29 May 2020

Guest Article-Santosh Chaurasia, GM-Sales & Mktg, New Age Construction EEC

Role of customized suspended platforms in vertical transport solutions



New Age Construction Equipment Engineering Company is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment like steel suspended working platforms, bar bending machine, bar cutting machine & various types of building construction equipment. The company has now brought in Customise Solutions for Rope Suspended Platforms to cater its clients with higher safety features. SANTOSH CHAURASIA, GENERAL MANAGER, SALES & MARKETING, NEW AGE CONSTRUCTION EEC shares about the company's offerings in this domain.





The custom shape suspended platform is a kind of non-standard suspended platform with special specifications and it is tailored to meet the requirements on the construction of irregular buildings.


The platform features light weight, high utility, high security, and reasonable price. Its main part can be freely moved and restructured, making it convenient and efficient to complete the construction and maintenance work of irregular buildings.


New Age believes in Customize Solutions for Rope Suspended Platforms to cater its clients with higher safety features. L-type (90 degree), C-Shape, Curve-Shape, W-Shape, Square-Shape, Round-shape, Multiple Front Extension Platforms, Front Extension (fixed/ folding) and multiple modifications in Suspension Mechanism/ Parapet Clamping/ Wall Brackets are highly appreciated and accepted by the trend setters in construction segment.


Rope Suspended Platform (RSP) which is commonly known as Gondola (or cradle/ or RSP) is electrically operated temporarily installed suspended access equipment which is a suspended manned facility for work at heights by relying on a movable platform driven by motor, designed to suspend along the vertical surface of building by steel wire ropes through the suspension mechanism placed at the top of building. It is a kind of non-regular suspended access equipment. The suspended access equipment is featured in strong construction adaptability, higher construction height, less occupation of construction land, high construction efficiency, easy erection, less labour need and etc.


RSPs are now widely used in India for working at height for the installation of billboard or windows, window cleaning, external renovation, plastering, painting, decoration of bridges, buildings, chimneys, silos and other structures, etc.


This is an easy-to-use and efficient solution for vertical transport. Utilising decade of engineering experience, we developed a safe modular system that makes it easy to quickly adjust the platform’s dimensions and shape to the current needs.

Earlier Suspended Platforms meant a 7.5M straight structure design but now NEWAGE has changed the definition. We developed different designs of RSP in our factory at Rajkot. Machines were installed at different tall structures and received remarkable feedbacks on safety, easiness and quality. When designing and fabricating suspended platforms, we focus on quality and reliability in the first place. First class materials and components guarantee long life cycles, outstanding durability and wear resistance. We always believe in higher safety, faster work and higher productivity.



Customisation is Rope Suspended Platforms:


L-Shape (90 degree) RSP: 12 nos. of L-shape RSP were operated at L&T-GRAND CENTRAL, Navi Mumbai site by his facade contractors. The working of straight RSP was failure due to the 900MM curve shape reeds on multiple locations on external walls. Even front overhang was also extended up to 2.5M to cover reeds areas.


Other Sites: Bangalore, Pune, Ideal-Kolkata, TATA-Bangalore.


Square Shape RSP: This is a unique design of suspended platform proposed 1st time for BG SHRKE site, Mumbai for duct areas. Later the same design accepted by L&T-Bombay Dyeing, L&T-Minerva and Marathon Monte South for lift-shaft areas. This machine is easily accessible for all four walls of shaft. Now the people can work easily at all four walls at the same time without any shifting of machine. This machine is designed to reduce time and shifting cost. This concept is much faster than any other arrangements and considered the revolution in its industry. Bamboos, H-frames or any other standard RSP cannot place the importance of Square Shape gondolas.


Curve-Shape RSP: This type of machine is specially used at Chimneys, Silos. This RSP requires for repainting, painting, cleaning and maintaining on the round walls of Silos.


Sites: JK Cement - Karnataka Site, JK Laxmi Cement Ltd- Rajasthan site, Chambal Fertilizer Chemical Ltd, Kota site.


10 MTR RSP: Normally, a 7.5M standard RSP is used at construction sites. Now think about a dead wall which width is 10-11M and building height is approximately 150M. It means a shifting requires for covering width of 11 M area. In such scenario NEWAGE introduced a 10M length of RSP to cover dead wall work in a single time without any shifting.


This machine was designed with all advance safety devices. It reduced a big time gap and cost as well.


This machine was proposed first time at Lodha New Cuffe Parade site to its painting contractors. Later machines were used successfully at Wadhwa-54, Lodha Amara, Mumbai and some other sites.


Front Extension RSP: There are two types of front extensions in platforms. The first one is fixed extension and another is flexible mechanism. Both the mechanisms are very useful for working at difficult sites and specially got very positive response for repainting works at old residential societies. We changed the dimensions of front extension as customer required site to site and helped them in their project completion.


Site: Emami City- Kolkata, Happyville & Waterfront projects- W.B., L&T-Vapi, Bharatiya City-Bangalore and so many sites in different cities.


Round-Shape RSP: The concept of Round-Shape platform was first introduced by NEWAGE in India for chimneys’ internal works.


We developed and installed a round shape platform at Neyveli, Tamil Nadu site for 300M working height, 3 ton loading capacity and 6.8 M diameter.



For more details contact:


Email: mumbai@newageindustries.in


Website: www.newageconstructionequipment.com

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