Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Interaction - S Gladston, MD, Esquire Machines

                         Our products are a 100% Make in India


Incorporated in the year 1975, Esquire has surged ahead and evolved as one of the leading company manufacturing products like Concrete mixers, Reversible Drum mixers, Pan mixers, Mixer Cum Hoist, Tower hoist (Rope type, Rack & Pinion model) and Material handling equipment. In an excusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, S. GLADSTON, MANAGING DIRECTOR, ESQUIRE MACHINES PVT LTD, speaks about his company’s latest launches, usp’s and a lot more.



Detail us on your new launches at Excon

We have launched a compact mixer cum hoist which is targeted at the lower segment of the construction industry.

In addition, committed to reduce the pollution, we have come up with a small 1 bag mixer in petrol/ electrical version which is less nosier, less polluting, easy to handle and transport.


What are the USP’s of your machines.

One of the main USP of our Mixer cum hoist is that the materials can be mixed and the same machine with the hoist also transports the concrete to a height of 40 meters so it becomes very handy for the customer.

We also have a small mixer with a petrol engine which is very compact and very easy to transport to sites.

Today if a customer has to transport a similar mixer from one site to another, he has to spend a big amount for transportation.

Our small mixer can be put in a small van or even in a 3 wheeler transport vechicle and transported to one site to another.

We have also come up with a miniature version of this mixer as there is great demand for compact and cost effective machines.


How has been the response for your new launches.

Demand is picking up. Contractors are looking for compact machines which are efficient, cost effective and also easy to transport and handle.

These machines do not need huge capital investment and can be easily shifted to another project at minimal transportation cost.


Are your machines smart in terms of telematics etc

In these machines there is no necessity of telematics as these are targeted for small projects. In our hydraulic machines for big projects, we have installed a USB port by way of which a customer can collect details of mix design etc and print all data with respect to weight, total production in a day etc. This facility is not provided by any other company in India.


In what way are you supporting the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

All our machines are designed and manufactured in our Gujarat manufacturing facility. We do not import the components for our machines and we are proud to say that our products are “A 100% Make in India”.


What are your demand drivers for your products

We are targeting small and medium builders, developers and contractors in Tier 2 & 3 cities where lot of development is taking place. Our machines are ideal for small projects. In Tier1 cities for our Material handling Equipments and hoist, we are targeting the big builders and contractors for high rise buildings. We have also been exporting our products to different countries in Asia, Africa & GCC where there is great demand for all our products.


Your feedback on Excon

Excon has been very good for us. Our products displayed here have generated great interest among customers and we have received lot many genuine enquiries. We also have other range of products like man & material hoists which we have not displayed here, which are for bigger contractors.