Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Interaction- Ani Ray, Managing Director, ACC India

ACC has built the tallest buildings Pan India


Arabian Construction Company (ACC) has grown to become one of the leading construction contractors across Africa, the Middle East and the Sub-Continent. In India the company has built many iconic super tall buildings in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, ANI RAY, MANAGING DIRECTOR, ACC INDIA speaks about the factors fuelling high rise tall buildings in India, his company’s projects, challenges and a lot more.



Your opinion on the rising population of tall buildings in India. What factors are fuelling the rise of tall buildings population in India.

Land is the most precious element especially in cities which are growth centers of the world, so only way to accommodate the rising population and opportunities, going verticals is only option. India is no different and especially all our major cities needs high rise towers for same reason they need metros.



What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share.

Covid created a huge catastrophe not only for businesses but also in human behavioral style. Thankfully we could come out the situation almost intact (touchwood), but now bracing to face challenges of 2nd wave. In this transient times, I believe there is no fool proof strategy, but close monitoring the situation on dynamic basis and taking quick decisions are key to survive and success.



In terms of geography which regions will see major rise in tall building population.

South especially Hyderabad and Bangalore, will see major opportunities. Also I am hopeful on Delhi to bring lots of tall buildings, some of them like Versace tower which we are already constructing.



Do you think the tall building trend is going to be widespread in India. What is its level of acceptance among urban residents across the country.

All major cities in US like New York, Los Angeles to far East like Singapore & KL and Dubai , Super high rises define the horizon…Mumbai also does the same, Kolkata is catching up so other cities it’s a matter of time.

With habitable land area shrinking and more and more population flocking to cities, people will choose tall buildings as default options. Also from city pollution point of view, higher elevation means lesser pollution is added bonus other than better views.



Challenges faced in complying with tall building construction laws. Are India’s existing laws of real estate construction adequate for tall building construction.

Unfortunately there is no pan India code especially for High Rise Building Construction. Mumbai has a permanent High Rise committee  (popular as HRC), appointed by Maharashtra, whose approval is a must before Mumbai Municipality gives commencement of Construction (CC). It’s a must for a Pan India code and regulatory body, who should check from Design to monitoring Construction especially for high rises.



Tall buildings projects executed/under execution by your company.

ACC has built the tallest buildings of Mumbai Delhi & Kolkata. World One @ Mumbai , 84 floors 285 Meters , Supernova @ Noida 78 floors  280 M, Versace @ New Delhi 47 floors  215 M and The 42 @Kolkata , 61 floors 262 M high.



Major challenges faced in executing tall building projects and the most challenging project executed by your company.

Multiple times disruptions due to change in Design and not having all statutory approvals at one go. Due to delays of that projects completes in longer time and faces challenges due to change in Economic situations. All these are pretty common in any Real estate projects in India but for tall buildings its effects are much more



Tall building construction technology used in your projects.

Each project needs a specific methodology based on the design & logistics of the project. Come of the latest technologies of tall building constructions as followed overseas and we use in India are : Jump form technology for Formwork, Luffing crane , High pressure Concrete Pumps , Safety screens , high precision surveying instruments etc.



Your future outlook on the high rise construction and from a company perspective

It’s not only going to stay but buildings are going to be higher and higher to challenge not only the Designers &Contractors , but also Municipalities and Fire departments how to service them and keep them safe. Last but not least to the habitats of tall buildings to adjust their behavioral patterns to live there seamlessly.

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