26 March 2019

Interaction-Vinod Sahay, CEO, Mahindra Truck And Bus Division, Mahindra CE Div, Mahindra & Mahindra

We are eliminating the need for maintaining different kinds of vehicles


Mahindra Truck and Bus Division is a division of the Automotive and Farm sector of the $19 billion Mahindra Group that provides an entire line of integrated trucking solutions. The company has taken outperformance to the next level, by creating trucks that are specifically designed for different applications and deliver outperformance whatever be the business needs.  In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, VINOD SAHAY, CEO, MAHINDRA TRUCK AND BUS DIVISION, MAHINDRA CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT DIVISION, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LTD, speaks about the offerings of the company, the current condition of the market, aftermarket services provided by the company and the future outlook of the industry.




Tell us about the range of tipper trucks offered by you, in terms of types, applications and capacities.


We offer wide range of variants and configurations. Our product portfolio consists of Construction and Mining Tippers on 25T & 31T platforms, Haulage Tippers on 31T & 37T platforms and Tip Trailers on 40T & 49T platforms, which can be customized to suit the varied operating conditions / loads. With this portfolio of products, we are successfully addressing key market requirements. On 25T Tippers, we have combinations of 6 speed and 9 Speed Gear Box along with Bogie & Non-Bogie options. Coined under BLAZO platform, these vehicles are equipped with FUELSMART Technology, which offers customers the option of toggling between TURBO, HEAVY and LIGHT modes to either maximize power or maximize mileage, based on the nature of load and terrain. We are also in the process of introducing more variants to address diverse and evolving market needs of the customers.




What is the R&D behind the cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes them from competitors.


Construction and Mining industries are highly competitive. Every paisa saved on every ton of material transported translates to higher profits to customers. Technological advancements are the key here. MTBD trucks have several technological innovations like the Fuel Smart Technology: Switch the power requirements of tipper at the tip of fingers based on the operating terrain and load conditions. Generally different type of vehicles is employed for different terrains. With this technology, we are eliminating the need for maintaining different kinds of vehicles. Recently, with the introduction of BSIV, Mahindra has incorporated SMART SCR airless technology. Advantage of Airless SCR is lower maintenance and less Adblue consumption over Air assisted SCR System of competition. Besides, Superior aggregates of Mahindra tipper trucks ensure lesser breakdowns and higher uptime for years.




With safety and operator comfort being the key areas in any equipment, what are the features in your trucks enhancing safety and driver comfort.


Right from inception our focus has been mainly on driver safety and comfort. We offer two types of cabin: Day Cabin – suitable for Tipper operations and Single Sleeper Cabin – Suitable for haulage and tractor operations. Cabins have been ergonomically designed keeping in mind the tough operating conditions of driver community. The cabins are fitted with twin fans as standard. AC is optional. Cabin is fully insulated translating to lower temperature inside. Seat belts are provided along with tilt and telescopic steering to ensure that drivers can safely operate. Our cabins meet the highest crash testing norms, for enhanced driver safety.




Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


Mining and construction are an intense time-consuming processes. Ensuring vehicle operating up to 22 ~23 hours per day is the key for profitability. Identification of right product to suit the operations ensures right beginning. Post start of operations maintaining the vehicle is of paramount importance. At this point, aftermarket services are the key differentiator. We offer comprehensive AMC and other customized aftermarket services to suit the operating requirement of customers. We offer onsite support to customers and ensure 99 per cent plus availability of tippers at site.


After market services being a major differentiator, we have recently launched ‘Delhi-Mumbai Service Corridor’ to make service available at every 60 km across industrial corridor. Guaranteed service support reach within two hours anywhere on the corridor. We are in process of setting up more exclusive Parts Retail Outlets – MPARTS Plazas to ensure fair priced original genuine parts availability pan India. At these parts plazas 150 maintenance parts are guaranteed for availability all the time or else given free. For its tipper customers, Mahindra provides comprehensive and round the clock Service Support, which includes onsite support of mechanics and spares stocking to fleet of 10+ vehicles. Additionally, Mobile Workshop support along with critical, fast moving Spare Parts is also made available. Mahindra provides standard warranty of 6 years or 6000 hours on its tipper range. The total Network Strength of MTB climbs to 94 3S dealerships, 149 Authorized Service Centres and 2900 roadside assistance points, and spares network of over 1600 retail outlets.




 Which are the other sectors that are driving the trucks and tipper industry?


In view of rapid development of infrastructure, we are seeing major trends coming up in the industry. Few of the notable ones have been shift to higher tonnage segment across all categories of haulage, tipper & tractor. This is largely driven by stricter enforcement of overload ban. Apart from this, it makes economic sense to operate at higher GVW in view of major growth in earnings, while expenses growth is minimal. There was an inherent need of customer to gain productivity. Telematics has seen a major introduction on this front. The need to track the productivity of vehicle as well devise ways to improve the same, are of paramount requirement.




Do you offer equipment finance or do you have tie-ups with finance companies for the same.


We have tied up with most of the leading private banks, NBFCs and Public-sector Banks for finance. We have also tied up with leading leasing companies such as SREI and Orix for both leasing and finance options.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


When it comes to mining and construction equipment like tippers, the total cost of ownership is what matters. Mining and construction take place in strenuous conditions and the uptime and upkeep of the vehicle is of paramount importance. Hence it is not the purchase price alone that counts – service cost, spare parts, etc. are also important. Even more critical is the uptime and service turnaround time.




Future outlook on the industry and from your company perspective


 Tipper industry is upbeat and we expect the same to continue in view of heightened activity in construction. We are offering complete range of products on tipper platforms. With demand picking up, we see potential for new configurations which will enable our customers to complete the projects more economically. Our efforts on to address these requirements.

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