04 June 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Spotlight- Kyb Conmat

KYB Conmat’s ‘Made in India’


Launches four new products: Paver, Conveyor, Mixer and Elevator


KYB-CONMAT, a subsidiary of multi-billion dollar KYB Corporation (Japan), is a trustedname and a market leader in concrete equipment industry. Itsstate-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility in Vadodara,Gujarat, has already rolledout more than 4500 concrete equipment.


KYB Conmat India has beenmaking and creating industrydriving products/technologiessince its inception. It is a tradition to launch new equipment during Exhibitions, and EXCON’2017 was no exception. KYB Conmat launched 4 new construction equipment during this show.Fixed Form Concrete Paver, is its latest machine fitted with gang vibrator, it is very useful for city and village roads  and can pave concrete roads from minimum 2.5 meters up to a maximum of 20 meters in one go.This versatile paver can be used fo rpaving canal slopes and beds, and hence offer better payback on investment. Side Discharge Conveyor is its second launch, it can spread uniform concrete in front of the paver without disturbing thereinforcement or drainage filters, so better speed of paving can be achieved.


9 CuM truck mixer is the third launch which comes with a slave engine, offer the customers a choice to use any truck chassis without the power restriction. 


High speed 1 ton Rack & Pinion Elevatoris the fourth launch, targeted for small residential high rise buildings and offer true value-for-money and world class technology at affordable price.


For KYB-Konmat, EXCON 2017 was extremely successful, and all the four products of the company received unprecedented response.“The construction equipment industry is seeing a rapidgrowth in India owing to thedevelopments planned for the country. KYB Conmat have a full range of equipment in the Indian market for various purposes which are locally manufactured. These are exciting times forthe country at large and the construction equipment sector in particular and we will strive to live up to the demands of the sector in every possible way. EXCON – 2017 was a great platform to showcase our advanced products and we look forward to new avenues post the event,” concludes Sailaj Verma, Sr.VP Sales, KYB CONMAT.  He adds, "The moment of pride for us came in when Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog, visited our stall and appreciated our efforts towards “Make in India” movement.”

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