26 May 2020

Interaction-Chander Dutta, MD, Elematic India

The construction market will transform in the next 5 years



Elematic India is a world leader in manufacturing of precast concrete plants and production lines. With more than 50 years of operations, the company has supplied technology to over 100 countries and to every continent. The turnover of the company, which employs roughly 230 people, is approximately 100 million euros, of which exports generate 95 per cent. Elematic Oyj has daughter companies and own sales offices in the USA, Germany, China, Russia, India, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates as well as agents in over 20 countries. The company has production units in Finland and India. CHANDER DUTTA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, ELEMATIC INDIA responded to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries.




With the boom in the infrastructure and housing sector, how favourable is the market for the precast concrete equipment manufacturers?


Over the period of decades in India’s progress as a developing nation, there has been a huge backlog of pent up demand for Building infrastructure both in the residential and commercial space that can be affordable to majority of the current and future generation. Due to skewed distribution of wealth and affordability, housing shortage for the needy segment has grown to unmanageable proportion.


The only way to catch up with the required scale of construction will be by adopting technology and Precast has proved to be the most suitable technology for India. Precast is most effective when you have large volumes to achieve the best in Quality/ cost and speed.


Precast Technology uses concrete the cheapest raw material on the planet and it also uses Reinforced steel, compatible to existing building codes that are in line with RCC buildings and suited to seismic zone requirements (India is a seismic active country)


Time value of Money is well captured in Precast Construction and the next phase of countries development will be driven by Technology. Precast Construction will bring about organized construction, replacing inefficient use of Material, machine and manpower.




Can you share the demand drivers for your sector


History is witness to trigger events that have changed an existing paradigm. We believe that market push for affordable housing is one such trigger event that is unfolding in front of us. The shortage of skilled labor is one more trigger. Drive for clarity in getting better ROI and changing customer perception on delays are all changing the paradigm of what is acceptable. We should see the construction market transform in the next 5 years. Give us a brief background of your company, products offered and also share with us details about your manufacturing units – location and capacities.


Elematic is a Finland based Precast Technology established in 1959 and having Presence in more than 100 countries and more than 4500 plant installations worldwide. Elematic has manufacturing facility in Finland and in India. In India our manufacturing facility is located at Alwar Rajasthan. Elematic is present in India since 2007 and has established more than 25 precast plants across India. We can supply machinery and technical know-how for the production of following precast elements


  • Slabs- Prestressed Hollow core slabs and Room sized slabs
  • Walls- Load bearing, Facade and Architectural
  • Columns Beams - Prestressed beams
  • Partition walls - Acotec non-load bearing partition walls
  • Staircase



In addition, Elematic also provides End to End services for successful execution of precast projects.



How smart and efficient are your products. What is your company’s focus on R& D and technological innovations and what are your strategies to market your firm’s product and services going forward across India and overseas markets?


Elematic invests a considerable amount in R&D activities and we have more than 450 patents and innovative products. Precast business is a project-based business and requires collaboration of number of services and professionals. Elematic is able to bring all of this together and provide handholding to client from inception to successful execution



Give us an understanding of their key features, specific advantages and the post sale services offered?


Elematic is world leader in Production of Prestressed elements such as Slabs and Beams.


We have a full-fledged Project team based in India and our service team is fully capable of providing back up expected.




Could you name a few clients and projects your company has been associated with and the benefits accrued to them?


Some of our major clients are B.G Shirke, KEF INFRA, Jindal Realty, they have been repeat-customers and appreciate the service based approach provided by Elematic




Do you offer rentals and equipment financing to prospective customers?


Precast is project-based business and does not lend itself readily to rentals. We provide equipment financing up to 3 years from Finland backed by Finnish banks.




How widespread is the acceptance of precast technology in India. What are you doing to disseminate knowledge about it among end-users.


Precast is an emerging business and has just started its journey in India. We expect a huge interest to be built up going forward and we are participating is workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions to promote technology as well as share and disseminate knowledge.


We also conduct Precast Academy a flagship even on Precast Technology and take clients to Finland.




How do you expect the market to shape up for the precast concrete sector in India?


Precast Market is growing at an accelerated pace and we expect more and more segments of the market adopt Precast Technology.