27 February 2020

Spotlight-KYB Conmat India

KYB – Conmat, the Pioneer of Twin Shaft Mixer Technology in India


Water, one of the most precious resources of Earth with manifold usage affects more than India’s 60 per cent of population engrossed in agriculture. Dams and Canals play a vital role in irrigation and drinking, hence serve as water capillaries for nation. The modern infrastructure of India reflects through such constructions and a good water management.


KYB – Conmat, a subsidiary of a multi – billion-dollar KYB Corporation of Japan has set its benchmark in the Construction Equipment industry where numerous products have been provided in multiple Dams/Barrage/Spill Ways Construction projects in India. The company has consistently provided world class Concrete Mixers, Pavers, Batching Plants and Side Discharge Conveyorto accomplish such major projects.


KYB – Conmat is first to introduce the Twin Shaft Mixer technology in India. Dams normally use bigger size aggregates and hence TSM is the ultimate solution to it. May it be Dams/Canals/Barrage/Spill Ways, KYB – Conmat has proved to become a trusted name for all its products especially for the Concrete Batching Plants used in Gosikhurd Dam Project in Maharashtra, Dindi Dam Project by Raghava Construction in Telangana and Swami Samarth Bor River Project at Amravati in Maharashtra. 150mm/80mm size aggregates were used here and low slump Concrete Supply was done through Tippers and Bucket Systems and Telebelt. KYB – Conmat had unified 75/90 and 160 cubic meters capacity plants for various dams/barrage/spill ways till now.


Canals are the main channel sources for irrigation,  hence KYB – Conmat is a major supplier of Canal construction equipments, may it be for main canals, branch canals, distributary or minor canals, paving equipments are strongly recommended here and hence KYB – Conmat’s Concrete Paver Machines were highly demanded and used in Polavaram Indira Sagar Project in Telangana, Kaleshwaram Project in Andhra Pradesh, Narmada Project in Gujarat, Lower Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, Nagarjuna Sagar in Telangana and major projects across Pan India.


KCPL pavers are hydraulic free, operation friendly and high output based. They have supplied Concrete Paver Machines all over India for many irrigation projects. At an average of more than 800 pavers are working across India in various Canal projects. These Pavers are equipped with vibratory attachments for independent vibrator thus achieving quality finish. Construction joints are either by Groove Cutters or PVC water stop and Crack inducing strips that depends on project requirement.


These Pavers are capable of a steep slope pavingup to 1:1 (45) degree inclination. Support accession like side discharge conveyor for uniform concrete pouring either flat or inclined in front of paver walk way behind pavers for inspection purpose or minor hand finish. Paving capacity here ranges from 200 sq.mtr/hr. to 380 sq.mtr/hr. Henceforth KYB – Conmat Pavers are the most versatile and can be adopted to various paving sequences like Single/Two/Three or for multipurpose paving depending on canal cross sections. Secondly, Concrete Mixers are best suited for carrying and discharging low slump concrete with larger aggregates. Last but not the least KYB – Conmat’s Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is especially used in Canal construction because of its notable fully mobile feature, compact size for manoeuvrability, accuracy & mix quality like stationary batching plant and tractor towing for easy transportation. KYB -Conmat has acquired an unmatched leadership in multiple dams/barrage/Spill Ways/Canal construction projects over a period of time and helped India to develop towards an infrastructurally equipped country.



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