25 January 2020

Interaction- K K Jagadish, Founder & MD, Aura Global India

A 3D BIM based Quantity Surveying Software in India


AURA GLOBAL INDIA in collaboration with GLODON a leading software solution house in Hong Kong recently launched a state-of-the-art BIM based 3D software CubiCost. In an exclusive interview, K.K.JAGADISH, FOUNDER & MD, AURA GLOBAL INDIA, dilates on their latest launch to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES.



Give us a brief on your company


AURA GLOBAL INDIA is a Civil and Structural Engineering company. We, along with GLODON have been instrumental in brining this first-of-its-kind solution for the construction industry in India. We aim at creating a whole new BIM BASED 5D Construction Industry...




Please elaborate on the solution?


CubiCost is a new software that can convert 2D architectural and structural drawings into 3D buildings in the virtual space. CubiCost is combined with two words. 'Cubic' means 'the shape of a cube', which reflects the BIM lineage (Building Information Model) as the core technology, while 'Cost' indicates the key value of the software, which is to provide integrated cost solutions for customers in AEC industry. Real estate companies, architects, civil engineers, consultants, contractors, cost consultants, quantity surveyors – the entire construction fraternity can use CubiCost to design, construct, operate and manage construction projects. Also, instead of clients doing a physical survey every time there is a change in design or a significant problem arising, CubiCost gives clients a 3D model that they can then use to build the design around. This software supports IS1200 through which all the materials measurements and quantity calculations are done accurately as per the clauses mentioned in the code. Our next level of release is 5D which deals with the management of schedule of construction as 4D and the cost of construction as 5D.




What are the solutions offered under the CubiCost ambit?


CubiCost BIM suite is comprised of four individual BIM-based software products (TAS, TRB, TME, TBQ), that are focused on different needs of quantity surveying business.


TAS is Takeoff for Architecture and Structure, TRB is Takeoff for Rebar, TME is Takeoff for MEP services and TBQ is Tender Series for Bill of Quantity. All these four products together virtually cover all general requirements in construction cost estimation business.


Moreover, BIM model and related data can be easily transferred between four products; bringing you the most professional, efficient and accurate BIM cost estimation experience.


In short, the entire lifecycle of construction projects, from design to demolition, planning to erecting, budgeting to costing can be created and modified on the computer before constructing it in the field.


            TAS      TRB      TME      TBQ




Who are your main clients?


Our clients include real estate companies, design institutes, builders, consultants, material suppliers, contractors, property companies, colleges and governments. With this solution we are aiming at creating a whole new BIM based construction industry and help the industry become more technologically advanced.




How is CubiCost different from other products in the market?


The construction industry in India is plagued by the shortage of skilled staff, technically complex software, tight budgets, project delays and sudden accelerated schedules. With CubiCost, you can streamline the entire lifecycle of the process and increase overall efficiency by this simple, easily understandable software. Material costs too can be reduced. CubiCost gives you the ability to make design changes, assess the impact of those changes and detect issues early enough to prevent frequent project interruptions and cost overruns. It also makes quantity calculations, cost and control estimates, in just a few hours freeing up valuable time of civil engineers and contractors. This will help to replace age-old practices of manual method for Quantity estimation of Architectural, Structural Rebar, MEP disciplines such as Plumbing and sanitary, Fire services, AC Ducts, Electricals including wiring, Heat & Gas, Extra low voltage and preparation, pricing and evaluation of tenders. As a BIM solution for cost estimation, E-tendering, tender analysis which is different from traditional methods, CubiCost enables data and model sharing among other popular software from upstream to downstream in the industry.


CubiCost can also serve as a connecting link between different stakeholders, including the architectural design team, the real estate company, the engineering team and the contractors, enabling all parties to be on the same platform at all times.



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