01 June 2020

Interaction- V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales And Services P Ltd, Chairman of Mechanisation Committe, BAI

We are far ahead of our competitors



Schwing Stetter has ramped up its product lines across verticals and has become the smartest batching plant maker globally. With a constant customer centric approach, the company has carved out its place from the competitors.  V.G.SAKTHIKUMAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SCHWING STETTER SALES AND SERVICES PVT LTD, CHAIRMAN OF MECHANISATION COMMITTEE, BAI, speaks to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES sharing about the company’s offering in the concreting solutions, growth trends in the concrete and concreting equipment sector and the future outlook.




Briefly give us an overview of the concrete equipment industry, the latest technology trends, and the current business drivers?


Concreting equipment industry is to grow at a CAGR of 25 - 30 per cent. Technology integration, intelligent equipment, real time data are few of the trends in this industry. Road, irrigation, ports, RMC, railways, metro rail, power (i.e) nuclear, thermal, solar, wind, hydro, gas based, real estate and other community buildings are the major demand drivers for our product line.




What is the emphasis you have placed on R&D, innovation, and sustainability?


Schwing Stetter is ahead of the industry competition in terms of introducing new products. We are already prepared to offer products for different stages of fuel norms where the payload of the truck is dramatically coming down. Our research and design development team in India is attached with all the three factories and work on a common group server in Germany. The innovations in the product are available immediately for the Indian market. So, the company is also working on technologies which can be disruptive for the concreting industry.




Could you name a few key projects in which you are contributing?


With high rise construction growing rapidly, we are seeing high demand for Schwing high capacity concrete pumps, plants and mixers. In the trailer-mounted concrete pump segment, the SP 8800 pump, one of the World’s biggest with 63 cubic meter  concrete output, specially designed for pumping high grade concrete to a height of above 500 metre, has been used at Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in India, it have been used at Omkar 1973 for 293m height with separate placing boom and at Oberoi 360 west for 280m height with separate placing boom at Worli, Mumbai and the very famous project of Statue of Unity for 180m height at Kevadiya, Gujarat.




Could you talk of the growth trends in the concrete and concrete equipment sector and the operational and doing business challenges faced by firms such as yours?  


Since last three years, the concreting industry is growing. The customers are showing interest in products that are faster, bigger and with more digitalization. We are following these trends and will be launching new products based on this development. We are fortunate with volume of such development experiences from global markets and it is available readily for implementation in India.




Could you talk of your strategies to push your products in a competitive atmosphere? What are the new products you expect to launch in 2018 -19?


Our strategies keep evolving continuously aligned to the market trends. We will be launching many more new products in 2018 – 2019.




Future outlook for the concrete industry and from a company perspective


The outlook for concreting industry will be very good as we expect real estate to join the demand for machineries in addition to roads and railways. I believe that the Government will continue to invest on concrete roads, metro rails, smart cities, etc.





Briefly tell us about the equipments and concrete solutions offered by your company. Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your equipment from competitors.


SCHWING Stetter List of concreting equipment


Concrete Pumps:


  • Flat gate valve: BP 350/ SP 1800/SP 2800
  • Concrete Pumps: SP 1015 / SP 1200/ SP 1200 HD / SP 1400 / SP 1420 D / SP 1600 / SP 1800 / SP1807 / SP 2000 / SP2509 / SP2800
  • Heavy duty concrete pumps: SP 3000 / SP 3500/SP 4507/ SP 4800/ SP 8800
  • Line Pumps: LP 350 / SPL 1200 / SPL1400 / SPL1800
  • Truck mounted concrete pumps: S17 / S20 / S36X / S43 SX
  • Separate placing Boom: SPB 25 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 35
  • Shotcrete pumps: TSR 30.14 / TSM 30.14 / TSM 20.8 / BPN 300 RE
  • Transit Mixer with Pump TMP32.6



Concrete Batching Plants:


  • Mobile batching plant: CP 18/ CP18 TM
  • Compact Batching plant: CP 30/ CP 45
  • Mobile Mixing plants: M 30Z/M21Z/M1/M1.25/M2.25/M 2.5/M3
  • Horizontal concrete mixing plants: HN2 to HN4/H5 TO H6 /H1.25/H1J/H1JR




Concrete Mixer Capacities:


  • Nimo





  • Mobile concrete conveyor – F12
  • Recycling plant RA12/RA20
  • Performance maintenance kit
  • Rock valve
  • Service centre
  • Spares
  • Concrete Chilling plant
  • Weigh bridge
  • RVH 18 - Circular distributors
  • Electronics & Automation
  • Sound Proof Canopies
  • Rock Wear Parts



 Self-Loading Mixers:


  • SLM2200/SLM4000



SSI offers Rock valve technology in concrete pump segment which able to pump high grade concrete mix like m95 with far higher pressure, allowing the heights and distances for concrete pumping to be greatly increased. BP 4000 Rock valve pump has successfully done 750 m. vertical concrete pumping and SP 4800 Rock valve pump also done the 2.4 km concrete pumping.SSI offers Open hydraulic circuit in all concrete pump segment which provide high fuel efficiency and hydraulic components gives longer service life.


SSI offers high flow twin hydraulic system in high capacity concrete pumps, which system components are very reliable to handle 700L/ Min oil flow at high working pressure.SSI offers remote controlled articulated placing boom which provide more reliability to operator to position the placing hose exactly where the concrete is needed. SSI offers robust outriggers for all concrete pumping equipment which provide steadiness with minimum footprint.As per today’s customer needs, SSI offers different types and capacity battery kit in concrete pump, for fulfilling the present concrete output demand and concrete pumping length.


SSI offers Vector control system in truck mounted boom pumps which provide facility of operator friendly interface, store operation data. The above mentioned factors differentiates us from other competitors.


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