21 February 2020

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Spotlight- Spantech

Spantech and JK Heiser from Germany join hands to Introduce High Quality Tower Cranes in India


HEISER GmbH, headquartered in Germany, was founded in 1995. The Company specializes in designing and manufacturing tower cranes with a strong engineering background and a philosophy of quality and reliability.


HEISER started with a serial production of middle capacity tower cranes, and rapidly increased its business worldwide offering an easy maintenance technology and a very good value for money.
Logically and due to this competitive edge, HEISER associated in the early 2000 with strategic partners in Asia, in order to continue offering top quality, at the best price, and more over joint expertise on specific and strategic markets.
JK Heiser is the result of this combination between German engineering and design, and Asian assembly and efficiency. Huge investments have allowed JK Heiser to increase its productivity and its precision in the machining processes.
JK Heiser - Anti Collision Device - Tower crane collision warning  Tower arm between the collision warning their tower arm between the two towers when the contour of the machine, (including the tower arm before and after the tower arm) may occur collide with each other, the tower crane safety monitor in two tower crane tower arm close to the alarm signal to remind drivers with caution operation, and automatic high-risk situations of power outages.


About Spantech Group
Spantech is a leading manufacturer of Construction Equipments. We are a leader and proudly have the largest presence in the industries we serve. Our customers rely on Spantech’s products to advance sustainable progress and improve Safety, Productivity and Reliability in Construction. This commitment to better extends to our own organization where we strive to be a model for Safety, Productivity and Reliability.
Our enterprise strategy focuses on solutions to help our customers build a better world. With our Values as a foundation, we leverage an information-driven approach — the Operating & Execution Model — to guide our decision-making process and ultimately, position us for continued profitable growth. We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers, and together with our partners, delivering industry-leading products and services. Spantech is spread across India, having its presence in cities Cochin, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Vadodara, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Orissa, Kolkata and Assam. Our well trained team offers the best services to our customer always to ensure the peace of mind of our valued customers.   
Spantech, focus on Delightful Customer Experience through its Quality Products manufactured in India with local support to benefit our customer. The team is trained and experienced with all kinds of products and able to train the maintenance crew of customers too.


For more details:
Email: sales@spantechgroup.com
Website: www.spantechgroup.com

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