25 January 2020

Interaction-Shabbir Kanchwala, Sr VP, K Raheja Corp

We have a strategic approach towards our project


K Raheja Corp has made a significant impact on the evolution of modern-day living. The company has also crafted its name in the green building sector with 29 commercial LEED-certified buildings across the country. SHABBIR KANCHWALA, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, K RAHEJA CORP, in conversation with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNTIES details on the status of green building in India, the company’s projects and the future of Green building.




Green Building industry is booming in India and is expected to grow over 20 per cent. How do you look at this growing trend? Where does green buildings footprint in India stand right now in comparison with the world?


The idea of encouraging sustainability and green building concepts has taken the front foot in the Indian Real Estate industry. Most cities are responding positively to the economic challenges being offered by a sustainability revolution and are undergoing this transformation. With increased awareness amongst developers, property owners, realtors, bankers, insurers and the public, there is a conscious preference for green buildings which consume less energy and water. Efficient use of energy resources and their conservation are essential for curbing wasteful consumption and sustainable development. Some of the benefits of green buildings cover are reducing wastage of water, conserving natural resources, improving air & water quality, and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems. To be ranked third just behind China and Canada speaks volume of where India is with respect to green building and sustainability.




Share details about some of your green building projects. Best Practices implemented and top quality construction material used in your projects. What is your criteria/selection process for identifying green building construction materials for your projects.


Backed with its 'Green Vision,' to commit towards making all their commercial and residential LEED & IGBC Green Certified, the Company signed a memorandum of understanding with the CII-Green Building Council to construct Green buildings, back in 2007. Today, it is not just a strategy to save costs, rather a brand growth strategy. We endeavor to incorporate the best construction practices in our projects to offer superior quality products. To help us achieve our goals there are a wide variety of new technologies used in green buildings such as Net Zero Concept (Zero Energy and Zero Water Concepts) which depend on renewable sources to produce as much energy as they use. HVAC (Heating ventilation, and air conditioning) and Electrical helps in the flow of warm and dehumidified air in all rooms and is the most quiet and convenient way to cool an entire home. Glazing is another technique used wherein a Low ‘e’ double glazed glass is used to reduce the heat ingress into the building. Making use of local and recycled materials having lower embodied energy is very crucial. The reduction or no use of low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants are better for the environment, for indoor air quality and are approved for use by people with environmental sensitivities. Efforts to increase water capacity should be balanced with greater conservation and water efficiency efforts. Low flow fixtures, sewage treatment through reuse of recycled water for flushing and landscaping, and appropriate use of drip and high efficient sprinkler irrigation need to be taken care of. We at K Raheja Corp have adopted a strategic approach for effective procurement of materials. Bulk purchase of materials as per the requirements of the project helps us lower procurement costs. We plan and combine PAN India requirements to further negotiate costs with the vendors. Pre-qualification and periodical vendor evaluation and training help us close the negotiations in a timely manner. Our end goal is to deliver on our promises without compromising on quality and offer our tenants / residents immense satisfaction.




Can you detail us on the green innovations featured in your residential/ commercial projects? Share details of awards/accolades won by your company for Green projects


Mindspace Airoli, Navi Mumbai: All buildings in the Mindspace campus at Airoli, which are conceptualized as State-of-the-art Green Buildings. These are multi-storied and are several are multiple-occupancy. The buildings have received LEED Core and shell ‘GOLD’ rating from the Indian Green Building council – certifying body. Adhering to numerous norms in its sustainable construction, a reduction in electricity consumption is one of the striking outcomes of the HVAC system. This, in turn, has also resulted in the substantial reduction of the operating energy costs, from start to finish. Intangible benefits like enhanced ventilation, better views and day lighting that improves the productivity of the occupants. Despite an incremental cost of 10-15% the, the payback period would be 3-4 years leading to a reduction in operational costs. It promotes environmental, economic, and social benefits while protecting the needs of future generations. K Raheja Corp recently bagged the ‘ET Now Real Estate Award 2018’- Commercial for Mindspace Airoli East, ‘Times Realty Icons 2017 Award’ for Iconic Business Park- Mindspace- Airoli East and Realty Plus Green Project of the Year - Mindspace Business Parks.


Mindspace Madhapur: Mindspace Madhapur is a methodically crafted, gated Business Park offering the best services and world-class infrastructure. Mindspace Madhapur is the first Commercial Business Park in Hyderabad to be certified with an IGBC Gold rating. The business park has huge green expanses and its own end to end waste management system. Mindspace Madhapur does not give out any waste into the local municipal waste, and it is all re-used within the business park. K Raheja Corp honoured with ‘Developer of the Year – Commercial’, for Mindspace Madhapur, at the South edition of Realty Plus Awards.


Vivarea, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai: (Positioned in the urban locale of Mahalakshmi, flanked by the golf course, Arabian Sea and the race course, Vivarea offers a range of luxury duplex homes as well as three to four bedroom apartments. The three towers are spread over 8 acres of manicured lawns and enjoys exclusive amenities.)It is a sustainable development project which is LEED certified and also has donned the mantle of being named as South Mumbai’s first ever Gold certified building. The project interiors and layouts are well planned to have a maximum usable area with least wastage. The apartments have adequate cross ventilation with optimal exposure to natural light. Each apartment is also fitted with the VRV AC system along with top of the line bathroom and light fittings. Vivarea was awarded ‘Best Residential Complex for E Ward’- Mumbai in cleanliness survey under the BMC’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan program. Vivarea has also won the ‘Environmental Friendly Project of the Year, West’ at the Estate Awards, powered by Franchise India and the ‘Best Green Project’ title, at the ‘CIA World Builder and Infra Awards 2017’.


Raheja Vistas Premiere, Pune: Raheja Vistas Premiere is an environmental friendly building design which enhances fresh air ventilation as well as maximum daylight in the occupied space and also consumes less energy than conventional homes. The occupants enjoy maximum daylight & views which is a mandatory requirement of GREEN homes. Green homes use less energy than comparable standard homes often using alternative energy sources and reducing dependence on conventional energy sources. The building restricts heat ingress into the building which is achieved by roof and wall insulating materials with heat reflective paints on the top of roof. Further, water efficiency and savings upto 20-25% is ensured by promoting highly efficient water closets and sanitary fixtures, rain water harvesting storage facilities, waste water treatment for reuse for flushing, water efficient drip irrigation system for landscaping. Energy efficient lighting fixtures in common areas are placed to reduce common area lighting bills by 20-30% with the use of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) compliance lighting fixtures. Occupants also enjoys more landscape areas than local bye laws with 25 % more landscape area than what expected by local bye laws. A home user guide is provided to every occupant for designing energy and environmental friendly homes.


Over the years, K Raheja Corp has successfully executed 29 commercial LEED-certified buildings across the country, with a substantial 3.89 million sq. ft. coming from its commercial green building registered with LEED. Through its relentless effort, and its buildings certified in the categories of Gold and Platinum, it has been recognized with awards across prestigious forums like the ‘Sustainable Building Award – 2016’, United Kingdom, Green Apple Award, United Kingdom, ‘Outstanding Contribution for Green Building Footprint in India – GreenCo Summit’, ‘Africa Sustainability Awards’ and ‘The Ingersoll Rand International Energy Efficiency Leader Award’.



Important landmarks projects you have completed – name, size, features, geographical areas of operation, special features, people involved in design and architecture, investments – ongoing and future projects?


K Raheja Corp is a success story spanning six decades and stands today as one of India’s leading developers, having pioneered the concepts of self-contained townships and commercial business districts in the country. Premeditating the changes in the industry, the Company continually crafts state-of-the-art spaces to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. With business diversified across realty, hospitality retail and malls, K Raheja Corp has extensive acumen in all sectors of development.



From exquisite residences to adaptive workplaces, skillfully created hotels and convention centres, to extensive retail destinations, the Company has made a significant impact on the evolution of modern-day living. K Raheja Corp delivers aspirational spaces with distinct characteristics and attributes, making each of its offerings inimitable.


Project Name: Mindspace Airoli East

Project Size:           372,175 sq. mtr   


Project Features:

  • Located in SEZ campus in Airoli, Navi Mumbai
  • State-of-the-art Green Building
  • Expansive spaces &surrounded by nature
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Lifestyle and leisure amenities
  • One of the first commercial real estate projects to go completely GREEN;
  • Self-sufficient hubs offering end to end solutions                


Geographical Areas of Operation: Airoli, Navi Mumbai     

Special Features:

  • Soil pollution prevention & sedimentation & erosion control
  • Provisions for electrical car charging stations for battery operated vehicles
  • Use of low flow faucets & fixtures
  • 100% on-site treatment of waste water to tertiary standards & reuse of water for gardening & flushing
  • Use of CFC free refrigerant water cooled chillers
  • Over deck insulation, wall insulation, use of low e glass, efficient HVAC system design, measurement & verification by third-party energy auditors
  • Construction waste management
  • Use of Recycled & regional Materials for Construction
  • No smoking policy
  • Use of Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesive, Sealants & paints
  • Thermal Comfort design

Investments:         `1900 crore




Project Name: Mindspace Madhapur

Project Size:           97 acres

Project Features:                  

  • A holistic 360-degree business ecosystem
  • High-end retail, hospitality, food courts, entertainment hubs and premium residential offerings, in addition to SEZ and non-SEZ office spaces
  • Sports new technologies such as sewage treatment, energy conservation techniques, solar power generators           




Geographical Areas of Operation: Madhapur, Hyderabad

Special Features:

  • Primary water requirement will be fulfilled by H.M.W.S.S.B (Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board).
  • Reuse of treated sewage and rainwater harvesting to reduce the water demand from municipal sources
  • Dedicated D.G. Sets provided for each building will be operative only in case of power failure for emergency services
  • Storm water drains will be constructed strictly in accordance with the municipal regulations
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Dedicated Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) provided individually for K Raheja Corp –Novartis Building no 06
  • Solid Waste - Garbage will be segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable waste
  • Solid waste generated in the form of sludge from STP, after drying shall be used as manure
  • The hazardous ‘e-solid waste’ along with waste oil, which is generated due to the usage of DG sets shall be stored and subsequently given to the authorized hazardous waste management agencies                  

Architect:            RSP Consultants   





Project Name: Vivarea

Project Size:           65,753.41 Sq. Mtr. (Three Towers B1,B2 & B3)

Project Features:

  • Best-in-class amenities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology
  • Each apartment comes with health and safety measures
  • Security and firefighting services wired up to the central BMS system
  • 24 hours supply of hot water
  • The high-end water purifying system ensures safe drinking water reaching the kitchens straight from the taps.
  • Each of the 3, 4 and 6 BHK duplex apartments have VRF air-conditioned systems that are green compliant.




Geographical Areas of Operation: Mahalakshmi, Mumbai

Special Features:                  

  • Soil Erosion control measures
  • Electrical car charging facility
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Grey & Black water treatment with sewage treatment plant, treated water is reused for landscaping, car washing
  • Low ‘e” Double glazed glass, over deck insulation, use of Siporex blocks
  • Efficient VRF system,
  • Use of heat pumps for hot water generation
  • Local & regional materials with recycled content
  • Use of low VOC paints, adhesives & sealants
  • Maximum daylight in all tenements
  • Fresh air ventilation in all tenements.                  

Architect: Belt Collins           





Project Name: Raheja Vistas Premiere

Project Size:           20 acres

Project Features:

  • One of the largest gated community
  • The property offers 3, 3.5 and 4 BHK apartments with carpet areas ranging from 1957 – 3020 sq. feet, including lavish private decks
  • All aspects of the project are curated keeping in mind neo-classic designs
  • Each apartment is designed to offer higher efficiency, utmost privacy, and ventilation to the residents
  • The scenic view of natural green expanses at every tower overlooks the expansive central landscape                         




Geographical Areas of Operation: NIBM, Pune

Special Features:

  • Environmental friendly building design
  • Enhances fresh air ventilation and also consumes less energy than conventional homes
  • The building restricts heat ingress into the building by roof insulating materials and wall insulations and heat reflective paints are roof tops
  • Ensuring water efficiency and savings to the tune of 20-25% by promoting; Water closets and sanitary fixtures, Rain water harvesting storage facilities, Waste water treatment for reuse for flushing, water efficient drip irrigation system for landscaping
  • Energy efficient lighting fixtures in common areas to reduce common area lighting bills by 20-30% with the Use of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) compliance lighting fixtures
  • More landscape areas than local bye laws with 25 % more landscape area than what expected by local bye laws
  • A home user guide for designing energy and environmental friendly homes
  • Special Provision for physically handicapped persons with provisions of ramps in Car parking area with easy or close access to main gate or lift.

Investments:         `1500 Crores




 Residential + Commercial = 45.64mn sq feet.

Commercial LEED (by USGBC)



Completed / Certified as on date


1,14,21,142 ft2

Pre Certified


43,53,172 ft2



2,31,29,986 ft2



3,89,04,300 ft2



While awareness is growing now on green construction, when was it, according to you, Indian entities started showing interest in the concept of green buildings, energy saving and how has it evolved?


K Raheja Corp is the torchbearer for the green building cause with the signing of memorandum of understanding with the CII-Green Building Council to construct Green buildings, back in 2007. Today, the increased awareness has encouraged more developers and end users to move towards green buildings.


The benefits are manifold as the energy saving varies from 15-20% and best practices and innovations have come into play to ensure increased contribution to sustainability.




It is exactly a year since the introduction of RERA. Detail us on the impact of RERA on the industry..


RERA has revolutionized the real estate sector, altering the very fabric of the industry. After a year since its enforcement, most of the states and union territories have functional bodies with an encouraging number of projects registered across India.


We certainly believe that it has been successful in bringing out greater transparency in the sector, beefing up sentiments for end-users, investors and developers alike. Our ground level feedback from customers has been positive and forward-looking in making purchases.


RERA has brought about financial and development discipline among developers and has the consumer, better informed. The environment created will certainly give rise to professionally run development companies to succeed. Overall, the changes seen over the last year have been encouraging and have set the foundation for a robust market transformation.




Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective


The Real Estate sector not only contributes significantly to the country’s GDP but is also the second highest employment generator. Focus on developing the current infrastructure and positive policy reforms have augmented the growth of affordable housing, smart cities, and commercial and industrial segments. Traditionally, the Indian reality sector has always been seen as a profitable investment option and the added directives by the government in the recent past have strengthened the sentiment.



  • RERA has ensured transparency and accountability in the sector encouraging developers to deliver projects on time thereby instilling trust into the industry.
  • Development on the back of technological advancement is also expected to change the real estate scenario.
  • Developers have overhauled their management systems to meet due diligence standards in order to attract funding.
  • The opening of FDI has been a strong signal for institutionalisation of the services, facilitating ease of doing business and putting India on the global map as a key investment hotspot.
  • REITs. A term that has been much discussed, debated, berated, hailed and so on and so forth over the past few years! Although much speculation still exists around this path breaking concept, we must accept that the Real Estate Investment Trust is one that is set to blaze a new trail in the real estate industry.
  • The past 12 months or so has seen some breakthrough developments in the Indian economy and as a nation we have grown leaps and bounds to become one of the most progressive nations in the world.

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