10 July 2020

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Interaction- Sanjeev Kundu, CGM (Technical Services) Indian Oil Corporation Ltdo

We have the first mover advantage


Having pioneered high-performance lubricants in the Indian market across different Industries, this company has recently introduced a unique product for the mobile hydraulics market with the DYNAVIS technology by joining hands with global major EVONIK. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SANJEEV KUNDU, CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (TECHNICAL SERVICES), INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD, discusses the new shift to productivity in buyer behavior.


Tell us about your products exhibited at EXCON 2017.


Since this exhibition was mainly focused on construction equipment, be it offhighway or realty sector, we have focused our lubricants related to this segment, showcasing hydraulic oils, engine oils, and other related lubricants. This is time is we are focusing on high performance lubricants which meet demanding requirements of latest generation equipment being displayed by construction OEMs, a majority of which are multinational OEMs. Our lubes meet requirements of practically all these OEMs. 



What are their major demands from branded lubricants?


Last five years or so, focus has shifted from only Performance to Performance and Cost benefits. Earlier only performance used to be the driver, now cost advantage is also added to the performance. In a price sensitive market we can offer more productive solutions. Customers are looking for reasonably priced lubricants with extra savings, that’s what technology is also driving towards. More efficient equipment demands high performance lubricants, which ultimately results in higher productivity. Customers are looking for productivity through lubricants as well, in addition to the machinery.



What distinguishes your Servo brand products vis-à-vis competitors?


There are certain technologies where we have the First Mover advantage, nobody has that technology in India. We are showcasing our mobile hydraulic oils SERVO HYVIS EE 46 and SERVO HYDREX TH 46 PLUS, which are manufactured with Dynavis technology provided by Evonik Germany. These are blended with superior quality base oils too. This technology provides two advantages. One is more productivity in the range of 12 per cent ; by productivity we mean more loading cycles by the excavator in the same time. Second, it improves specific fuel consumption, where you get more work done with the same amount of fuel. So it is double advantage, nobody has this technology in India including MNCs.



Your strategy to play in the Indian market, everybody is o_ ering branded products.


Indian Oil with its lubricant brand SERVO® is a market leader as far as branded lubricants are concerned, so being a leader we have responsibility to lead the market in any field including technology introduction for the construction equipments. It’s not only hydraulic oils, but even in engine oils we are marketing the latest performance diesel engine or petrol engine oil which is available worldwide be it API CJ4 and API CK4 specifications or  lower viscometric oils. Additionally, today we are moving into niche market segments too like wind gear lubricants, rolling oils for steel / aluminium & copper industries etc.



Tell us about your market share in India.


Our overall market share is 45 per cent plus, whereas we have market leadership in industrial segment, and we are very close to the leader in retail segment.



Mining segment has just opened up, what kind of demand are you looking at.


In fact this is one segment which is going to be a segment of the future in next three to five years, we are ready for that challenge. To meet these challenges we are participating in EXCON 2017. To showcase our products to OEMs, and meet prospective buyers on a single platform. To ensure we are near to the customer and OEMs. This combination of OEM, Supplier, and Buyer, gives us an edge in marketing, formulating, and keeping us ahead of the competition.




Give us a list of your OEM tie-ups using Servo brand in their products.


In this segment, we have many OEM clients like Tata Hitachi, Mahindra Construction Equipment, Cummins, BEML etc. In addition to these OEM approvals, being a market leader, our oils are recommended practically in all major brands of equipments being used across the country. We are in the process of getting approvals from other OEMs. May be in the future we may have some co-development of products with other OEMs.

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