03 June 2020

Interaction: Rajesh Kaul, Product Line Head-MHCV, Tata Motors

We are the frontrunners of ‘Make in India’


With a focus on connecting aspirations and it’s tech-enabled products, Tata Motors is among the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. In an exclusive interview RAJESH KAUL, PRODUCT LINE HEAD – MHCV, TATA MOTORS spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ campaign and his outlook on the mining industry.





Give a brief overview of the mining equipment industry. Which type of mining equipment is currently most in demand.


The mining equipment industry is growing constantly at a significant pace..


The mining operations can be divided in two parts – Ore / Mineral Extraction and Ore / Mineral transportation. Tata Motors is a significant player in providing Transportation Solutions for this industry.




Are there any laggards in terms of development for the industry? How can companies overcome them?


The mining industry and the equipment industry are working hand in hand. All contemporary equipment are available as choices to the mining industry. The more collaborative approach from both the sides shall allow better understanding of each other’s  need and finally shall lead to development of the industry.





Tell us of your various product offerings and their demand in the Indian market. Any new products launched, detail us on the same.


Tata motors offers Prima range of tippers in 25 ton and 31 ton GVW categories, Signa range of tippers in 25T, 31T and 37T categories, and conventional range of tippers in 16T, 25T, 31T categories. These tippers are suitable for overburden removal, deep / shallow mining, ore/mineral transportation from pit to surface, ore/mineral transportation from pit to site / railway sidings. We have come up with many new products and some of them are –Prima Lx 3130.K HRT 19 CuM Scoop (A world class product with ergonomic and comfortable prima cabin, hub reduction axle, and bigger load body) and  SIGNA 3718.K 24 CuM Box (a surface transportation tipper with comfortable Signa cabin, bigger box body and driveline suitable for long haulage).




Detail us on the Cutting edge technological innovations featured in your machines.


Tata motors offers tippers with comfortable cabin, proven powertrain, robust chassis, and better payload capacity. The chassis used in Tata tippers are powder coated (through Cathode Electrode deposition method), riveted and bolted. The frame used in Tata tippers are reinforced and have thicker dimensions to carry more load. Tata Prima tippers have scoop body made out of Hardox material, which increase the life and durability of the scoop body significantly. Tata Signa tippers have an option of Moon body, which is way lighter than the existing box bodies and can increase the effective payload of the vehicle and also the life of the body. Prima Ranges come with Company fitted telematics solution for better fleet Monitoring and Management. To enhance driver comfort and improve productivity, AC option is being offered on entire Prima & Signa Tipper range. The higher tonnage tippers (25T and above) uses the Selective Catalytic Reduction technology for achieving BS4 norms. This is the most advanced technology in the world to achieve Euro 4 / BS 4 norms.





To what extent are aftermarket services a strategic differentiator.


The industry per se is very concerned about the aftermarket services as the vehicles plying in mines usually run for two shifts in a day and are exposed to extreme conditions. The customers are looking for OEMs who can partner for long term and help them maintain their fleet in best condition. The aftermarket services are indeed a strategic differentiator.


Tata motors offers variety of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) options for the consumers. The onsite service being one of the major attractions. The vast service network of Tata motors across the country is also of great help to the consumers.




Tell us about your manufacturing base in India.


Tata motors have 7 plants across India. Out of these 7 plants 3 plants produce Medium and Heavy commercial vehicles. These plants are based out of Jamshedpur (Jharkhand), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and Pantnagar (Uttrakhand).




Emerging trends in the equipment finance and rentals in mining equipment. To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost.


This industry has traditionally been more concerned about the reliability, uptime, turnaround time, maintenance cost and driver comfort. Till Now the acquisition cost has played a very limited role. However, growing competitiveness and many external factors have made the acquisition cost an important factor now a days. The consumers are becoming price sensitive now a days.


The shift towards leasing and Full maintenance contract is happening in Ore/ Mineral transportation. We expect this trend to pick up very fast in near future.





Tell us about the indigenisation efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements. What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ campaign.


Tata motors is an indigenous company and has been manufacturing vehicles based out of India since inception. It is a frontrunner in this respect.





How do you expect the market to shape up for the mining equipment industry through 2018 onwards?


The industry is growing constantly and we expect this industry to continue growing in the near future. This will predominantly be driven by growth in Metal & Mining Sector. Metal & Mining Sector will continue to grow on account of policy changes introduced over last few years and demand side growth driven by Power & Automotive Industries. Construction Sector, with growth in Infrastructure buildup through increased GOI Spending on housing, road, ports, water supply, rail transport and airport development will further Stimulate the Mining Sector, thereby impacting the Mining Equipment Industry.




Future outlook for the mining industry and from a company perspective


The industry has picked up really fast and is expected to grow constantly. Tata motors tippers have a wide acceptance in the industry and we expect that the new products being launched shall increase the momentum of sales of Tata tippers.



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