21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- Mehul Mehta, Director, Mehta Earthmovers

We offer wide range of world-class quality products

Mehta Earthmovers offers ‘SAMAY’ diesel bowser for sale and rentals. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, MEHUL MEHTA, DIRECTOR, MEHTA EARTHMOVERS, discusses their key offerings in the rental, OEM space and Exports.


Brief about your company and products displayed at EXCON?
We began operations in 1980. Today we offer a wide range of world-class quality products and solutions, including; diesel bowsers, oils, lubricants and greases, end-to-end fuel management systems and filters. We fabricate ‘SAMAY’ Diesel Bowsers, have partnered with Valvoline Cummins to provide oils, lubricants and greases on a pan-India basis through over 29 depots across the country and have also partnered with Hectronic (Swiss-German company) to provide end-to-end fuel management system. The Hectronic system allows fuelling only on authorisation, which enables accountability for every litre of fuel right from decantation to dispensation. Fuelling can now be monitored remotely by one person from one office for equipments across sites pan-India. We also represent Donaldson Filteration Solutions, Argo Hytos and several others. Our key products displayed at EXCON were ‘SAMAY’ Diesel Bowser, Hectronic Fuel Management System, Valvoline range of oils, lubricants and greases. Our in-house manufacturing unit with high tech and advanced machinery, backed by a skilled and efficient manufacturing team, offers world-class services to our customers. We also make explosive vans, service vans, etc. customised as per customer requirement.


What are the key features of the product you displayed at EXCON?
We displayed ‘SAMAY’ – our mobile diesel bowser. It is a tank, which is mounted on the chassis of a vehicle, with a dispensing unit. ‘SAMAY’diesel bowser can store, transport and dispense diesel, to working areas, irrespective of whether the location is a deep pit, or on difficult terrain, or very far away from petrol pumps. The dispensing unit has an accuracy of +/-0.1 per cent, thus ensuring optimum utilisation of fuel. Our diesel bowser is also equipped with a filtration system, which can help you evaluate the quality of the fuel, as well as guard against adulteration and pilferage, by maintaining an accurate account of fuel delivered to different equipment. The vehicle-mounted small to large capacity tankers (can be customised as per requirement) can quickly and easily fuel very large equipments, which are unable to march till the storage unit. The bowser prevents machine idle time by ensuring a ready supply of clean fuel as and when required. Efficiency is increased and down time is reduced as adulteration of fuel is eliminated. In short, this is a great product to enhance the overall efficiency of operations and substantially bring down production costs, especially in processes where fuel is a major cost factor.

  • Accuracy of fuel dispensed
  • Eliminates adulteration and contamination of fuel
  • Accountability of every litre of fuel
  • Cost saving

Depending upon the requirement, we can fabricate diesel bowsers from 950 to 20,000 litres and also assist with the CCOE (Chief Controller of Explosives) approval, wherever necessary. Our diesel bowsers are manufactured as per the Indian Petroleum Act of 1934 and the revised guidelines of 2002/2011, with all the safety features prescribed by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, Nagpur.



Are these bowsers available on rent as well?
Yes, companies can acquire these bowsers on a rental basis for capacities between 950 litres and 2400 litres.



How was the response at EXCON 2017?
This is our fourth year at EXCON and we got a great response.
Market is growing, as people now understand the need for clean unadulterated fuel, both for its role in bringing down costs, as well as preventing environmental pollution.
Are you looking for export opportunities?
Yes. In fact, we have already exported diesel bowsers, Valvoline oils and lubricants and fuel management system to various countries.
We also fabricate a completely customised diesel bowser whether skid type or trailer type, also for export purpose requirement. We are looking for further opportunities in the African, Asian and Middle East markets.


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