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Iron ore mining in India

India is bestowed with large reserves of Iron Ore and it is the 2nd largest producer of Steel across the globe. India’s total Iron Ore production for the year CY19 was 231 Million MTs which enabled 90% (111 million MTs) of Steel production. Hematite and Magnetite are the most prominent of the Iron ores found in India of which Hematite is considered to be the most important iron ore because of its high grade quality and lumpy nature which is consumed by a large number of steel and sponge iron industries in the country.



Orrisa and KCCL

Orissa is a significant contributor to India’s total Iron ore production. Orrisa Mining Corporation (OMC), a state-owned entity, has awarded its Iron ore mining contract to Kalinga commercial corporation Limited (KCCL) for its Gandamardhan Hill top mine located at Keonjhar, which is 200 kms from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orrisa.

KCCL uses Open pit mining technique by developing benches from top to bottom to extract the ore.

Run of mines (ROM) excavation is done by drilling and blasting. More than 20 Excavators having bucket capacity from the range of 2.1 cubic meter to 4 cubic meter are used for excavation, handling and loading of the ore, followed by approx. 140 Nos. mining and dumping trucks having capacity from 19.5 cubic meter to 24 cubic meters to help transport the material from the mines to screening plants to get the output in required sizes.



Kleemann Mobile Screening Plants

6 Kleemann Mobile Screening plant are deployed on the Keonjharsite, since Jan 2020 to systematically screen the final output of the required sizes. Five of the mobile screens are of double deck configuration (MS 952 EVO) with three outputs and one Screen is of triple deck (MS 953 EVO) with four outputs. With the deployment of these 6 Mobile Screens, KCCL has continuously met a daily production target of 30,000 MTs by operating in 2 shifts.

KCCL’s Output requirement is of 0-10 mm (Fines) and 10-40 mm (Lumps). Kleemann MS 952 with its two-deck design and large screening area of 9.5 square meters is able to effectively segregates the lumps and fines to meet its quality demand of the product.

Dr. S. R. Samal, Managing Director, Kalinga Commercial Corporation Limited: has quoted that “We have been using Kleemann screen plants for more than two years. These screen plants have been good in performance and production. Over the years these have become an inseparable part of our operations. The service provided by the Customer Support team has been exemplary. Our association with the Wirtgen group has been very fruitful. The Screening Plants have passed the test of time and conditions with flying colors and are worth the money spent on it as it helped us achieve our targets well within the stipulated time. We are pleased and honored with our association with the WIRTGEN GROUP.”


Kleemann mobile screens are offered with 2 and 3 deck configuration and screening areas of both 7 sq. meters and 9.5 sq. meters. These machines can operate at 4 different inclination angles that can be adjusted from 20 degrees to 31 degrees based on application requirements.

The Screens comes with 1200 mm and higher width discharge conveyors, capable to accumulate bigger stockpiles of material under its conveyors resulting in less frequent use of loaders to shift the stockpiles.


The Screening plants are powered by highly efficient powerpack with an option of external power supply for cost effective and environment friendly operation in case of availability of power supply on job sites.

Kleemann intuitive touch screen control panel offers intuitive and user-friendly operation. This makes the machine setup a one-person job. The control panel with its 25 m cable can be connected at three different positions which ensures that the executed functions are clearly visible and high work and operation safety can be guaranteed. To prevent any manual errors, the screening plants are also equipped with proportionate valve control for safe and precise movements.


As an optional component, Kleemann offers wireless remote to provide more flexibility in operation of the machine and also an optional water sprinkling system for dust suppression


Kleemann screening plants are equipped with Wirtgen Telematics system which provides remote access to the customer for monitoring the machine parameters like hour meter reading, location, fuel consumption data, availability, service, and maintenance schedule.



The “Made in India” KLEEMANN screen is a global product being exported worldwide and WIRTGEN INDIA is the largest exporters of these screening plants from India.



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