17 October 2018

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There is a beautiful old song picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Moushumi Chatterjee singing in the Mumbai monsoon. Besides the great music, what captures my fancy is the vast open and empty Mumbai streets. It's difficult to ever imagine Mumbai brimming with space. And that is the sad truth of almost all cities in India now.



With 60 percent of the population now gradually moving to the cities, there is simply no room to house or move people. When it comes to homes the only way out is up and when it comes to transportation, the idea of slowly crawling in your car or bus stuck in neck to neck traffic presents a damning visual. In this scenario metro trains have emerged  as the poster boys of good clean transportation. Though they require a massive capital investment outlay, the benefits in the long run far outweigh the initial costs.



With Infra being the main plank of this government's development agenda, there is almost a surge of metro projects across India. And like with any new development it brings along with itself a plethora of new opportunities, and solutions.



With driverless trains to solar powered stations to automatic ticketing systems to huge TBMs quietly carving out tunnels under the very roads you are walking on, there is a shout out to new ideas everywhere. So we decided to dedicate our cover story to this revolution slowly reshaping how we see and experience our cities.



This month we also take a look at what’s cooking up on the Bulk material handling equipment sector and the new age concepts driving architecture design in green buildings. Plus a peek into the forthcoming WorldBuild India exhibition scheduled later this month.



We have also explored how access equipment solutions are proving to be game changers by offering exceptional versatility across a range of applications and significantly reduced risk of accidents for operators, arming businesses with a definitive competitive advantage.



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