Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Elematic SEMI / KVT Line - Precast Wall Production


The Elematic SEMI / KVT Production line offers easy-to-operate, user-friendly technology to produce high quality precast products with low operational costs.


The Elematic SEMI / KVT Production line is the best choice when an annual production capacity of 70,000 – 150,000 m2 is required. It can produce product types including sandwich panels, cladding panels, solid panels, and solid slabs. 

The Elematic SEMI / KVT Production line is a SEMI automated system, best suited where a site-based production line is required which can be assembled and dismantled quickly, for the construction of residential buildings.

KVT-line is an economical solution for precast wall & slab element production. Economy is based on small space requirement in a production hall, multifunctionality of the KVT-wagon, and possibility to make fast changes in everyday production. Separate compacting and tilting equipment are not needed because KVT-wagon performs all these actions (the name KVT comes from the German words Kippen, Verdichten, Transportieren - Tilting, Compacting, Transporting). The moulds and wagon are also easily transferable to another location, as long as the foundations and rails are available.


Benefits at a Glance

Reduced investment cost

Basic moulds, fewer abutments and small space requirement

Possible to move the line later into other location


Easy moving of moulds

Cast moulds can be moved close to each other to give more space for furnishing other moulds

Special elements furnishing can be done in a separate place in the hall


The special design of moulds and wagon

Low maintenance need

Easy to operate with radio

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