05 June 2020

Interaction- Amit Gossain, MD, Kone Elevator India

KONE stands for innovation thus we are constantly working on integrating digital technology into our products



Kone Elevators has been at the forefront for developing technologically advanced elevators and escalators. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, AMIT GOSSAIN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, KONE ELEVATOR INDIA PVT LTD, talks about their product line for the Indian market.




With the Indian market ranked 2nd in the world for the elevator and escalator market, how do you look at the elevator &escalator market.Tell us about the current trends you are seeing in the market?


India is largely a residential market and the growth is coming both from the mid-rise & the individual housing segment. With affordable housing being given the infra status, this segment will visibly show a larger growth. Also, a lot of impetus is being given to the infrastructure sector, urban planning & smart cities development for which the need for elevators & escalators will continue to rise.


It is important that we deliver innovative People Flow® solutions to our customers. With more emphasis on energy efficient products, the gearless elevators are gaining advantage amongst our customers. Our U series elevators KONE U MonoSpace®, a machine room less, gearless solution and KONE U MiniSpace™ a machine room, gearless solution were launched recently. These two products largely cater to the modern residential buildings which have higher no. of floors.


We are also witnessing a growth in the independent home elevator segment. In this segment, there are opportunities for new elevators and also for installing elevators in existing buildings where there are no elevators. The demand for this segment comes to a large extent from the villa housing and existing homes which have a ground +1 or more floors.


The elevators in this segment are seen from two perspectives – the absolute necessity or an added luxury. In the former case, the need for simple elevators with low speeds is the norm whereas in the latter aesthetics and features play a major role. As decisions are predominantly made by individuals here, the need for customization is also on the increase.


KONE has innovative solutions for all elevator & escalator needs.




Detail us on the innovative technology/products developed by your company, especially niche applications in terms of safety, intelligent traffic management solutions, and Smart technology.


A peek into the various customer-centric innovations that have pushed KONE into the Forbes list of 100 most innovative companies, for the 8th consecutive time.


Kone JumpLift — a construction time elevator which uses the building hoists to move upward as the construction progresses. This unique construction time elevator, uses a temporary machine room that can be shifted up or down, depending on the need. It enables safe & fast construction, reduces downtime & costs, facilitates early closing of facades, and enables safe & efficient transportation for people and materials in all weather conditions.


KONE UltraRope® is a new hoisting technology with a super light carbon fiber core. The UltraRope® is 90% lighter than the equivalent steel cable, thereby bringing a reduction of more than 50% in moving masses & 15% in energy consumption. It also allows the elevator to travel up to 1km in a single run, double of what’s currently possible with a steel cable. For an elevator with a travel height of 800 meters, moving masses can be reduced by 90% and energy consumption by 45%. In the future, it can enable travel heights of up to 1000 m – twice as high as what is possible with today’s technology. This ground-breaking technology will also support the design of more sustainable, higher-performance buildings that are better equipped to meet the demands of the urban environments of tomorrow.


KONE Polaris hybrid Destination Control System combines the best of destination and traditional control system, which leads to increased handling capacity, shorter waiting times, fewer intermediate stops, and enhanced passenger comfort. It also brings a high-tech feel and improved security to the building.




What are the USP of your products vis-à-vis competitors


KONE, an innovative leader in developing products & solutions for elevator and escalator industry, launched KONE MonoSpace® in the year 1996, which revolutionized elevator industry with machine-room-less elevators and we have been featured for the 8th time in a row in the Forbes list of 100 most innovative companies in the World.


KONE People Flow Intelligence is a comprehensive and flexible suite of solutions for access control, destination guidance, information communication, and equipment monitoring. People Flow Intelligence solutions enable optimization of People Flow from the entrance to the building to the final destination of the person. This is achieved by enhancement of user-experience combined with functional efficiency improvements. Additionally, People Flow Intelligence solutions are seamlessly integrated into building management systems. They address the key global trends and challenges of growing cities and provide authorized, efficient, safe and sustainable way for people to move within the buildings.



KONE also led the way by introducing a new hoisting technology “KONE UltraRope®” – a super light carbon fiber core. The UltraRope® is 90% lighter than the equivalent steel cable, thereby bringing a reduction of more than 50% in moving masses & 15% in energy consumption. It also allows the elevator to travel up to 1km in a single run, double of what’s currently possible with a steel cable.


Continuous R&D and innovations have resulted in a hoisting technology that has redefined the standards in ride comfort & energy savings, to the utmost satisfaction of end users and customers. The New KONE U Series Elevators are up to 35 percent more Energy Efficient than its earlier Elevators. With such technological advancements, these innovations have become standard in our volume supplies. Of which, almost 80% are gearless. We continue to work on more and more energy efficient products.


New types of innovations include bringing connectivity and Internet of Things technologies to elevators and escalators which provide totally new types of services to KONE’s customers.


KONE’s partnership with IBM is an important stepping stone to deliver the best People Flow experience. We operate in a connected world and by working with IBM, new solutions like remote diagnostics and predictability means we will deliver even better services to our customers, and great experiences for the people who use our equipment.


KONE will use IBM’s Watson IoT Cloud Platform to collect and store equipment data, build applications and develop new solutions. The platform will gather data from sensors and systems connected to elevators, escalators, doors and turnstiles in KONE’s maintenance base. With IBM’s advanced analytics engine, that information will be used to enable new services and new experiences to KONE’s customers. Therefore we will connect people and continually provide smooth people flow solutions.




Importance of aftermarket services in the Indian E&E market.


Maintenance and monitoring of solutions is important to maximize safety and reliability while minimizing downtime and costs. Service is the core competence when it comes to products like elevators or escalators. Our 24X7 KONE customer care center handles all queries and complaints guiding it to the concerned department and to the right people, promptly. Our experts and well-trained service technicians on the field leave no stone unturned when it comes to addressing customer concerns. The success in service is not just about complaint handling but providing the right solution too. At KONE, we put safety first as safety for us means more than just conforming to the local laws and norms. KONE Care Maintenance is designed to detect issues before problems arise, reduce hazards, and prevent accidents from taking place.




Tell us about your manufacturing base in India. What is the level of indigenisation.


We have a world class facility, one of South East Asia’s finest, located in Chennai which manufactures Indian products at global standards. We have the largest production capacity in India. We will continue investing to ensure we are able to cater to the needs of the changing Indian market. We also have a new state of the art facility coming up at Sriperumbudur, Chennai that will be ready in a couple of years.


Most of our products are manufactured in our factory in Chennai. There could be certain high end or highly customized products, which are imported either from our factory in China or in Finland. We also have the technology center in Chennai, which helps us in developing products from innovative global KONE designs to suit Indian market needs.




What kind of government policy would foster growth of the E&E industry in India.


Several steps taken by the Government in recent times—from the RERA, GST, to REIT—combined with this announcement, will further improve transparency and increase investor confidence in the real estate market in the long run.I see it growing at a CAGR rate of 7 – 8% in the next five years. However, the real estate industry will need to have more focus from the government to revive and do well as it is an important sector that generates lot of employment.




Your market outlook for the elevators & escalators industry and for your company


Market has transitioned from geared towards gearless technology and customers understand the value of machine room-less concept as it provides significant savings in space and also cuts-down total construction time. Today, elevators are aesthetically designed to suit the interiors of the building. Various options in terms of finishes can be blended in the elevator car. Other features like lighting and elevator accessories usually enhance the ambience and comfort in the elevator car. As buildings get taller, there is a need for ultra-high speed elevators and efficient People Flow solutions.


KONE stands for innovation thus we are constantly working on integrating digital technology into our products. Our main focus will continue to be on offering eco-efficient ‘People Flow Solutions’ solution with higher levels of comfort, control, reliability, safety, security, and energy conservation.

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