19 December 2018

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The Differentiators

Changing the way we imagine India


February has had an eventful start. With the Indian budget being announced, stock markets tumbling across the globe and phenomenal moves in crude oil prices, the next financial year is all set to begin on a lively note.


With the finance minister allocating nearly Rs.5.97 trillion to creating and upgrading infrastructure, the spotlight is back again on the favorite subject of the Narendra Modi government. With an initial allocation of just Rs.1.81 trillion in 2014-15, expenditure towards infrastructure reached Rs.4.94 trillion in 2017-18. And thankfully so because one of the biggest gaps between the India we have and the India we aim for, is the yawning gap in physical infrastructure.


Infrastructure is the very scaffolding of modern life. Whether it’s the overbridge you cross every day for work or the sewer line beneath your road, the hydroelectric project that powers your laptop or the highway you take for that weekend road trip, it forms the very edifice on which our economy functions, services move and civilizations evolve and prosper.


And while we take it for granted most of time, its absence is what makes its need so much more agonizing.


Without its formative role, a lot of our history would have dissipated, our current cities couldn’t possibly function and future cities would not take form.


Our cities and villages are no longer isolated reactionary systems driven by local issues of sanitation or transportation but proactive interconnected ecosystems that integrate communities with their natural environment and create multifunctional spaces. Every bridge, every metro line, every building reflects countless assessments, collaborations, and decisions.


This issue being our 4th Annual Issue, we take a look at the 'Differentiators', the landmark projects and the people behind them, who are creating a striking narrative about infrastructure in India.


We thank our readers and advertisers for all the encouragement and support. Our 4 year journey has been both exhilarating and humbling, we invite you to join us in this incredible ride.


Have a wonderful read.


Shailaja Sharma
Associate Editor

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