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Interaction - VG Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India


Schwing’s technology targets lower Total Cost of Ownership for customers



Schwing Stetter India is known for its technologically superior, efficient and cost effective machines. The company churns out new products in minimum gestation period. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V.G.SAKTHIKUMAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SCHWING STETTER INDIA, speaks about the 14 products launched at Excon, emphasis on Research and a lot more.





Details us on the new launches at Excon.

We unveiled 14 new products at the EXCON 2021. Being a pioneer in the Construction Equipment manufacturing industry, we have been growing exponentially during the pandemic.

We strongly believe in being customer-first. Over the past few years, we have observed a growing need to become increasingly cost-effective for customers. By choosing a Schwing product, customers can not only save cement but also on fuel – through the new range of hybrid/bio fuel products.

With this new line up, we showcased 14 machines at the expo.  An impressive highlight from the stall would be one of the products, Boom Pump S47, which is the longest product on display.

  • Batching plant M45Z
  • Boom pump S 47
  • SLM (Mahindra) 4600 SV (CEV-IV)
  • Mobile Service Van
  • Conveyor on wheels
  • Wheel Loader ZL33FV (CEV-IV)
  • Wheel Loader ZL55GV (CEV-IV)
  • Motor Grader GR 1705
  • Piling Rig XR 330 I
  • Crawler Crane Xgc150-1
  • Truck Crane XCT150_Y
  • Excavator XE 38U
  • Excavator XE 215-I LC
  • Bricks & Blocks plant SSI-154-E

In addition to this, we also displayed 4 new and improved versions of a few products -- Shotcrete Pump TSR 30.14 Mark II (CEV-IV, KOEL), HDD XZ1350, Vibratory Compactor Soil and AWS XGA26.


How has been your company’s performance during the last few years.

All our efforts in 2020 during the lockdown due to the pandemic paid off and we had a turnover of `1530 crores, in 2021 we have achieved a turnover of `2560 crore i.e. a jump of 67%. This clears shows that we are moving towards an ascending path. Our products are being exported to even countries like Isreal, Saudi Arabia and US. During the pandemic to further penetrate the market we have appointed 26 dealers Pan India.

We have consolidated our market share for our traditional products and picked up market share for the new products like excavators etc which we launched 2 to 3 years ago.    


Your company’s emphasis on research, design and innovation

After the pandemic hit, the construction industry suffered a great deal. However, at Schwing – we used this period for research and to recalibrate ourselves for the new normal. In fact, what we have displayed at EXCON 2021, is a true testimony of our hard work during the pandemic. Schwing Stetter India has been growing exponentially and still focusing on quality and innovation. Our customers trust in us helps us continue to make machines that are technologically superior, efficient and cost effective.

Schwing Stetter is a 90 year old company, the knowledge we possess on the industry is tremendous which helps us to churn out new products in minimum gestation period.


Provide us details on your new Global Manufacturing Hub

Schwing Stetter inaugurated its Global Manufacturing Hub in Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu in 2021. The state-of-the-art integrated facility of 52 acres comprising 50,000 square metres of built-up area is the hub for Schwing’s concrete boom pumps, stationary pumps, self-loading mixers, shotcrete pumps, excavators, wheel loaders and motor graders. Schwing Stetter signed an agreement with the Tamil Nadu Government through the Global Investors Meet in 2019 and has already invested more than 350 crores in this facility. The company will continue to invest in this facility in the next couple of years. Schwing Stetter India is also working towards ensuring their presence PAN India with the localisation of their projects with dealers and vendors. The aim is to be available for their customers, irrespective of their size or where they are located.


Are you seeing customers moving towards TCO

Schwing Stetter has partnered with KOEL & Mahindra for using Biodiesel (B7 -7% bio diesel) for CEV-IV Engines. This will help in reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the product to its customers. Schwing products are used across various projects like highway and road construction, bridges, dams, metro rail, ports, power plants and high-rise construction. The company’s Batching Plants and Self Loading Mixers come with cement-saving features. Similarly, Boom Pumps, SLM, Motor Graders, Wheel Loaders and Piling rigs have fuel saving features.


What initiatives have you taken on skilling operators

We are much committed on skilling people. We have created a big infrastructure in our factory by placing 7 simulators for 7 different products. Apart from this we conduct regular training sessions in our factory and also have arrangements with our customers for training and skilling their operators.


Your feedback on Excon

Excon has been very good. We have received quality footfall and had serious business discussions with our existing and prospective customers.

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