Saturday, December 10, 2022

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India @ 75


August 15, 2022, was a special date for India for reasons more than one. On this day, we not only celebrated our momentous and hard-earned 75 years of independence; we also set the goalpost for our country for the next 25 years when India will celebrate its 100th centenary of independence. In the journey to make India a Developed Nation, as stressed upon by Hon’ble PM, all the stakeholders need to cohesively work together and develop an India, which has world-class multi-modal infrastructure, talented & creative workforce and a greater ease of doing business for startups and MNCs to explore & expand in this land of incredible opportunities.   


While the work has been happening on all fronts, the construction fraternity has the onus of building a NEW INDIA that is truly aspirational for all. Today’s fast-paced changing dynamics require industry to step out of their comfort zone and develop impressive milestones that set the precedence for the future generations to deliver better than the best.


Pandemic has been a great teacher, especially for the construction industry, which mandated outdated practices to be abolished and brought in a new era of development backed by technology & innovations. Forward looking construction companies have already taken the first-mover advantage with many construction projects getting sealed and seeing the light of the day.


As we embark on the journey of inspirational growth, Indian construction companies need to champion their game with greater Acumen & Resilience. With the crucial support from the Central Government, the path to progress looks gratifying.   


Remember that true VIKAS will only be achieved when we are able to deliver inspirational infrastructural landmarks. For this to happen, Indian construction companies – small & large – need to showcase their mettle & might to disrupt the game and develop such impressive masterpieces that will define the India Growth Story for the ages to come!

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