19 January 2020

Spotlight- Everest Engineering Equipment

Men & Material Hoist for any type of Construction


GJJ is the largest manufacturer of Men & Material hoist in the world with an average export of 5000 units per year. GJJ is the only company in the world, who can offer Men & Material Hoist for various constructions applications like lift shaft hoist for buildings, curve hoists for NDCT (cooling towers), Lean hoists up to 15° inclined, hoist for various types of mines, cement plant, steel plant , refinery and power plant applications. They can offer 1.2ton, 2ton, 2.7 ton , 3.2 ton, 4.0 ton, 8.0 ton, 10.0 ton and 30.0 ton hoist as per your requirements. P V RAMDEV, MD, EVEREST ENGINEERING. dilates on his company's unique product.



Recently Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd authorized agent in India with a team of 32 dedicated service engineers all over India with an adequate spare parts stock supplied 2 units of 2 ton split cage lift shaft hoist to INDIABULLS for a height of 280m @ 63mpm speed, which were commissioned successfully and are working well.


GJJ Men & Material hoists are highly reliable and working without any major breakdown from 2006 onwards in India. Its design and manufacturing is as per European and American Standards and hence it is selling well in Europe, South & North America , All Asian Countries and Australia. These hoists are available with fully galvanized as well as painted structure with economical pricing to compete with any manufacturer. GJJ is the best and proven brand for the hoist rental companies world wide, Due to high safety standards, smooth operations and high durability .


GJJ uses Nord Germany Mechanisms with Siemens VFD for trouble free operations, smooth running, high reliability and theses parts are easily available in Indian market. All the hoists are designed to reach up to 550m height with different speeds of 46mpm,63mpm,96mpm and 120mpm(2m/second) which nobody can offer.


GJJ also can offer material hoists with triangle masts , mini hoists for various industrial applications. Explosion proof hoist for hazardous areas, single and multi level mast climbers for external work of tall structures. Therefore GJJ is the reliable one stop solution for Men & Material hoists for any application you dream to start.


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Website: www.everestengg.in

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