05 July 2020

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Vortex Hydra’s Uno Evoluzione


Italian global major celebrates Golden jubilee


Vortex Hydra S.r.l. the Italian world leader in designing, uilding and installling manufacturing plants to produce concrete roof tiles, is celebrating its 50th year in business this year! During the last half-century Vortex has helped many building companies and businessmen to get started in the production of the concrete roof tile, a product that is relatively unknown in the Indian subcontinent.



Excellent Aesthetics, Technicals

In Europe the concrete roof tile is widely used for the following reasons:

• It is a beautiful product that enhances the appearance and value of a property.

• Offers complete resistance to extreme climates

• Withstands the ravages of weather

• Withstands hazards of fire

• Permanent colour

• Good insulation

• Impermeability with age

• Unique strengthening reduces breakage during handling and transportation,

• Environmental friendly; during itsentire lifecycle, a concrete roof tile only causes about 45 per cent of greenhouse gases



With a Vortex Hydra tile-making machine, the user can also make floor and wall tiles.  Extrusion Process: Proven technology of extruding a semi-dry concrete mix between a continuous flow of aluminium pallets which pass through an extrusion head is widely used for roofing, siding and floors.

Main Advantages: Good quality products, high production speed, low operational and maintenance costs, variety of tiles profiles by simply changing aluminium pallets and extrusion tooling and locally available raw materials. Raw Materials: For roofing tile (size 420x330mm approx.10 til s/m2) 3.3 kg sand, 1.1 kg cement, 30-40 grams oxide pigments and water for a tile weight of 4.5,kg (this mix can revised to suit the actual quality of sand and cement). Vortex Hydra entry-level machines begin with the UNO Starter Pack which can produce enough tiles to roof a small family house in just 8 hours. The machine is shipped in a 20-foot container which later converts into a curing chamber in which to dry the tiles. It is also possible to buy the kit at a slightly higher price with an extra machine included for making floor and wall tile at the same time.


The Vortex family of machines progresses with the Uno Evoluzione machinery range.  This is the ideal solution for those wishing to get started in the concrete roof tile manufacturing business, with a low initial investment and the possibility to easily increase the production capacity up to 4 times more without need of buying a 100 per cent new line. Uno Evoluzione systems production range varies from 2000 to 16000 tiles per shi_ (*). Vortex wet cast techniques are used to produce high quality decorative concrete products such as architectural stone, stone veneers, ornamental bricks and brick veneers, with different types of surface finishing.


For more details:

Email: sales@colmac.in

Website: www.vortexhydra.com

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