21 November 2018

Interaction- Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, Case India

We are staunch believers of long term growth potential in Indian Infra sector


CASE Construction has more than a century of productivity and performance. The company’s R & D team has constantly worked on innovations to make equipment more fuel efficient and to provide the end users with the best offerings. CASE India has products like CASE 770EX PRO, CASE 770EX-Magnum PRO and CASE 851EX PRO in the loader backhoe segment. CASE offers robust, stable and serviceable design to its customers. With so much more to offer, AJAY ANEJA, BRAND LEADER, CASE INDIA spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about the loader backhoe market in India, the company’s offerings, and expectations for the year and the future outlook for the industry.




Industry analysts anticipate that the Backhoe loader market is expected to touch around 85,000 units by 2020. How do you assess the backhoe loader market in India, what are the cost/quality equations, sector challenges, and growth prospects.


Infra development has always been a priority for the Government. In the 2017 budget, the Government increased the total allocation in the infrastructure sector by over 10 per cent. Loader Backhoe industry has witnessed a strong growth because of lot of construction happening in the country. In 2016 total Loader Backhoe industry was around 30,000 units and the subsequent year saw a further 12 per cent growth in demand with approximately 33,000 units sold. The year 2018 is going to be highest ever market for Loader Backhoe and we have already seen approximate 70 per cent growth in first quarter only, compared to last year’s first quarter. This can be credited to the Government’s focus on developing world-class infrastructure, backed by its ability to facilitate quick implementation of projects, financing and simplification of procedures for project awards and clearances.



Detail us on the range of backhoe loaders offered by your company, in terms of types, capacities, and applications.


CASE India has 770EX PRO, CASE 770EX-Magnum PRO and 851EX PRO in its loader backhoe segment. CASE India has also launched customized for the Indian market, CASE India’s only Loader machine for all PRO Series model.


The CASE PRO Series Loader Backhoe is powered by FPT Industrial S8000 engine which delivers powerful performance and fast response time coupled with 8 per cent higher productivity and fuel savings of up to 10 per cent. The Series is re-engineered from the ground-up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, higher loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility.


The new PRO Series Loader Backhoe has a robust, robotically welded two-piece structural frame design which results in great stability, performance and serviceability. For versatility in different Indian operating conditions, the machine is designed with heavy duty structures, tanks, fenders and rims. To give the series a muscular look, there is a dual-colour tone, with a mix of Grey colour on the lower parts of the machine and Power Tan colour on the upper parts.


Bigger buckets allow greater load lifting and increase productivity. The series is equipped with a superior working range and will reach deeper than any other loader backhoe. There is a choice of two configurations: a standard dipper dig depth of 4.5 and 4.7 meters, or an extendable dig depth of 5.9 meters.


The power shuttle transmission provides four forward and reverse speeds. The hydraulically shifted clutches allow the operator to change direction and travel speed on the go, while the control valves deliver smooth speed and direction shifts, resulting in smooth and accurate operations. The new single-piece engine hood provides excellent access for maintenance. The machine layout has been designed to ensure that all daily service points are easily accessible at ground level, for quick and efficient servicing.


In the spacious cabin, the operator seat and ergonomics have been redesigned to offer better comfort and smooth lever operations. The PRO Series is equipped with CASE’s revolutionary EAGLE EYE telematics solution for enhancing the performance and efficiency of the machine. This Asset Monitoring System gives the freedom of machine monitoring and remote diagnostics alerts at the click of a button on a mobile or desktop computer. The PRO Series loader backhoe segment is available in 76, 86 and 96 hp options, which customers can choose according to their requirements.




Are you planning to launch any new variants to you existing product portfolio?


CASE’s R & D team constantly endeavours to develop clever innovations to make equipment more fuel efficient, and bring in latest technologies and solutions for better performance and comfort.


While CASE India has recently launched its 752 EX Vibratory Tandem Compactor and the PRO Series “Loader Backhoe and Only Loader” in EXCON 2017, we are always in process of updating our machines.


Will keep you posted as and when there would be any development.





Detail us about the cutting edge technology used in your machines. What are the USP’s of your products Vis-à-vis competition?


All CASE India’s loader backhoes are equipped with CASE India’s revolutionary EAGLE EYE telematics solution for enhancing the performance and efficiency of the machine.


This IoT based Asset Monitoring System gives the freedom of machine monitoring and remote diagnostics alerts at the click of a button on a mobile or desktop computer. Compaction meter: where on screen operator can check amplitude, frequency and ICV (intelligence compaction value) which is related to density of soil compacted.  This ICV value will be different for difference surface.


Once desired density is achieved, there will be green signal on screen so that operator can stop compaction and avoid over compaction.


Hence there will be saving of fuel, time and can avoid damage of surface.Further CASE India is constantly working on offering more robust solutions based on the customer needs and requirements.




Detail us on the Safety features and operator comfort in your machines.


Operator comfort and safety are the most important factors to get optimum productivity from machines.


Keeping operator’s comfort and safety in mind, major CASE’s product offerings are equipped with closed air conditioning ROPS cabins whereas most of CASE’s competitors are providing open canopy.




Detail us on your after-market services as a strategic differentiator.


CASE India is well-known for its quality products, innovative technology and customer service in India. The company believes in the long term growth potential of the Indian infrastructure sector and consequently a huge opportunity in the construction equipment segment. The company has plans to further enhance the dealership network to serve their customers at the best possible levels.


To enable easy access for customers to dealers and after-sales services, the company has an extensive network of around 69 dealers with nearly 240 plus touch points spanning across the length and breadth of the country to support the products with spares and services even in remote locations.


We also have dedicated CASE manpower in product support team in each region specially to support such heavy line products.




Tell us about the indigenisation efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements? What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ drive?


With an objective to bring quality infrastructure, the Indian Government is giving incentive for manufacturing in India through the Make in India program.


CASE India operates a manufacturing plant in Pithampur where CASE produces vibratory compactors and loader backhoes. Products from CASE India are being exported to the markets of Africa, South East Asia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Middle East countries.




How do you expect the market to shape up for the backhoe loaders through 2018 onwards?


In 2018, the overall industry in India is expected to grow. In 2017, Loader backhoe segment grew nearly by 10 per cent and other segments like road and infrastructure grew by 20 per cent. We are expecting similar level of growth in 2018. GST should now facilitate the growth after it being reduced to 18 per cent.As a part of government’s Make in India policy, we are doing a lot of manufacturing in India and are also exporting and using India as the manufacturer’s hub. We can say a lot of support is received from the government in doing that.




Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective


We aspire to grow faster than the industry, which we have done in last two years. There is still a massive amount of work yet to be done in the country, and this will call for large volumes of equipment to complete it. We are ready with our range of construction equipment products and considering the set of conditions prevailing in the country and other foreseeable factors at this moment, we expect the market will follow an upward trend in the coming years as well.


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