03 June 2020

Interaction-Pralhad Mujumdar, CEO-RMX & B2B Business, ACC Ltd

We are ahead of our times, ahead of the industry and ahead of competition


ACC, a pioneer in the Indian cement and concrete industry, is a brand name that is synonymous with Indian infrastructure. PRALHAD MUJUMDAR, CEO – RMX & B2B BUSINESS, ACC LIMITED spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about the company’s intrinsic drive to provide products and solutions to create new economic, social and institutional infrastructure in India.



Detail us on the role being played by your company in the concrete space?


We were the first to introduce Ready Mixed Concrete in India, but our pioneering efforts do not stop there. The quest for customer excellence motivates Ready Mixed Concrete to engage in a continuous process of product development that is customer oriented leading to the introduction of a host of new products, services and solutions. Our product range at ACC Ready Mixed Concrete provides one stop solutions from small basic requirements to higher grades of concrete to build the country’s tallest structures.




Briefly tell us about the products offered by your company and also share with us details about competitive material advantages offered by your products


ACC Ready Mixed Concrete is armed with a wide portfolio of Value Added Solutions & Allied Products which we believe, shall be a game changer for modern construction in India. Our wide range of product solutions caters the needs of challenging Indian construction industry.


ACC Imprintcrete, which is a unique variety of decorative concrete and is stamped for making surfaces decorative. It can be designed on walls, slabs, landscapes, parking areas using concrete grades from M20 to M40 compressive strength. The final appearance resembles natural materials like paver-blocks, stone and wood.


ACC-Feathercrete is light weight concrete which is 50-75 per cent lighter than normal concrete. It is infused with thermal insulating & sound insulation properties. ACC Feathercrete concrete has improved thermal properties, reduced structural loading and fire resistant.


We also offer sustainable solutions in the form of ACC Permecrete, which are aimed at ground water conservation. ACC Permecrete facilitates water conservation in all types of campuses and building societies by facilitating conservation of water by allowing free percolation of water through it without the properties of concrete being compromised.


Our Concrete Allied Products – ACC ACCOPLAST and ACC ACCOFIX (Thin bed joining mortar) simplify the mortar application process leading to a cost effective, easy to handle, and time saving solution.

ACC "ACCOPLAST - Dry Mortar Bag" is used for all masonry works & general purpose plastering works. It is widely used for external/internal plastering of walls, all brick/block masonry works and for any general purpose as repair mortar.


ACC “ACCOFIX - Thin Bed jointing Mortar Bag” is used for all masonry works in jointing of blocks.


It is widely used for External/Internal block walls, all Special Brick/Block masonry works or acoustic separating / Partition walls / Flanking walls.



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