25 January 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Spotlight-Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco’s Double barreled shot Doubles compressor power


XRHS650 is the newest addition for shallow water well drilling featuring: Better fuel economy over drilling rate; Less load on engine due to two stage element design; Dual Pressure selection option;38 per cent smaller foot print; 36 per cent lighter than other compressors in its class; 20 per cent faster and deeper drilling with small footprint. Only manufacturer offering 300 psi in small class with optional dual pressure with higher flow. An ideal upgrade for dual benefit of higher pressure and higher flow in shallow water well drilling segment.


HiLight V5+ are LED light towers with varied applications, featuring cutting-edge  lighting technology for onsite brighter, safer, and more productive lighting, illuminating approximately 5,000 sqm with an average brightness of 20 lux, consuming less than 0.9 litres fuel per hour. Features include: High Efficiency LED 4 X 350 W; Special optics designed to maximize light coverage; Dedicated power pack for LED application working at the right power load; 7.5 mtr mast height with Manual Mast (Electric Winch Option), rotated vertically to light different areas, maximum height of 7.5 m; Fully directional optic lens; LED lamp life expectancy 30,000 hours. Fuel efficiency 60 per cent higher compared to 6kW metal halides. 


The HiLight V5+ includes a HardHat®canopy as standard, protecting internal parts against harsh conditions, preventing corrosion.

• Super Silent: As low as 75dBA @ 7m

• Environment friendly: spillage free frametraps oil leakage and prevents ground contamination

• Easy access thanks to 2 big scissor doors.

• Strong support jack to withstand heavy wind.

• Ultra Compact Footprint

• Towing Speed – 80 km/hr

• Illumination range of approx 5,000 sqm with a LED life expectancy of more than 30,000 hours and more than 50% fuel e_ ciency compared to other bulbs

• 150 hrs of continuous run time

• 400 hrs service interval ensures the light towers have maximised uptime and consequently increased productivity for end-users

• India’s 1st CPCB II compliant light tower in India for entire unit.

• Thanks to its air flowdesign and the Hardhat®canopy, the HiLight V5+is the most silent LightTower in its segment.


Atlas Copco has proved its prowess and leadership in LED technology. Recently, Atlas Copco was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award of 2017 for the HiLight H5+ LED light tower. This was in recognition of its world class design features which includes directional optic lenses that maximises practical light coverage while minimising dark spots. Atlas Copco is leading provider of air, flow and power solutions of world class portable air compressors, waterwell compressors and light towers for portable power.

Pionjar model is petrol driven breaker and drill for military, for defence, disaster management in remote, its RTEX does pavement and other small breaking jobs.

MRO includes preventive maintenance on-site breakdown resolution in remote locations, anytime, everywhere.

Atlas Copco’s “Make in India” Products with the most advanced technology are manufactured in our stateof-the-art facility in Chakan, Pune.

Digitalisation is the focus with Fleet Link and latest dealer management software to ensure maximum equipment uptime. Innovation with responsibility.

Commitment to sustainable, profitable growth will ensure efficient use of resources.  New localised products such as the XRX1350, XAVS550, XRHS650 and the HiLight V5+ light tower contribute to India’s “MAKE IN INDIA” dream.


XRX 1350

  • XRX 1350 is a compact dual pressure water well compressor which doubles productivity.
  •  Dual pressure range 365 - 425 psi
  •  Better fuel efficiency
  •  Faster, deeper drilling
  •  Drilling even at ambient temperature up to 50°C
  •  Versatility of operation and applications
  •  Smaller footprint
  • Specifically designed to operate at 52° latent ambient temperature (LAT)




We are always first in mind, first in choice

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The Group serves customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco develops products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics. The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 180 countries. Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. started operations in 1960, and has 22 offices across India, the registered office being at Pune. Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. had about 3000 employees and revenues of `3,500 cr (MEUR 500) as on 31st March 2017 In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, NITIN LALL, GM, ATLAS COPCO INDIA speaks on his company’s latest launches at EXCON 2017.




Tell us about Atlas Copco’s product launch done at EXCON ‘17.


We have launched two products, compressor XRHS650 a dual pressure machine is basically drilling for water wells, it’s a new machine which is dual pressure, 17 bar and 20 bar, with a simple toggle switch replacement, drills 20 per cent faster, consumes 10 per cent less fuel, so it’s a very good product for this application. The HiLight V5+ is an LED light tower and is the only CPCB II compliant light tower in India for the entire unit.



What kind of market share are you looking for?


Drilling for water wells we already have a strong position. With this new position we expect to be up by another percentage or two.




What is the general business sentiment right now?


Good business cycle everybody is passing through, I think I echo the industry feeling in general. Its good times, and I expect the good times to continue through next 4 to 5 years.




Did EXCON ’17 meet your expectations?


It always meets our expectations, that’s why we are here. Good times for the  first two days, and I think am expecting the next three days also to be nice. Is this a Buyers’ Market? It was always a Buyers’ Market.How tough has been for a global brand like Atlas Copco, competing in the global market, to break into the Indian market. We have been in India since 1960, so we know the market. What we have done is we have produced always in India, for India, at the specs which Indian customer requires, so we have been giving value.

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