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Table of Contents for Industry Focus - Highrise Handlers

Industry Focus - Highrise Handlers



The increasing demand for high-rise buildings has amplified the demand for ancillary equipment – high-rise handlers.Barring Covid pandemic period, the performance and productivity of this equipment is opening a new era of opportunities for construction companies. Equipment manufacturers have made sure that they utilize their expertise and experience during these times in innovating further and once the market opens up fully, sky only will be the limit for the usage of these high-rise handlers. This story tracks some of the recent advancements in high-rise handlers and how they are slated to change the game! writes, PRERNA SHARMA



High-rise handlers are quite high in demand these days and reasonably so as it encompasses a plethora of efficient and new age products, which spell innovation.Let’s take a look at some of the innovations… Construction industry accounts for the bulk of demand for tower crane globally. Demand is especially high in the large-scale industry segment. The increasing prominence of high-rise buildings in the developed and developing countries across the globe is creating high growth virtues for the growth in demand for tower cranes over the coming years.

Indian tower crane market is the second largest in South Asia & Pacific. Hammer head cranes have emerged as a key segment in the India tower crane market. Increased construction activities and civic utilities applications in India are leading to increase demand for tower cranes. Significant government investments for infrastructure development activities in India are creating positive growth prospects for this tower crane market here. According to the Invest India, construction market in the country is expected to emerge as the third-largest in the world by 2025. Also, the construction output is expected to grow by an average 7.1% each year, presenting attractive opportunities for tower cranes sales.

India’s crane market is anticipated to witness substantial growth during the forecast period 2020-26F on the back of the progressive growth of the mining and construction industry. Further, rapid urbanization coupled with the rising desire for a luxurious living standard with modified development buildings to revamp the household infrastructure is creating extensive demand for cranes and is anticipated to proliferate the Indian market in this period. Also, tower cranes are expected to dominate the overall market revenues owing to their capability to lift heavy objects high and moving construction material with ease which is expected to increase their deployment  in the construction sector and would boost the progressive growth of the India crane market in the forecast period.



Man & Material Hoists

The safe movement of materials on construction sites is critical in completing projects on construction site with cranes and scaffolding time and on budget. Moving materials to different areas of a work site safely often requires the use of a material hoist. With so much heavy material being hoisted over great distances, site management must take steps to secure the material and confirm that hoists are working properly to protect workers and the investment in the materials.

The material hoist from Jaypee is good news to the contractors seeking single equipment for man and material handling, offering easy transport to vertical heights of high-rise buildings. Material hoists from Jaypee are cost effective with low energy consuming geared motors. Along with self-erecting mechanism, these material hoists are equipped with several safety devices to ensure less material wastage and complete safety of the crew. These material hoists also come with additional attachments, which enhance the performance of this essential construction equipment. The optional attachments like overload limiter reduces manual error of loading excess materials or crew.


Everest Engineering Equipment offers wide range of Mast Climbing Work Platform such as Mast Climbing Work Platform with Single Mast from 3m to 10.5m in length; Mast Climbing Work Platform with Twin Mast from 11m to 24m in length. Moreover, multiple platforms can be joined together to make the shape of the building.


Spartan Passenger & Material hoists have a wide range of models based on capacity, speed and lifting height. All models are CE certified conforming to standard EN12159:2012, EN60204-1 2006+A1:2009. This ensures sustainability of structure and electrical controls. The company maintains high quality standard as entire cabin is PP powder coated on GI sheets, which gives superior glossy finish, other structure like Mast and wall tie is galvanized. Spartan offers many latest safety features in all models to ensure operator safety, passenger safety, maintenance personnel safety, equipment safety and environmental safety as well. All models are most energy efficient, thus offering big savings in running cost. IoT powered control system gives platform to View and export real-time machine data and alarms as time-series data and charts to help diagnose.

Esquire Machines offers PM Hoist (Rack & Pinion) that has limit switches for safe operation having low maintenance and operating cost. The company’s material hoist comes with built in safety and reliability aspects having sturdy and rugged structure.



Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs)

Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Market size exceeded $6.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at 8.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2027. Global shipments are anticipated to reach around 300,000 units by 2027. Market data shows high growth potential for aerial work platforms due to rising worker safety concerns across the globe. The introduction of advanced technologies, such as tilt sensors and automatic self-checking instruments in AWP will augment the industry growth. Tilt sensors generate timely warnings and halt the machine operation when operators exceed safety guidelines. Increasing innovations and advancements in the equipment to enhance product capability and operational performance will propel AWP demand.

Increasing public infrastructure construction and renovation activities is likely to propel the AWP market size. Increasing investments by governments and airport authorities for the development and construction of new airports are key driving factors. Factors hampering the market demand include the unavailability of skilled personnel to operate the equipment. These platforms are deployed to raise workers to elevated levels and ensure safety from fall hazards. The unavailability of trained operators to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment will hamper the market outlook. However, several AWP manufacturers operating in the industry are offering operator training courses to address these challenges and enhance the market revenues.

Several benefits of electric lifts, such as zero-emission and the ability to move around in narrow passages, is poised to support the segment growth. Increasing awareness of reducing the environmental impacts by adopting electric lifting equipment is also positively influencing the AWP market demand.Growing focus on the development of new AWPs by various companies to expand their product offerings will provide new growth opportunities.The Asia Pacific AWP Market crossed around US$2 billion in 2020. Rising demand for these machines in the regional transportation & logistics industry will improve the market size through 2027. Growing government spending on import and export activities is augmenting transportation and logistics services in India and China.

As part of its blue ocean strategy, Haulotte has announced the launch of two new PULSEO mobile elevating work platforms, which will revolutionize the aerial industry. The HS15 E and HS18 E all-terrain scissor lifts have unique features and a wider scope for applications and working independence. Their fully electric architecture offers the same outstanding drive performance of an internal combustion diesel machine. This new generation of scissor lifts reinforces the direction taken by Haulotte in recent years towards versatility and environmentally friendly alternative energies.

More and more cities and companies are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. With their 100% electric design, the HS15 E and HS18 E scissors operate with no harmful emissions. They offer a clean alternative suited to any situation, such as Low Emission Zones (LEZ), or green construction sites. Available with non-marking tires, they can also be used indoors on sensitive surfaces without leaving a trace. The latest PULSEO machines operate in silence (acoustic profile <60 dB in electric mode),making them the most suitable machines for working in low-noise areas or silent zone public places.



Suspended platforms

Suspended platforms, cradles, gondolas or access platforms offer reliable and safe working conditions in every building. The working platforms are divided into two categories; the self-powered platforms and the roof powered platforms. On the self-powered platforms, the hoists are on the platform and the roof powered version has the hoists on the roof, in the roof machine.The self-powered platforms are very versatile as there are no hoists on the suspension point on the roof. They can be suspended from almost everywhere, from suspension systems on the rooftop, ceiling, or the facade. The roof powered platforms are ideal for the biggest facades when big outreach is needed provided there is enough roof space for the roof machine.



Mast climbers

Mast climbers are typically associated with high-rise construction, but they are used most often on structures up to 60 feet in height. Hydraulically-powered ratcheting drive systems are commonly used at lower heights, for masonry work. Rack-and-pinion systems are typically used at elevations of 30 feet and higher and can go as high as 1,000 feet. These systems are commonly used for glazing and drywall applications. In addition to these applications, mast climbers are also used in architectural cladding and mechanical work (for instance, to mobilize and install heavy-duty steel pipe and duct work).

Mast climbers are powered access solutions consisting of an elevating work platform fixed to either single or twin vertical masts. The work platform travels up and down the mast(s) using an automated power unit (APU). Mast climbers provide fast, efficient and affordable temporary access to a wide range of construction and maintenance work. Unlike conventional scaffolding, the entire platform moves with the workers, so the operator can spend more time on productive tasks. Mast climber work platforms are a modular steel construction, with platform lengths ranging from 2.8 - 13.4 metres for a single mast and 6.7 - 35.9 metres for a twin mast. This flexibility enables Apollo Cradles to erect a safe and efficient work platform to match the length of the building facade being accessed. Mast climbers can work up to 9 metres high free standing or travel up to 150 metres tied to a building with a maximum load capacity of 4550kg for a twin mast.

With all these and more advancements in the coming years, the onus is on the construction companies to be a part of the unlimited opportunities by deploying state-of-the-art equipment suite and deliver the best!


Our Passenger hoists are designed & manufactured according to European standards and thus are working in various countries like UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA, Middle East and all Asian countries. The international safety standards in our passenger hoists are very high. All the safety Limit switches are of Schmersal Germany; PLC & VFD are from Siemens Germany ensuring trouble free & safe operations

P.V. Ramdev, MD, Everest Engg



Spartan, with it’s rich experience in manufacturing Hoists, has various models of Passenger and Material Hoists. The recently launched Hoists series are branded by ‘Aviator’ series of Passenger and Material Hoists. The weight carrying capacity varies from 500 kgs to 2 Ton. These machines are used at both medium and high rise structures. Rather Spartan’s multi-functional hoist replaces Tower Crane for Rebar Lifting application. Spartan’s Multi-functional hoist has an attachment of Rebar Carrying Attachment, which carries Rebar measuring 12 mtrs through horizontal rebar attachment. Spartan also plans to manufacture Twin cage hoists in coming year and is at design stage.

Dr. Vikram Mehta, MD, Spartan Engineering Industries

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