21 February 2020

Table of Contents for Post Excon 2017

Interaction- Sanjay Saxena, VP, Business Head South Asia, Heavy Equipment & Concrete Business Unit, Sany Heavy Industry India

Our cost competitiveness is because of our volumes



Economy of scale reaps cost competitiveness and the Chinese have proved this globally and more so global major SANY. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SANJAY SAXENA, VP, BUSINESS HEAD SOUTH ASIA, HEAVY EQUIPMENT & CONCRETE BUSINESS UNIT, SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY INDIA, explains their marketing strategy



Tell us about new products launched by SANY at EXCON 2017.


We have done a total of eight product launches. Two cranes, two different kinds of transit mixers, our range of two pumps, a crawler and two excavators. Smart technology featured in your machines. Our machines have 2-3 smart features. One is operational, electronic controls and programming we are using, it is operator friendly. So we are developing that kind of Smart technology. With regards to maintenance, the fault diagnostic system we have, if an equipment is working at a location, the information goes to the owner everyday in form of a message, it also allows geofencing. It depends on what features the owner wants. It can even give details about fuel consumption, productivity, how many times engine is started and put off, etc. All this uses Smart electronics and technology. Our Smart technology also allows predictive maintenance, before the equipment fails, the operator is notified.




Is this a Buyers’ Market, or a Sellers’ Market?


If you talk about Buyer and Seller, in my opinion for certain kinds of products it’s a Buyers’ Market, not for the entire range of products. Wherever you have competition the advantage goes to the Buyer. If you talk about smaller cranes or excavators, or motor graders, all road equipment, where the number of players are more, Buyers are in a commanding position. But if you talk about high capacity machines like 600 ton cranes we are displaying, not many people are manufacturing, so it’s a Sellers’ Market.



Chinese OEMs were once known for poor quality, now they are catching up very fast on quality. Give us a comment on ‘Chinesequality at competitive costs.’


If you talk only about SANY, our focus is on quality. Even our corporate slogan is ‘Quality changes the world.’ Whatever components we use in our machinery, those are all high quality, like our piling rigs. For eg engines, they are available in China also, globally Europeans, Japanese, Korean, etc. But we found that for this application Japanese engines are the best, so we are importing and fitting those engines. We are not depending on local players. For our high capacity cranes, we found Mercedes are the best. We import that from Germany and use it here. Our cost competitiveness is because of our volumes. So on one hand you will have good quality, on e the other hand because of volumes you can negotiate better price with vendors. With that kind of volumes we are competitive on price.




Tell us about your market share in various verticals.


Certain machinery we are already either number one or two. Product wise: Cranes –mobile tyre mounted 42 per cent, we are number one; crawler cranes close to 35 per cent, number two; piling machinery number one 54 per cent; excavators 10 per cent. Road equipment we have just started so we are 2-3 per cent right now.




Did EXCON 2017 meet your expectations? What was the general business sentiment?


Business sentiment was good, because of the number of visitors we had. Compared to bauma last year, here the sentiment was entirely opposite, it’s very good. Give us a punch line on how the Buyer will bene_ t from SANY products. “We are here to stay for the long term”



Give us a punch line on how the Buyer will benefit from SANY products.


“We are here to stay for the long term”

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