22 August 2019

Table of Contents for Industry Focus- Crushing And Screening Equipment

Interaction-Ashoktaru Chattopadhyaya, Business Head-Crusshing & Screening, Sandvik Mining And Rock Technoogy

Our product line is relentlessly working on innovation



For more than 150 years, Sandvik has been providing the most advanced engineering solutions. The same idea has been carried at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. The Swedish major with its constantly evolving offerings has catered the Indian market for several decades. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNTIES, ASHOKTARU CHATTOPADHYAYA, BUSINESS HEAD - CRUSHING & SCREENING, SANDVIK MINING AND ROCK TECHNOLOGY, talks about tackling competition, increasing productivity, aftermarket services and the future of the CSE industry.




Details us about your offerings in the CSE sector and their types and capacities.


We have varied range of crushing and screening products suitable for all relevant applications. Apart from Unit equipment range, our plant designer based full plant solution of various range (specially from 200 TPH to 500 TPH) is of great attraction and well accepted in the market. Furthermore, The Gyratory crushers, Medium and bigger cone crushers, HSIs (Prisec range of crusher), Sizers have been well appreciated in the Indian construction and mining market.




Being the front runners in the CSE industry, what is it that makes you a stand out from the other players?


Sandvik has always been synonymous with high quality and reliable equipment. We deliver what we commit. Excellent technical solution combined with high speed delivery is one of the biggest strength of ours. The focused solution with reduced cost per ton of production really gives us an edge. I am very proud to say that Our Lifecycle approach towards our plant and equipment has placed us in a different league in the market. We also understand that the future is going to be automation. We have crushers featuring the latest generation of automation thereby making the products safer and maximizing their utilization.


Furthermore, our crusher control systems ensure you get the best from you crusher. We have an unique control called ASRi (Automated Setting Regulation - "i" stands for "intelligent") which not only helps you to monitor operations, but over time enables you to become so familiar with your crusher equipment that you can truly optimize usage while protecting it from damage and maximizing uptime. Most of our large customers from bigger cities like Mumbai and Delhi are using both these technologies. We would also like to add that one of the largest metal mining customers in India is currently using one of Sandvik’s crushers and have also recorded a 20 per cent increase in productivity through our machine.




With the increasing demand for the equipment, what are the steps that you have taken or, are planning to in order to increase the productivity?


I am proud to say, we have never delayed in our supplies barring few site related issues which has affected it some time. I am very firm to say that we are fully equipped to take care of the market demand. Our Pune factory and various other global production units, has geared up to cater the upsurge. Our serious tracking of the opportunities through CRM and thereby making robust rolling forecast for next five quarters gives enough indication to consolidate the production which helps us to provide off the shelf delivery.


Apart from the above, in operational view point, we have more than seven fully operational warehouses across India together with effective dealers really caters the need and demand of our customers. Apart from the productivity, the market is also sensitive to the pricing.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


We set our priorities to aftersales and aftermarket way above normal equipment sales. In our philosophy ,proper backup and support of the crushers supplied, reduced downtime , efficient productivity will make host of Super satisfied customer base and that is the ultimate aim ! We have seen that the customers preference has been maturing and moving towards performance, productivity and reliability for which they want to have premium products offered by industry leaders like Sandvik. Total cost of ownership and life cycle cost helps them to maximize their profitability, hence our strategy is to help customers choose high quality equipments.




Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


Aftermarket services are the most important aspect of the machine life cycle and important buying decision for customers. Sandvik has a very high focus on aftermarket services with complete range of maintenance contract offerings thereby giving complete assurance to continuous availability and productivity for our mining customers.




Rentals is another area that has seen a considerable demand. Your take on the present status of the rentals market?


There is a big market as many contracts are short in tenure which can be tapped by offering rental services. Presently we are trying to understand this area of operation a little more.




Which types of new CSE have you launched or are planning to launch in the near future? Also, which geographical markets are you tapping for the same?


Our product line is relentlessly working on innovation. The offerings are all of global standard and up to date products. Our latest global launch is our New cone CH800i. This is a series of tough, premium cone crushers full of smart automation innovations. The crusher is connected to “My Sandvik” gives complete 24/7 access to data generated by your connected Sandvik fleet. You can thereby make decision based on facts and clearly see areas where you can improve uptime and productivity.




What according to you are the major demand/growth drivers for CSE and what steps would you like the government to take which will propel growth.


We are witnessing tremendous growth in the Road Sector as well as Commercial Crushing catering to affordable housing, rail metro as well as airports. We are very closely watching the developments of mega projects like Bharatmala, which will make propel our industry growth to a much elevated level. The government is absolutely on right path and just need to introduce a ‘single window’ approval for the projects. This will definitely add pace to the growth.




Future outlook for the Crushing& Screening Equipment industry and from a company perspective


Sandvik is very serious in the crushing and screening business line as this is one of the core product area of Business Area - Sandvik Mining and Rock technology.

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