21 February 2020

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Interaction- Vikram Sharma, Advisor- India & South Asia,EX-MD, Kobelco Construction Equipment India

We have defined high-end technology many times


Kobelco’s 80 year legacy has evolved it as a technology leader churning out innovations and the latest is Smart technology. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,
VIKRAM SHARMA, ADVISOR (INDIA & SOUTH ASIA), EX-MD, KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT INDIA, talks about how it has helped them emerge market leaders in the high-end premium segment.


Tell us about the reception Gen 10 got in the market, your latest flagship product. How has it been received in the market?
We launched the 20 ton SK 220-10 machine in the month of April, so it’s now been operating around 6-7 months. We have done very good sales and we are getting excellent reports because the Generation 10 compared to Generation 8, is supposed to be a much more efficient machine, more fuel efficient, more productive and yet a much stronger structure. So similarly on the lines of the same, now we have launched the 38 ton SK380- 10 and it has similar feature improvements as compared to Dash 8. It is more fuel efficient, more productive and also stronger structure. So we are moving towards more highly productive and very strong machines for usage in mining.


Tell us about Smart technology on your latest model.
This machine utilises different advanced software, as well as hardware which is to be seen. For example the monitor in the machine, which the operator can view, now it shows him much more operational details. By looking at the monitor he can know what’s happening across many parameters. He can see how much percentage he has run the breaker, digging percentage, temperatures, he can see maintenance schedules, etc., now everything is there. Similarly the software is much more advanced and with mechatronic control support we have been able to improve the efficiency. The machines are now fitted with Clog sensors in the hydraulic circuit for greater reliability and operating efficiency. Cabin air pressurisation is increased for keeping it dust-free.There are also sensors to gauge the altitude at which the machine is working so that it can automatically reset the operating parameters for reliable performance even at high altitudes.


What is your approximate market share in the high-end segment.
In the high-end excavator market, we are somewhere close to about 28-29 per cent, but we are the leaders in the high-end. In fact we have defined high-end technology many times. Our engines are much more efficient in Tier III category and also our electronics is sophisticated, we use the latest mechatronics. When we look at overall excavators, minus the minis, we have about 10 per cent market share.
USP of  Kobelco excavators.
The most Efficient and Reliable machine.


Is this is a Buyers’ market or a Sellers’ market.
It surely is a Buyers’ market.
You have to see one of the sales deals — how it is happening, that question will not be asked again.


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