21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- Toshiyuki Konishi, DGM, Sojitz India

Huge demand growing up in India 


Kubota launched its 1st mini excavator in 1974. After digging last 40 years in the global market, it is now poised to dig out a major share in India’s mini excavator segment, which will jump leaps and bounds as urban infra activity accelerates. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, TOSHIYUKI KONISHI, DGM, SOJITZ INDIA, explains his products’ USP and discusses their India strategy.



Tell us about your new product launch at EXCON 2017. Your machines have been disruptive in the Indian market. Tell us about their USPs.


We launched the U50-5S and the U30-6 mini excavators. They have powerful and efficient hydraulic system which is highly productive, they are ultra-maneuverable, environment friendly, and cost-efficient. These are zero tail machines with compact size, and they can be acceptable to any sector, like agriculture, industry, construction, etc. USPs include;

• Zero Tail Swing to work in Narrow  Work Spaces

• Digital Display Panel

• Boom-Swing operations

• Fuel e_ cient Kubota Engine

• Four simultaneous (Boom, Arm,

Bucket & Swing)Hydraulics operations

• Boom Lowering Prevention

• ROPS/FOPS Cabin for Operator Safety


Mini excavators are not so widely used in India so far, but I think sooner in the future, like some other countries, mini excavator will be getting popular and then we will have more numbers in India.



Which sectors are major demand drivers for minis in India?


Agriculture and urban sectors. For example in agriculture, if you go to the farming area they need some pipe line and draining works, but they cannot bring a big machine to the farming area. We bring our machine, it’s very compact size and very stable, so due to such advantage we can have access to such areas, and then we can efficiently do the job. Leveling and the piping line you can use our machine.



What is the reason to change the livery, the color of your machines? 


This is Kubota’s Global brand policy. They want us to unify into the orange color. Not only for the agriculture equipment, but also for the mini excavators.



Will the logo of Kubota also change?


No, Kubota Logo will stay the same, this  is our corporate brand. But machine color will change to orange, which is our global strategy for branding.



Your market share in India’s mini excavator segment?


We have more than 25 per cent share in the global market, so we are aiming to achieve more than 25 per cent in India.



What will be total demand unit wise, in numbers?


There is no exact data, but according to our internal source, we think it’s about 1200 units per year. This is according to available information. This market is continuously growing, India’s construction sector is mechanising and our machines will contribute to that mechanisation.



What is your assessment of the Indian market?  How does it compare with other global markets, especially Asian markets?


China has been really growing up in the past ten years. Exactly same situation is happening in India now. Firstly excavators are growing up rapidly in 20 ton and 30ton class, fuelled by mining, Roadways and

construction sectors, there is a huge demand growing up in India now.


After that civil construction in urban space is coming up now. Till recently in India, humans were doing these jobs of urban civil construction. But now, mini excavators will be replacing human labor in a big way, that’s going to be a big chance for us. May be within next five years possibly, but when its actually coming up I don’t know, but definitely its coming.

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