with gross power of 170 hp. With 8 Power Modes and Smart Controls - this machine is 7 per cent more productive in H+ mode. The JCB 305LC (The 30T Excavator) comes with JCB Diesel Max engine and delivers 221HP for excellent productivity. 222kN of bucket breakout force makes it easy to remove any thing that comes beneath thereby improving the productivity. Higher productivity of the equipment contributes significantly to the owners return on investment.


Another parameter to improve productivity of equipment is the focus on the Operator Environment.Over the years, JCB has made significant investment is designing machines which offer the best-in-class operator environment. For example, the 455ZX Wheeled Loaders comes with Air Conditioning as standard. Additionally, the large cabin interior offers excellent entrance. The stylish, modern central dash display combines analogue dials and a color LCD screen that displays the health status of the machine, service requirements and operating information. A comfortable operator will be able to use the machine better and safer.


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