02 June 2020

Interaction-AR. Bimal Desai, Founder Director, DSP Design Associates

It’s important to reinvent ourselves with every project



DSP Design Associates is one of the largest & distinguished Architecture, Design & Master Planning firms in India. Founded back in 1988, it has delivered more than 2000 projects in over 30 cities. The firm has also been ranked as the 58th Architectural Practice in the World among top 100 by WA100 2018- scaling up from 82nd in 2015 to 58th in 2018.In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, AR. BIMAL DESAI, FOUNDER DIRECTOR, DSP DESIGN ASSOCIATES shares about the recent changes in the architectural designs, importance on sustainability and the architectural opportunities in the Smart city Mission.




designs? Do you follow the minimalist or maximalist approach.


I have always been fascinated by the refinement and reductionist approach of minimalism, as a counter balance to our complex and cluttered world. The aesthetic tactic of arranging the numerous necessary components of a building to create an impression of extreme simplicity would be my approach.




How have recent mix of technology with the innovative materials used, changed the scope of architectural design.


Construction and Building Materials provides a forum for the dissemination of research and development in the field of construction and building materials and their application in new works.  With big data and technology disruption already having its footprint in the construction industry, I see a lot of precision, quality and ease of resolving complex construction coming into place. There would be very little left to site ambiguity and everything gets modelled, tested in a miniature form before hitting the site.




With regards to usage of green and energy efficient buildings materials, to what extent are they used in your projects.  Could you also share with us names of such products you use.


Newer technologies like Silk Leaf, Water enclosed glass facades, Aquaponics are the newer energy products / systems them we are currently in research mode. All of it, that is put in interior fit outs are energy conscious / reusable products.




Speaking about green projects, how important is the concept of sustainability and green footprint from the context of landscaping?


The idea that nature is also infrastructure isn't new. But it's now more widely understood to be true. Nature can be harnessed to provide critical services for communities, protecting them against flooding or excessive heat, or helping to improve air and water quality, which underpin human and environmental health. When nature is harnessed by people and used as an infrastructural system it's called "green infrastructure." Green infrastructure occurs at all scales.




Is it possible to design a Smart, Sustainable, home at Affordable price.


The global trends of urbanization require accommodation that is different from the repertoire that has been built for nearly a century. There are cultural shifts. We have a growing urban crowd and a much important midtown developments. Increasingly an apartment or condo building is not just an assembly of dwelling units .There are live-work units that are expressions of the new ways people earn a living and then there is also the traditional requirement . There are a number of ways to address the affordability issue if the same is done in tandem with end user’s requirement clubbed with innovative and low cost construction methods.




Your comments on evolving trends in architectural designs in Indian real estate sector.


To name a few trends – On business front it is going to be increased global capital flow in real estate and revamping of residential business module with RERA coming into picture, and increased intake of  Co-working spaces  for commercial sector and Affordable housing in residential sector. Pre-fabricated construction, 3d printing, BIM would be trending to support construction developments.




Can you state the progress of architectural opportunities in the Smart city Mission.


A smart city is essentially a habitable city where it is pleasant to live, work and play. It is a collective process and hence has opportunity for collaboration. As the range of global challenges grows and intensifies, the role of proper architecture, planning and designing becomes the need of the hour. At the same time, the convenience and betterment of public at large cannot be neglected. To make the city "smart", architects would need to work with government so that the present and future generations feel privileged to be a part of the "Smart-City"




Please provide details regards to an iconic structure designed by you either ongoing or executed.


Iconicity lifts the building above the crowd and becomes a metaphor for man’s aspirations; so, as well as a statement of design, it becomes a statement of intent. Iconic architecture changes the way a city or even a country is viewed on the world stage. Iconic buildings stir the blood and make people curious. They tell us something about the people and the society that made the building possible and as an inquisitive human being, you want to find out what that story is. The campus done for Iflex is a great example of iconicity in terms of pushing the boundaries for structure, façade and efficient planning which we continue to do so in every project of ours.

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