26 June 2019

Interaction-Ian Hauptfleisch, CCS Regional Head And Pat Cooper, Sr Buildsmart Consultant, CCS

CCS’s powerful word-of-mouth success in the Project Management Software arena makes them a force to be reckoned with.


With over 35 years’ experience in providing specialised software solutions for the construction & engineering industries, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has built an international reputation for excellence in doing just that. In a recent development, the company has brought advanced versions of its software- CCS BuildSmart and CCS Candy. On this occasion, IAN HAUPTFLEISCH, CCS REGIONAL HEAD (MENA, EUROPE AND CENTRAL, NORTH & SOUTH ASIA), (IH) and PAT COOPER, SENIOR BUILDSMART CONSULTANT, CCS, (PC) spoke to ROHAN AMBIKE about the company’s offerings, the recent development in the software, the growth of India as a market, and much more.





With the construction projects currently booming, how do you look at the market for the project management software.


IH: From the beginning CCS has catered to the infra and the construction industry. We have always been a perfect match when it comes to managing resources and getting projects completed. Since establishment, we have looked to expand &cater to all geographies possible. India, on its own, is a huge market— whether it is booming or not. We see a lot of opportunities here and are planning to make the most of them. There are many pending projects that have been set in motion by the current government and all these projects are of massive magnitude. Hence, the entire construction and infrastructure industry will be in need of a system that will help the projects to complete on time and within budget. This is not just an interim requirement, the need for project management software will only increase with time and we will be here to provide all the necessary help. The software is just a tool wherein the end user must input all the raw data and his experience to get the best results. As such, the market for us today is full of opportunity to flex our muscles.




Being the pioneers of the construction and project management software, what is it that makes you stand out from the other players?


IH: We were the first within the industry to work solely with the infrastructure and construction industry. CCS is designed and developed within the construction industry and the software, CCS BuildSmart and CCS Candy, is an outcome of the combined efforts of over 800 years of collective construction experience. We put our knowledge to good use and produced these products. Working with CCS means collaborating with experienced construction industry professionals.


PC: We do not just estimate. What we provide is a real end-to-end control to the client or to whomever makes use of this software. Our work begins from the moment the client comes to us for help. We start from estimate and stop at payment. That, I think, is an edge over other software providers.



All that we have designed, does not stop just at the projects. We also simplify work for our clients at Head Office level. Our software BuildSmart has been designed with all the necessary functions. Best practice contracting business processes are embedded in our solutions requiring limited customisation, ensuring clients and their teams benefit immediately from the very latest software, features and functions. In industry, there are a lot of companies who promise to offer what we can do. In our case we know what we have done in the past and what we will be doing and presenting to our clients. Our support teams have first-hand experience of the challenges and requirements they face daily in the field, combined with uncompromising deep solution specific knowledge and understanding.

The result?

Expert advice and assistance when you need it most.




Detail us about the recent developments in the Candy and BuildSmart software


Candy is being improvised on a regular basis. However, few of the recent developments in Candy can be enlisted as:

  • Candy Cloud
  • Site Plan Viewer
  • QTO-3



Regarding BuildSmart, a few new features that come to mind are but not limited to:


  • New Look and Feel released recently adds to the Users experience
  • User Defined Reports and Exports with new releases being updated all the time
  • Workflows being extended for use in the system where required
  • Automations allowing for notifications and emails
  • Extending the use of Attributes to Procurement and further in all modules
  • The ability to add attachments is continually being extended in the system
  • Dynamic Transaction Aging and Report Selections
  • BuildSmart’s mobile capabilities are being enhanced and extended by a dedicated “Mobile App” development team.


BuildSmart and Candy are constantly being updated based on industry requirements and user feedback. Updates are available weekly with new development being released all the time – you don’t have to buy new versions.



With technology changing almost every day, what are the steps that are taken by you to keep the users updated with the added features?


Our software solutions highlight the latest features on the software dashboard whenever they are released. We also ensure to update our Users by sending our Marketing related information on the latest features via electronic media options. Periodic seminars/events also give us an opportunity to brief our valued Users on these updated features. Finally, we have monthly Webinar sessions for the benefit of Candy Users which touches upon a particular module and the related features/updates therein.




Which are the factors that act as the demand drivers for the construction and project management software in India?


PC: Construction is construction worldwide. In our recent surveys, we have found that projects in India and UK are currently facing the same problem. Software systems are not integrated and there is no real time monitoring as such. This makes it difficult to monitor the present status of a project. With the lack of proper monitoring and connectivity, we have found that in Indian companies, the head office is not equipped with the technology to monitor projects running throughout the country from one or multiple locations. What we provide is a complete package of software solutions that will enable them to do this. We are currently working on providing clients with multiple accessibility. This will also help in monitoring the project in real time and make the client aware of the number of resources available and the reserves.




What is your strategy to play in a price sensitive market?


IH: CCS has powerful & positive word-of-mouth success in the project management software domain. We are known for the exceptional service we provide and that has born great results. Hence in a price sensitive market, we believe that the fit-for-purpose and best-of-breed nature of our solutions paired with our exceptional service is the true value clients look for.


PC: When one limits the cost of the software, one can only prevent the losses from happening. However, by providing the kind of service we do, we monitor the ROI and that is always on the rise with our products in use. In a true sense, our software is at the lowest price possible in an industry that is highly volatile. In addition to the low cost, we also run a regular schedule of events and training programs covering a variety of topics to equip Users with the knowledge to keep them at the top of their game and thus benefit their firms.




How do you look at the present condition of the global construction and project management software market? Where are we heading to?


IH: The future of the construction and project management software market is highly positive. I cannot say where the industry will be in the next five years. A few years ago, nobody thought that the industry would make use of the cloud computing or similar mediums for the construction industry. There was a time when people used to hide data and there was not much awareness that sharing data could be helpful. Today, data is being shared at frantic speed. The Bill of Quantities (BOQ) concept is slowly fading away and making way for an integrated and co-operative environment. The future looks to focus on integrated platforms and other similar ways that will make the project management software sector more user friendly and simple.




Future outlook from the industry perspective and company?


PC: CCS is growing fast, improving on what we have, every day. The future of the construction and project management software market is highly positive. I cannot say where the industry will be in the next five years. Globally there is a lot of demand for the construction and project management software in countries such as UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle East, all of Asia and major parts of the African continent. We will certainly target these markets.


IH: As part of our global expansion strategy, we’re actively engaging in new markets and at the same time supplementing our own human capital and capacity to deliver new and exciting developments, enhancements and requirements faster and more efficiently to our ever-growing and changing Clientele and industry. We had added a team of 30 people last year and plan to strengthen CCS further with more recruits in 2018. We want to keep everyone happy and have only one direction to go— up.


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