21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- G Sadishkumar, Director-Global Operations, PRD Group

Innovation to stride/Value for Money

An Indian global major in the piling and drilling market, brand PRD is known for its innovative products. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, G. SADISHKUMAR, DIRECTOR - GLOBAL OPERATIONS, PRD GROUP, discusses Smart technology in his machines, and their strategy to play in the global market.


Tell us about your new product launch at EXCON 2017.
PRD as a brand and a company has made inroads into a demanding Indian market. PRD is traditionally known for drilling rigs in the water well segment, but now we have expanded our wings by contributing machines to the construction and mining segment, and more focused to the EXCON here, we are happy to inform you that we have launched a geotechnical drilling machine called GD6, its applications are for anchoring and micropiling jobs, jet grouting, etc. It has got versatile applications in demanding environments, challenging environments, and abusive environments. Today in development/Expansion of airports, seaports, or metros, or when you build a ten floor building, you got to go down two floors for under terrain requirement of the foundation, you got to do the soil penetration test, and then you need to do excavation/build retainer walls which needs to be anchored (Horizontal/angle drilling).
So this machine is focused mainly for those segments which are significantly going to contribute to the topline of the company in coming years. This is the first series of the machine we have launched, and we will continue our product development with much more cost prudence in a competitive market, this is going to be our showcase product at EXCON.



Tell us your approximate market share in Indian and global markets.
If you talk about market share, in India in water well segment we have more than 60 per cent share for drilling machines. Now, apart from the construction and mining business, there is one more segment called DSI, we call that ‘Dimensional Stone Industry.’ There specifically with respect to regions we have a significant market share, means we have launched new products in those markets, now we are significantly getting market share from the competition in Indian market, keeping in mind the market pie is also getting enlarged as a market size year-on-year.



Smart technology in your machines?
This machine also has automatic rod handling systems, but it is an optional requirement for customers. These machines can be operated through a CAN integrated IOT enabled platform which will take care of uptime of the machine.
Because these are capital equipment and the uptime is critical, and we will guarantee this uptime in terms of reliable performance, Aftersales support so that the project can be finished on time, so that’s the USP of this machine. This machine is basically a 13 ton capacity, with a 4 meter rod drilling mast with any kind of geotechnical application. Presently nobody in India makes this kind of machines, whatever competition we have is from European brands.



Volume/ value of Indian piling and drilling market. What kind of CAGR do you see in the near future?
The question you have asked is a very universal question, but where we play there is big legroom to play, in terms of volumes and in terms of value.



Tell us about your export operations.
We have been exporting last eight years, we have a separate company called Paranthaman Exporters, located in a SEZ (Special Economic Zone), its 100 per cent export oriented. Year-on-Year we are growing at a pace of 25 per cent, and our strong markets are East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia.



Did EXCON 2017 meet your expectations?
On the first day we didn’t have that kind of a turnaround, second day was good, and so was the third day. Obviously this is a very showcased and very focused exhibition compared to other international shows like Bauma Germany, Bauma China, or Bauma India. EXCON as a fair has created itself into a brand specifically related for the construction industry. We have been continuously participating in the exhibition, last time we were the Associate Sponsors. It gives a lot of privilege in promoting PRD as a brand, showcasing new technologies, innovations, and the speed at which we make the machines, with much cost prudence. These are the values which directly link to the company’s objectives.

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