03 June 2020

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Interaction-Rajat Malhotra, COO-West Asia, Integrated Facilities Management

We are committed to sustainability


JLL, India's premier and largest professional services bagged the LEED® Gold Certification in the commercial interiors(LEED®-CI) for its new office in Bandra – Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai. On this occasion, RAJAT MALHOTRA - CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER - WEST ASIA, INTEGRATED FACILITIES MANAGEMENT speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on the idea behind the green office space, the parameters involved, measures undertaken and the steps to maintain.



JLL has been awarded the LEED® Gold Certification for commercial interiors. What was the idea that prompted you to have a green office space?


Building a Better Tomorrow: We have a vision to transform JLL into world's leading professional services firm by creating spaces, buildings and cities where everyone can thrive. To deliver this vision, we have established ‘Building a Better Tomorrow’, our global sustainability leadership agenda. We realize the value that sustainability brings for our clients, our investors, our employees and our communities by incorporating sustainability into everything we do. By advancing sustainability principles into our workplaces, we are able to provide safe and efficient buildings that result in healthy and productive environments for our employees.


JLL has committed to build all the new offices as per LEED green building guidelines. We want to walk the talk and this is one of the many things that we do to show our commitment towards sustainability.




Explain us the company’s ‘people first’ workplace culture?


We put ambitions at the center of everything we do for JLL, our employees and our clients. JLL has so much more to offer than people think. It's young. It's innovative. We create really exciting places—inside and outside. JLL believes not in just delivering space for people. We're delivering space where employees can be creative, and create value for their companies and the overall society. We bring great places to the world. We want the most ambitious clients to work with us, and we want the most ambitious people to work for us. We are focusing on each person’s potential and their strengths. We are focusing not only on their current capabilities, but also their potential and competencies that we can build and grow for the future. The features incorporated at One BKC are a fantastic reflection of what employees desire to have in a productive workplace. We have created futuristic workspace and some of the people-centric amenities and facilities in the office include a well-ventilated and extra filtered fresh air that limits fine particulate matter at the workplace, tech-enabled 15 minute meeting room to compress briefing sessions, collaborative workspaces, height adjustable work stations, break-out areas with amphitheater step seating arrangement for informal engagements, walking track inside the office, gymnasium and Nature-aligned with life-sized trees and nature sounds to de-stress the workplace at frequent intervals.





Which amongst the various parameters were the ones that help you achieve the certificate?


On the primary level, Energy, Water, Air Quality are key to certification. While it is a combination of various interlinked parameters, the intrinsic nature of certification have made us focus on Water, Energy and Indoor Air Quality.Energy and water efficient features are integral part of the design that has enabled us to achieve the certificate.The version 4 is the latest of LEED and the entire team laid emphasis on all facets of sustainability in addition to water and energy.


The journey of LEED certification for JLL BKC office commenced right from the selection of a base building.Buildings shortlisted based on efficient building envelope which means a glass of superior parameters that will let the light in but not the heat paramount to buildings in tropical weather conditions, the ones that had adequate ventilation and located strategically to get advantage of public transport connectivity.





Can you elaborate on the measures undertaken in terms of energy efficiency and lighting?


Holistic approach: JLL’s approach to energy efficiency is holistic and not limited to the systems and equipment under JLL’s (tenant) control. We have conducted due diligence and chose the base building (ONE BKC) which was already LEED pre-certified. This ensures that the building envelope and the high side HVAC systems (which are not in JLL’s scope) are energy efficient.


JLL teams designed and installed lighting and ventilation systems that far exceed the ASHRAE 90.1 standards. AHUs with low wattage fans, No mercury LED lighting with occupancy and daylighting sensors, Lighting load manager interface from where all the fixtures can be operated and programmable to switch on and switch off automatically based on the occupancy pattern are features that enhanced our energy performance. We have implemented cloud solution for Energy Analytics and predictive maintenance insights with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.The solution helps us to perform ‘monitoring based commissioning’ on an ongoing basis ensuring all the systems are operating as per the design intent.As an office space, detail us about the steps taken in the area of waste management and enhancing the air quality through VOC paints, adhesives and sealants.


Recycling is the mantra: We have designed recycling 80 per cent of the waste generated in the office, be it during construction or operations by minimizing waste going for landfill. We have implemented the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) strategy for minimizing the waste generated and maximizing the recycling capability. Separate waste bins were provided for collection of paper, plastic, metal, and food to avoid mixing-up of the waste and sent to recycling facilities.





Can you throw light on the ‘All-white room’ technique to encourage enhanced cerebral discussions used by JLL?


The ‘All-white room’ is a huddle or meeting space with all vertical boundaries or walls as writing boards. It is basically a ‘war room’ set up where one can proliferate, share, discuss ideas in an environment that facilitates a quick representation of thoughts by absolutely all participants. One can even create a veritable mind-map in walls that is how cool this space is!




Do you plan to have any amendments in the future to improvise on the status of the structure?


Futuristic Workplace: Our ONE BKC office is a demonstration of JLL’s ideology – ‘Future of Work’. One of the component of Future of Work is Continuous Innovation. We at JLL intend to strive for innovation which helps in achieving operational excellence and enhanced human experience. For e.g. we are already in the process of installing an IoT based indoor air quality monitoring system which helps in maintaining superior air quality inside the office.

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