04 April 2020

Interaction-Siraj Dalvi, MD, Simple Engg

Our USP has been, thinking out of box


With over 35 years experience and 20 years in Access Systems this company has been at the forefront developing and delivering top class equipments. In an exclusive interview SIRAJ DALVI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SIMPLE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS spoke to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES on his company’s wide range of products and applications.



Your assessment of the Access Equipment market in India. What are the cost/quality equations, sector challenges, and growth prospects.


The age old system of scaffolding is being replaced by more mechanised equipment.

Ease of operation, efficiency, safety is contributing towards speedy completion of work. Equipments can be used as Man Lift and for material lifting also, it serves dual purpose.

Access equipment’s availability on hire/rent and quick deployment is helping in bringing down project completion time and the overall cost of project. This has played a major role for growth prospects.

More and more population of AWP and healthy competition in this sector will bring down cost of hiring.

Major challenge is developing skill full multipurpose manpower who can take care of operation as well as troubleshooting in case of minor breakdown.




Detail us on your product range in access equipment segment for different application areas and capacities? Any new launches planned?


Our Product range is very wide, right from simple Abseiling Unit(Spiderman Kit), to fully motorized/automated BMU (Building Maintenance Unit), Façade Cleaning System, Façade Access System,Customised AWP (Aerial Work Platforms), Passenger & Material Hoist, Snap fit Aluminium Scaffold, Permanent Access System, Rope Suspended Platform, Mast Climbers, Access for Skylights/Atrium.

Applications are in the various sectors like, Façade Cleaning /Maintenance/Installation, High Rise Towers, High Rise Structures, Malls, IT Parks, Construction Industry, Dams/Bridges, Elevator Industry, Power/Process Plants, Wind Turbines .

Capacity ranges from 100 Kgs to 2000 Kgs, depending upon the product and its applications.

We have now successfully commissioned Two of our products, One of them is, Emergency Rescue Device, also known as Mechanised Ascending Descending, this is being deployed as Permanent Access Equipment, for High Rise Towers in case of Fire or other Emergencies for evacuation purpose

Another one is Facade Cleaning Robot (In association with Fat Cat Robotics - Pune), which caters to Automated Façade Cleaning.



What are the trends driving purchase or hire of access equipment in India? To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost?


For customised access equipment more and more clients prefer to have dedicated and permanent access equipment for the day today operation and for regular usage. Whereas construction industry goes for rental/hire as the usage is for limited period, this is more of AWP (Aerial Work Platform) & Rope Suspended Platform, kind of equipment. The influencing factor mainly are capital cost and the cost of ownership, affordability and availability is another yard stick combined with duration for which application/usage is desired.




Aftermarket services and consultancy offered by your company.


We provide after sales service not only for our products, but also others. We have vast experience in various range of equipments. Clients also seek our help in modernisation and upgradation of equipment. Consultancy is another business vertical, wherein we are assisting our clients in addressing various challenges for Access Equipments on EPC basis.


The building and construction industry is marked by high rate of serious work accidents, as a company delivering products for safe workforce working are you offering safety training programs to your clients and industry in general.


Safety & Ease of operation, plays a very important role, right from concept till the project is handed over. Clients/ End users operations & maintenance team is involved during the various stages of projects to impart knowledge about safety features and about safe work practice. As a responsible vendor, we provide class room training, as well as onsite training programmes.



Cutting edge technology featured in your products? What are the USP’s of your products Vis-à-vis competition?
We have now introduced Anti Tipping (Anti Toppling) mechanism, in the event of unbalancing or overturning, it alerts the operator and nullifies the effect by triggering various safety mechanism, thereby averting a major accident by saving operators life as well as avoiding major damage to equipment.
Our USP has been, thinking out of box, addressing various challenges for intricate and most difficult situations by providing access solutions at completive cost of ownership. We are not of the shelf trading co. In a project/situation, If we cannot provide value addition or do Value Engineering, we keep ourselves away from such commoditisation sector.



How do you expect the market to shape up for access equipment through 2018 onwards?


As now market has pretty matured, more and more deployment of equipment is going to take place, be it permanent in nature or portable equipments. This sector is becoming responsive and organised. There is no looking back as far as growth is concerned which is going to be north bound.



Future outlook for the access equipment industry and from a company perspective.


We are facing challenges for permanent access equipment, as this has still not become mandatory in our country. It doesn’t come under statuary requirement like, fire fighting system etc. This is the last item in the shopping list, hence faces budget constraint for Capex. We are doing lot of value engineering to bring down cost of ownership. Alternatively, we are offering making some of the equipment portable which can be availed/deployed on rental basis, so that it doesn’t pinch clients pocket.

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