21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- Satheesh Srinivasa, MD, Quest Informatics

We help realize Outcome driven aftermarket Changes


Few companies are focused on IT solutions delivering Aftermarket services, and Quest boasts of core competence in this area. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,
SATHEESH SRINIVASA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, QUEST INFORMATICS, outlines the aftermarket services offered by his company and the unique value they bring for OEMs in the construction and mining sectors.



Tell us about your latest product launch at EXCON 2017, the BOT.
In the last two editions, Quest Informatics showcased unique point solutions addressing areas like field sales, Warranty, MARC and Remanufacturing and Cloud with Mobility on the technology side. We received huge appreciation for these products and services. What we realized was that customers with the complexity on aftermarket staring at them, clients would like to engage one partner who can stitch together consulting, solution development and support. Clients also felt a need for professional companies to independently define and manage the change management process so that their resources focus on their core areas of operations. Client seek to engage a partner who can work with them in adopting newer technologies and rework their systems and process and overtime transfer the operations once the required changes are addressed and stabilized. Based on this feedback in this edition of Excon we are launching our comprehensive engagement model: Build Operate and Transfer (BOT), through this model we are taking ownership of building cost effective solution and configure to meet customer objectives, operate it for them to realize specific performance parameters and transfer solution to customer over a period of time. All this at a significant reduced total cost of ownership considering all the direct and indirect costs associated with operating that process. In this model we provide flexibility of executing with both our resources and customer resources.



What operational benefits does BOT offer for OEMs and their Clients.
Technology solutions are disruptive in nature, apart from adapting to new solutions, change management becomes major challenge to the customer. With BOT we address the solution design, adoption management and change management process. We own the configuration, data migration, implementation, training and post adoption management involving all stakeholders. We also provide with highly dependable continuous support from our team. We are a partner in our client’s success and growth, not just an IT vendor.



Please underline the capacity of Quest to help clients leverage their Smart assets across various parameters in the Smartestway for your clients.
Smart machines have actually made our solutions more relevant and highly useful for our customer, we are now getting most accurate data in quick time through adaption of Cloud, IoT & Mobility, we are working on BI, AI, AR, VR technologies and building more intelligence into the solutions so that all stakeholders of our customers can solve problems faster and with high accuracy with the amount of data available and how to make informed decisions. In terms of the size we are close to about 200 people working on After Market & Before Market Consulting, Solutions and Services, our subject matter experts bring great value to our customer on both in Business and Technology solutions.



Please name some of your clients who have benefitted from your domain expertise in IT services for ECE OEMs in terms of Aftermarket Services.
We have been working with companies like Volvo, Daimler, Wirtgen, CLAAS Agricultural Equipment, Tata Motors, MAN Trucks, ZF India, BEML, Metso to name a few, we are working with several companies in engineering services. All our solution not only business ready also people ready & technology ready (Process, People & Systems).

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